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Fabulous Ferret50 50cal Giveaway!

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Posted 12 January 2016 - 03:35 PM

Hi everyone!


I stopped by to drop something off and I see you have remodeled....looks nice!


So, I'm giving away a Supercomp Ferret50 Rifle by random drawing. I launched this promotion from my website and facebook last month and its doing fairly well. But I haven't seen any entries from the circle of message boards so I figured this would be a good place to get that started.


Ok, there are several ways to enter for the drawing:


If you post to your social media or favorite message forum; the Fabulous Ferret50 50cal Giveaway promotion, a favorable review of the Ferret50 and/or pictures of the Ferret50 and include a link to www.ferret50.com .....then email me a link to your post and include your name, address, phone and email.....you will be entered for the drawing. There are other ways to enter and they are listed in section 4 on our Official Rules page.  www.ferret50.com/giveaway.html


Email entry to: info@ferret50.com


Also, feel free to stop by, like and comment on our facebook page. I have several articles that are either up or coming soon on various topics related to 50cal shooting and I would love your input. www.facebook.com/spider-firearms


Thanks and good luck!

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Posted 15 January 2016 - 02:39 PM



I've been getting some feedback and questions about this Giveaway which I've addressed on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/spider-firearms and Ill post this here too.


Q) Why do we have to send an email to enter?

A) The reason for the entry email is so that I have a uniform method of processing these entries. It would be impossible to track down all of the posts and topics so by having you send a link in an email funnels this down to a single format for processing.


Q) How does the entry and drawing work?

A) I save the email and give it a unique name which are the numbers on a typical raffle ticket. The ticket gets dropped into a sealed bucket that has a tiny opening just big enough for the ticket to slip though. On the day of the drawing we will shake, flip and roll the bucket to ensure that the tickets are well mixed. Then a random person present at the drawing event will blindly draw one ticket and that will be the winner. Then I can go back and lookup the ticket number and match it to the email so that contact can be made with the winner.


Q) Do I have to send my name, address and phone number with the entry?

A) That stipulation in the rules was to ensure we make contact with the winner. If you chose to provide only your email, this will be my only means of contacting you if you happen to win. If you are cool with that then I am cool with that.


Q) What email address should entries be sent to?

A) Entries should be sent to our normal business email address  info@ferret50.com  which is checked several times a day.

Its also the same address listed on our website  www.ferret50.com



Ok, so here is the straightforward and easy way to enter for this Giveaway:


Step 1

Share a post or picture I have on Facebook (make sure the privacy setting on your post is set to public)



Repost any of my facebook content to another type of social media and include a link to our facebook or website. (privacy set on public)


Start a topic on a discussion forum or message board related to the Ferret50 and include a link to our facebook or website.


Reply to a topic on the Ferret50.


Step 2

Copy the URL (link) to your post, share, topic or comment at the top of your browser window and paste it in the body of an email and add "Giveaway Entry" to the subject heading.


Step 3

Address the email to info@ferret50.com and hit send.......you have just entered for the drawing!


You can enter as many time as you like.

Also, include a link to this forum so I don't have to type this again. :)


There are also other ways of entering. Customers who place an order are entered once for every $200 on the order. Those who refer a customer are also entered once for every $200 on the order. And of course you can bring an entry into the shop on a 3" x 5" card.


Full contest rules are here www.ferret50.com/giveaway.html

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