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Doug Richardson Update

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#1 reconbob


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Posted 09 July 2019 - 05:37 PM

Hello All -
     I just received this update from Doug who is currently down in Belize. I have not edited
it - what you see is what he sent me. 
Several of you have inquired about my situation particularly following the November 9, 2018 Woolsey fire storm that devastated Malibu.  My 50 acre ranch, which was my primary home for the last 55 years, was completely destroyed.  It was not simply burned - it was incinerated.  For years the Government has been spraying some kind of chemical over Los Angeles.  At 9am the sky is blue with white clouds.  By 2pm, the entire area is shrouded in a milky white haze requiring people to turn on their headlights This causes people to have eye, nose, throat and lung aggravation and cough all the time.  It was causing my already bad eyesight to get worse.  When I pointed out this spraying to others, some were very concerned while most acted oblivious. I believe that the chemical acted as an accelerant because the temperature and ferocity of the fire greatly exceeded a normal brush fire.  The Government then spent weeks scraping the ground on my ranch and other properties trying to get rid of something. There is literally nothing left of my ranch. To make matters worse, I fell going through the fire debris and broke my back. I am still on crutches after 2-12 months. Fortunately, there was no Thompson stuff on the ranch. I am currently in Belize where I get the personal help I currently need.
I am still making receivers when ever I am in California, but ever so slowly.  I can still program the machines and do some design work but I have to rely on my associate to run the machines.  He is almost as old as me (82) and does not want to work more than 8 hours a week when working at all.  I continue to refine the programs and make any improvements I can.  I recently designed a new fixture which combines what used to be done on two fixtures.  This will reduce the time to make a receiver by about 5 - 6 minutes.  Every little bit helps.  I have also redesigned my front sight puller and receiver vise although I am not making any of my tools.
I continue to try to find someone to take over from me in order to get things going again.  Basically, my business consists of 1) Receiver manufacturing, 2) Drum manufacturing and 3) Tool manufacturing.  I am asking $150,000 for everything I have in those catagories which includes unlimited consulting from me, my name and trademarks.  I think a person could recover their investment in short order.  The problem has been finding the right person who has the money, skills and Thompson passion.

I also have a lot of parts kits and other parts like wood, a few 1921 actuators, Workshop Manuals, etc .  I also have some handguns as well as a 1921 Thompson gun for sale. I am trying to get a list put together and get my website back up.  The problem is that I am running out of time that I can still do this stuff.
Thanks for thinking about me. You can call me at 310-457-6400 9am-6pm Texas time.

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#2 full auto 45

full auto 45

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Posted 09 July 2019 - 07:00 PM

Who was looking for the 21 actuators?


Glad to hear Doug is ok, kind of anyway. Horrible about his property. 

Glad the machines and Thompson equipment are ok.

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#3 colt21a


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Posted 11 July 2019 - 02:26 PM

Doug sell off the property for 5 mill. and all will be well.you can retire to bliss forever. best regards Ron

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#4 johnsonlmg41


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Posted 11 July 2019 - 09:00 PM

If I ever send out a note like that I'd appreciate that someone edit it!

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