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Thompson Club Newsletter Files - TATA Legend Volumes 1 to 24

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Posted 08 October 2016 - 12:35 PM

This post will serve as the place to download pdf files of TATA and TCA newsletters. I have completed links to the first 24 TATA Legend newsletters, and plan to add a list of features within each newsletter as I can. This project will probably take a while to complete. I've decided to post the newsletters in blocks of 24 or so, in case a thread corruption issue should occur...Then I will have less content loss, and be able to recover it more quickly.

TATA Legend, Volume #1, 1st Quarter, 2006
Features: New Organization Announcement, Fed Labs Thompson/Tear Gas Case, West Hurley Two-Hole Actuator Slots, Savage Inspection Gages, French Thompson Manuals 

http://www.sturmgewe...TA LEGEND 1.pdf


TATA Legend, Volume #2, 2nd Quarter, 2006

Features: Indian Motorcycle Mount, Evelyn Thompson Adams Obituary, Italian Thompson Manuals, Inspection Gages, FBI Pins. Drum Information, West Hurley Two-Hole Actuator Slots and Actuators



TATA Legend, Volume #3, 3rd Quarter, 2006

Features: Dark, Two-Cell Web Magazine Pouch, Other Web Pouches, Cornell Publications Reproduction Manuals, Tom Pendergast Memorial, 1922 Tenefly Demonstration, TSMG Blank Adaptor



TATA Legend, Volume #4, 4th Quarter, 2006

Features: 15th Annual All Thompson Show and Shoot, Shooting the SVDM Guns, George F. Cake Company

http://www.sturmgewe...ta LEGEND 4.pdf


TATA Legend, Volume #5, 1st Quarter, 2007

Features: British Thompson Pamphlet, Tiffany Thompsons, British Prototype Canvas Breech Cover, Letter to the Editor about 1st Thompson Shoot



TATA Legend, Volume #6, 2nd Quarter, 2007

Features: Turkish Thompson Trigger Frame, Prototype Shot Magazine, Russian Field Manual with TSMG, Member in Iraq



TATA Legend, Volume #7, 3rd Quarter, 2007

Features: 2007 St. Louis NRA Convention Display, Bonnie & Clyde - 40 Years of Machine Gun Magic



TATA Legend, Volume #8, 4th Quarter, 2007

Features: Tom Woods Memorial, 16th Annual All Thompson Show and Shoot, Jerry Prasser Cases, Reproduction Crosby L-Drum



TATA Legend, Volume #9, 1st Quarter, 2008

Features: Lucky Lady Movie, West Hurley Semi-Automatic Thompson Model 1927A1 #153, Motorcycle Mounts, Paratrooper with Tommy Gun Patch



TATA Legend, Volume #10, 2nd Quarter, 2008

Features: Mon Film, Juliet Thompson Debnam Obituary, 4-Cell XX Magazine Pouch, Canadian Small Arms Training Addendum, Serviceability Chart, The Tommy Gun In Action, End of Availability of Thompson: The American Legend, 10mm FBI West Hurley Thompson

http://www.sturmgewe...a LEGEND 10.pdf


TATA Legend, Volume #11, 3rd Quarter, 2008
Features: NRA Louisville 2008 - Dr. Calvin Goddard: CSI: The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, West Point Museum, West Point Burial Plots of John Thompson and Marcellus Thompson

http://www.sturmgewe...a LEGEND 11.pdf

TATA Legend, Volume #12, 4th Quarter, 2008
Features: 17th Annual All Thompson Show and Shoot, A Real FBI Thompson, John Garand and Calvin Goddard NRA Mini-Displays, Kilgore Era Thompsons, Shoot Coverage

http://www.sturmgewe...a LEGEND 12.pdf

TATA Legend, Volume #13, 1st Quarter, 2009
Features: New Thompson Book Update, "NRA: Louisville to Phoenix," by Ron and Kelly Brock, Thompson Display in Britain, Colt Thompson Serial No. 41, Argentine Colt Thompsons

http://www.sturmgewe...a LEGEND 13.pdf

TATA Legend, Volume #14, 2nd Quarter, 2009
Features: King George Shoots a Thompson, Combined Operations Patches, British Soldier Loading L-Drum, The Ultimate Thompson Book<br />

http://www.sturmgewe...a LEGEND 14.pdf

TATA Legend, Volume #15, 3rd Quarter, 2009
Features: FBI Tracer Photo, Phoenix NRA Display: John Garand &amp; the 1,000,000th M1 Garand, TUTB Outtakes, Warning About Steel Cased Ammo in Thompsons and M1 Carbines

http://www.sturmgewe...a LEGEND 15.pdf

TATA Legend, Volume #16, 4th Quarter, 2009
Features: TATA Adoption of Thompson Reproduction Item Marking Standard, 18th Annual All Thompson Show and Shoot, Alden's Department Store 1965 Catalog of Gun Toys

http://www.sturmgewe...a LEGEND 16.pdf

TATA Legend, Volume #17, 1st Quarter, 2010

Features: British Home Guard Manuals and Magazine Pouches, Thompsons with AK Folding Stocks, Leather Thompson Gun Case, Swedish Thompson Manuals, British Inspection Marks, Airsoft Model of 1928

http://www.sturmgewe...a LEGEND 17.pdf

TATA Legend, Volume #18, 2nd Quarter, 2010
Features: &quot;East Side&quot; Thompson Seizure Photo, Member Michael Curran in Ireland, Home Guard Instructions, J. Edgar Hoover's Pistol, Thompson Serial Number S214NAC, Package Machinery Company WWII Ad

http://www.sturmgewe...a LEGEND 18.pdf

TATA Legend, Volume #19, 3rd Quarter, 2010
Features: 2010 NRA Charlotte Thompson Display - Internal Views of the Tommy Gun, Churchill Thompson Article by Tom Davis

http://www.sturmgewe... LEGEND 19A.pdf

TATA Legend, Volume #20, 4th Quarter, 2010
Features: The 19th Annual All Thompson Show and Shoot, Reproduction Thompson Item Lecture, Displays, Shoot Photos, Numrich Arms Sportatorium, by Tom Davis

http://www.sturmgewe...a LEGEND 20.pdf

TATA Legend, Volume #21, 1st Quarter, 2011
Features: Philadelphia PD 1937 Thompson Car Shooting Photo, L.S.A.A. Marking on M1A1, U.S. Navy Model of 1928 Serial Number 13184, by C. Michael Shyne, SVDM Article Guns Magazine 1965, &quot;Gang Guns,&quot; by Calvin Goddard, Another &quot;Irish Sword&quot; Found, by Michael Curran, Philadelphia Police with Thompson in Vintage Lubaloy Ad

http://www.sturmgewe...a LEGEND 21.pdf

TATA Legend, Volume #22, 2nd Quarter, 2011
Features: U.S. Marines WWII Coloring Book, Commando Arms Ltd., Swedish Thompson Article Accolades, Auto-Ordnance of Greenwich, CT Tool Division, Irish Swords Auction, by Michael Curran

http://www.sturmgewe...a LEGEND 22.pdf

TATA Legend, Volume #23, 3rd Quarter, 2011
Features: NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh - The Machine Gun Designs of John Browning Display, Thomas Fortune Ryan's Art Collection Auction<br 

http://www.sturmgewe...a LEGEND 23.pdf

TATA Legend, Volume #24, 4th Quarter, 2011
Features: 20th Annual All Thompson Show and Shoot, SVDM Guns, Displays, Shoot Photos



David Albert



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Posted 08 October 2016 - 04:14 PM

Very nice. Now I can catch up on some of the ones I've missed. Great job.

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Posted 09 October 2016 - 07:54 AM



Thanks for taking on this project. It will be a wealth of information and will certainly get some foot traffic.  It was great to read the first few years and see what we looked like more than 10 years ago.



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#4 Ron Mills

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Posted 09 October 2016 - 10:00 AM

I add my thanks, David. That was likely time consuming and we appreciate it.
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Posted 09 October 2016 - 07:54 PM

Really nice.  Thank You David.

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Posted 09 October 2016 - 09:02 PM

Great job, so many of us thank you for all of your hard work.
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