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Moving with NFA Items

NFA SBR ATF Form 5320.20

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#1 prozach



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Posted 25 March 2019 - 10:03 PM

This isn't technically Thompson related, so feel free to move this to another forum as needed. I just hope that other people might find it helpful.


I recently moved from one city to another within the same county of the same state, and I took my 1927A1 SBR (and .45 suppressor) with me. Prior to moving, I found conflicting information online regarding what kind of permission/notification is required by/to the ATF for an *intrastate* address change, ranging from doing nothing at all, to submitting form 5320.20 prior to moving, to submitting this form after the items have already been moved. I opted to go the safest route and submit the form prior to moving the items; however, I did not know the preferred/recommended amount of time in advance to do so.


On Sunday, March 17th, I filled out form 5320.20 stating that the "dates in transit" will be March 24th-25th. I then printed, signed, scanned, and emailed the form to the ATF. Today, March 25th, I received a secure email back from the ATF with the signed/approved form, dated March 24th. So it would seem that as little as one week is an acceptable amount of time in advance to submit the form and still get it approved, though I suspect they would prefer more time than that.


Part of the problem is that form 5320.20 is entitled "Application to Transport Interstate or to Temporarily Export Certain NFA Firearms", yet they want you to use this form for permanent *intrastate* address changes too. Heaven forbid they create a new form just for that purpose and reduce the confusion.

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#2 Speeddemon02


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Posted 25 March 2019 - 11:30 PM

I generally tell people that anything over 30 days is too long as the paperwork like all the other forms is very subjective and changes all the time.  The other thing I tell people to do is call as well depending on circumstances if time is a major factor.  Glad your situation worked out in a favorable manner.

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#3 Black River Militaria CII

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Posted 26 March 2019 - 01:31 PM

There is no federal requirement to notify ATF for intrastate movement of NFA either temporary or permanent, but there might be state requirement. ATF will return a 5320 notification for any move at all so the fact that you got it back does not imply that an intrastate notification is necessary or required.
Prior to discontinuance of the CLEO signature requirement for permission to receive NFA in one’s locality, the argument was made that moving intrastate required notification of ATF because the registrant was moving out of the jurisdiction of the CLEO who had signed the Form 4. This was groundless for the majority of NFA states, but was relevant to states like NC that had county sheriff jurisdictions over NFA. FWIW
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