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2005 Colorado Pumpkin Shoot

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#1 catnipman


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Posted 05 November 2005 - 01:30 PM

Johne49, myself (catnipman), and 3 friends carted a truckload of
(free) unsold Halloween pumpkins a few miles west of where I live into
Roosevelt National Forest (where Colorado 72 Ts into Colorado 7 near
Allespark, CO, for those of you who like to check things on maps).

Between us we had two Tommyguns, two 12 gage shotguns, and a full
auto Mini-14.

When we first arrived at around 10,000 feet, the wind was whipping
about and it was snowing, but fortunately, the wind died down and
the sun came out for a couple of hours.

The five of us spent almost 1000 rounds at close range. By the time
we were out of ammo and all of the pumpkins had been turned into
lead-impregnated pumpkin mush, the wind and snow started up
again, and we decided it was a good time to call it quits until next

I took a few pics and Johne49 thought it would be nice to share a
few of these pics on the board.

Pumpkin field of fire:

user posted image

Shooting at the pumpkins:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Myself (left) and John (right) posing with trophies:

user posted image

user posted image

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#2 full auto 45

full auto 45

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Posted 05 November 2005 - 05:15 PM


That is way too good!
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#3 JimFromFL


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Posted 06 November 2005 - 11:38 AM

Hey, I recognize that Thompson smile if I have ever seen one.
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#4 Grey Crow

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Posted 06 November 2005 - 12:50 PM

Looks as if another battle has been won.

We must never give up on the ever constant battle, else they take shall over the world.

Good Job, not one casualty against the Thompson community.

Death to the commie Pumpkins!
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#5 TactAdv


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Posted 06 November 2005 - 02:17 PM

Hey, Catnipman!!! Geee.....you should've let me know you were going to do this, I live just SW of Boulder, we're almost neighbors!! I could've brought a few more pumpkin-pie making machines to the party!

Seriously.....maybe we should put together a Colorado TSMG Shoot?? Contact me if you want to go shootiing anytime........

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#6 Wayne W

Wayne W

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Posted 06 November 2005 - 04:42 PM

Making a biodegradable hydrostatic shock demonstration device
AKA "Orange Mist"

Items needed,
food coloring (optional)
12 ga. slugs

Cut out a plug in top of pumpkin and fill with water.
Apply one 12 gauge slug to center of mass.
Repeat as needed.

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