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Tommy Gun Mags for M6

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#1 Ivan



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Posted 15 August 2019 - 03:33 PM

At one time the Ingram M6 mags were made of unobtainium. Hard to find and awful pricey. Even now they are not cheap, APEX lists them at $122 plus shipping.

As others have found out the Thompson magazine could be modified to fit. 


Dad modified a number of cheap( $5 ea or less) Tommy gun mags to work in his M6. He made a couple of side by side mags for quick reloads.

For casual sub gun competition the side by side mags were great for a quick reload. To prevent the cartridge from walking out of the mag Dad fabricated a small piece to act as a stop. See pic.


We tested the gun and all the Thompson mags ran flawlessly. One of the original M6 mags did not, seems they are made of thinner steel than a Thompson mag.


The M6 is an interesting gun, too bad it was not introduced in 1939 instead of 1948 !

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#2 huggytree


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Posted 16 August 2019 - 04:44 PM

my wife dropped a brand new m6 mag at a competition. smashed the feedlips completely. luckily someone helped me fix it. i had to tweak the feedlips further to bring it back to 100%. when mags are $120-180 a piece its a disaster to drop them. they are very weak steel. i have had ones out of the wrapper not work. i had one where the bottom would blow out and unload 29 rounds all over the ground(had to tweak it to fix)


im just happy they are still available..ive got $2,000 into mags for it. they have so many mags left that they may never run out as there cant be more than a couple hundred of these guns out there. they are down to $99 at one point and i know i got a better price when i offered to buy them in bulk, but dont think that was from Apex. maybe the guy before them who had the batch.


they had 400-500 mags at one point.

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#3 dalbert


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Posted 16 August 2019 - 10:09 PM

Your estimate of 400-500 is just a bit higher than the actual number of M6 magazines that were documented in the SAMCO bankruptcy inventory listing of December 2015, which was the origin of the magazines sold by Century, and then Apex.  I just went back through the 475 page listing to verify.  The original quantity acquired by Century was 382.
David Albert
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