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M1928a1 Factory Targeting?

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#1 TSMGguy


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Posted 23 January 2004 - 01:02 PM

Any TSMG is a joy to shoot, and each time my Bridgeport M1928A1 goes out to the desert or to the range, I'm impressed with how accurate it is. The gun has its original intricate Lyman adjustable rear sight.

In a no wind situation with the sight centered on its index and the range properly set, the point of aim is the point of impact when original WWII USGI ammunition is used. It's fun to shoot from as far back as 200 yards and absolutely pound a 55-gallon drum into submission. Most rounds fired full-auto will actually hit the drum if short bursts are used, and most of those will be in a area 2-3 feet in diameter. This is all the more impressive to me as the gun is heavy (like any TSMG), featuring a heavy rapidly reprocating mass (the bolt), and I don't get the chance to practice much!

Even when fired semi-auto from a sandbag rest, accuracy is excellent at 25 and 50 yard ranges.

My question has to do with factory targeting: how was this done so precisely as there does not seem to be any provision made for being able to drift the front or rear sights after manufacture? Or, was the original manufacturing to such a standard that this simply was not necessary? Was the compensator rotated left and right until targeting was achieved, and then pinned?

Do you lucky guys with M1 and M1A1 TSMGs notice the same thing with the fixed sights??

Thanks, guys, and best regards!

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#2 Bill in VA

Bill in VA

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Posted 23 January 2004 - 04:11 PM

I've shot my WH M1 from sand bags a few times at various ranges and found it to be remarkably accurate. My target of choice in a standard #10 coffee can (the 2lb. size...since my wife and I are diehard coffee fanatics adn there's always an abundance of these around.) I once sand bagged my gun for lifesize silhouette at 50 yards (traced a friend) and had no problems keeping an XXX magazine in the head, and at 100 yards on a sand bag I can usually rattle a coffee can on semi....kind of neat to hear the shot and then a split second later see the impact.
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#3 21 smoker

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Posted 23 January 2004 - 08:52 PM

TMSGguy,BILL,.I recently took my 21 for a test spin with PKs 21 internals and the accuracy was amazing. Bowling pins at 110yds. were easy to dust ...that`s about as far these fading eyes can handle...sure made a bunch of range rangers sit up and notice..gotta love those Lyman sights,..now if I could just get the hang of that BAR...KEEPEM`SMOKIN,`out. wink.gif
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