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Shot Shells In Tsmg

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#1 SecondAmend


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Posted 17 January 2004 - 01:31 PM

A prior thread (not by me) had two questions. One was a question about shooting shot shells in the TSMG. I do not recall seeing any replies.

Other than the expense what are the downsides? Has anyone tried? Semi- or full- ? If semi-, in a select fire with 10 1/2" bbl or in semi- only with 16 1/2" bbl? '21, '28, M1, M1A1? Effective range? Pattern (even, lobed, varying, etc.)? Spread at 10 ft, 25 ft, etc.? Plastic containered shot, crimped cartridge, wax bullet impregnated with shot, other? With compensator, plain barrel?

And, other than the official rules don't allow it, wouldn't it be fun to shoot Sporting Clays with a Thompson on full-auto?


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#2 TommyFan


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Posted 17 January 2004 - 05:03 PM

You wouldn't have to try too hard to be a great shot!
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#3 Bill in VA

Bill in VA

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Posted 17 January 2004 - 05:34 PM

Well...it's not that difficult to be a decent shot with a TSMG. They're one of the more controllable subguns I've found (I know, I know...and before anyone squawks, I find the Swedish K, Sten, MP5, and a few others to be very controllable too.)

I've never tried the shotshells from my TSMG but I've shot enough of them through a 1911. I've used the CCI shotshells (blue plastic cap to contain the shot.) They work OK, but don't have enough "oomph" to cycle the action. For snakes and turtles they're great out to about 10 yards or so, but with a sizeable spread...maybe 3 or 4 feet I'd guess. (It's a little deceptive since the shot pattern strikes the pond at an acute angle.) They're also fun to use to impress your friends..we've used them when tossing empty aluminum cans into the air like close range skeet.

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