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M1928A1 Wood Storage Crates (Green Painted)

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Posted 29 November 2019 - 10:28 PM

I bought 4 of the crates from Apex.  None of them had any inserts.  Glen

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Posted 04 December 2019 - 07:03 PM

I have four in my garage. Was going to build enough dummy guns to fill one, displaying that on top of two others.
Cheap Parts kits ran out too fast.....
Three are what appear to be for ten guns each and the fourth is larger, maybe for 12 guns? (A.O. vs Savage?)
Id like to keep one but mught cut the others loose. Will need to think on it a bit.


The picture in this topic above showing the M1A1 Crates, is marked '15' on the side and I found a picture on line from Zib Militaria, (Germany), on line, showing an M1A1 crate open and loaded with a number of M1A1's in it with the inserts, and I would say it was designed to hold fifteen Thompsons.


In the 1928A1 crates I have just received, both are marked '10' on the sides, although one is slightly wider than the other, but I have not looked in detail yet. Over the next few days, when I get a chance I will look at those in more detail.


I also found attached online, which I presume is the same model crate as I have now, and it will accommodate '10' 1928A1's, counting the slots on the insert which is visible, five slots in the top and there are two rows of 1928A1's, although in the picture there is also a M1A1.

Attached File  1928 case.png   503.21K   11 downloads


In my storage, I have four similar crates that came from Bosnia in the mid 2000's. They are great for storing things in, but they take up a lot of space.

Attached File  Tranist chest of Mags.jpg   139.53K   12 downloads  Attached File  M1 M1A1 & M53.JPG   171K   12 downloads


I obtained them direct from the importer of the Bosnian surplus, which included 1000's of assorted rifles, RPKs, SMG's, MGs all with assorted accessories. He also received a lot of armored vehicles, including Yugoslavian APC's and a couple of T34's, both of which were sold to collectors in the USA I was told. The importer took all the weapons out of the crates and put them in steel 'cages' for storage, while they were awaiting deactivation, for sale in Europe or stripped and cut for shipping to the USA as parts kits.


The crates where then smashed up and destroyed, as Richard said above, they took up valuable storage space and for the importer they had no value. He told me to take as many as I wanted, when I asked him if I could have some. However, due to space in my vehicle at the time, I could only transport two at a time, on the two occasions he still had some when I called down to the depot, before he destroyed them all.

Stay safe


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