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The Demographics Of Our Group...

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#1 Nick Iannamico

Nick Iannamico

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Posted 26 January 2004 - 01:44 AM

Zamm started this on the Old Boards and there were a lot of responses, lets re-introduce ourselves.... wink.gif

Anyone, Anyone.........................
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#2 full auto 45

full auto 45

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  • Interests:Thompson's, Any Machinegun, Harley's and scuba diving. In that order.

Posted 26 January 2004 - 07:06 AM

Mike Hensley
White male
Live in Indianapolis Indiana
Shipping manager for a scuba manufacturer(15 years)
1928 WH
4 cats
2nd wife
no childrens
1-Harley Ultra Classic (for sale)
working on buying other Thompson's
1 computer
4 web sites
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#3 Balder


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Posted 26 January 2004 - 07:33 AM

I am 43 years old, live in south Norway. Don't want my name on gun sites, I'm sort of a semi-public figure in my community. I served ten years as an army officer, now I spend my time teaching/researching. Collect primarily pre-1945 guns but like anything that goes "BOOM!" Wife, dog & daughter. Savage Thompson M1928. Sidecar motorcycle. 28' boat. Wife-certified pack-rat.
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  • Interests:Machine guns, competitive shooting, blonds with big tatas, NAVY!!

Posted 26 January 2004 - 07:40 AM

Bryan - 24yrs old
White Male
US Navy Officer - Nuclear Engineer
Chattanooga, Tennessee
WW2 M1A1, M-2 Carbine, M16, AK47, UZI, MP5, HK33, G3
No money or Hobbies due to my NFA addiction!!
No Wife
No Kids (that i know of)

Looking for a WW2 1928A1...preferably Savage built
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#5 Bruce V 21/28

Bruce V 21/28

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  • Location:Pike Road, AL. (Near Montgomery)
  • Interests:TSMGs; Hunting; Motorcyles (HDs) Metal Detecting; History.

Posted 26 January 2004 - 10:44 AM

Bruce Volensky
55 Years old.
White male.
Part owner Pyrotecnico Fireworks Display Company (We have most likley done your cities July 4th fireworks)
Live just outside of Montgomery, AL (Pike Road, AL)
Colt Navy Overstamp
Guidelamp M-3
S&W 76
Various other WWII firearms & Semi's
1 Wife, 2 Children, 2 Grand Children
FXDL Harley (Lowrider), original owner 1974 Stingray,
MG's & firearms in general, Metal Detecting, History.
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#6 Grey Crow

Grey Crow

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  • Location:North Central Pennsylvania
  • Interests:Thompson Submachine guns, computers, reptiles.

Posted 26 January 2004 - 11:20 AM

Jack Ardrey "Grey Crow"
48 years old
White male
1 Kahr 27A1
many handguns
1 rifle .22
1 wife, 1 child
1 Bull Mastiff
1 Red Foot Tortoise (captive born)
Work for the Lycoming County SPCA
Managed a Pet Shop for 26 years
Worked as keeper in zoo reptile house 8 years
taught collage level herpetology 1 year (study of reptiles)
High end Audio
Thompsons (everything affiliated with them)
Handgun Target Shooting
General Target Shooting
Computers (3 of them)
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#7 Johnny.45


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Posted 26 January 2004 - 11:46 AM

John Jamieson
Tucson, AZ & Virginia Beach, VA
40 years of age
White Male
Motorcycle Mechanic/Restorer
Married 1st Wife, No children
3 Dogs waiting on 4
Enjoy: Motorcycle Collecting/Restoring(especially Hendersons & of course HDs) , Gun Collecting(especially Shotguns: many, NFA: 1 WH '28 TSMG, 1 BAR), Shotgun games(skeet, Sporting Clays), Muay Thai & Playing Rugby.
1 house, 1 condo
2 computers
1 website
Pleased to be a small part of the TSMG Board,
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#8 21 smoker

21 smoker

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  • Location:West coast ,FL
  • Interests:collecting nfa, old cars, huntin` n fishin`, reloading ammo


Posted 26 January 2004 - 12:07 PM

Thomas Hauslein
51? W,M.
Colt 21,WH28,Savage 28
Nesa BAR,MG34,Sten,Sterling
MP40,M16,Reising50,Uzi,M2 carb,Macs,
bunch of title ones.
59 Corvette,67 GTO
owner/mech auto repair
3 Golden retrievers
one very understanding WIFE
7 kids,all grown
Interests: see above
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#9 The1930sRust


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  • Location:Confederate, Kentucky
  • Interests:Thompsons, obviously. Proud West Hurley 1928 and Savage M1 owner, cave explorer, and KSP trooper (retired). Also interested in 1920-1930 American history. I appreciate all Thompson models and their owners.

Posted 26 January 2004 - 12:58 PM

Ah, Narcissism! Christopher Anderson here, Eddyville, KY. The far west side of the Bluegrass State. Thirty-five years old; originally hail from Louisville (Looavul), KY. Have worked for the Kentucky State Police as Trooper for nearly ten years. Here's a bear in the woods...

user posted image

My speciality is fatal collision reconstruction.

Been married for nine years to Teresa. And we have Sagan...you all have been introduced to them before but...

user posted image

Our son Sagan has recently been "diagnosed" with cerebral palsy, so we are dealing with that. He's very happy though!

Thompson are only a very recent passion for me.

user posted image

I picked up my first Thompson just a few years back (a pals Savage 1928), and 15 rounds through a 30 round stick, I was hooked! My dad, Bob, has long had a passion for guns, and the Thompson has proved no different!

user posted image

Oh, and Teresa only just tolerates the thing..

user posted image

My primordial passion, however, is nature photography, which I've been at for over 20 years. I see beauty in all nature...

user posted image

I also cave. I'll crawl into anything to see where the water goes...

user posted image

Got my head in the stars, too

user posted image

We also have two dogs, a Lab and a mixed breed, and an iguana (hey Grey Crow: want a lizard?).

I guess that's about it!

Really glad to have met all my cyber friends here!
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#10 Grey Crow

Grey Crow

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  • Interests:Thompson Submachine guns, computers, reptiles.

Posted 26 January 2004 - 01:09 PM

Chris very nice photo of the Copperhead!

LOL, sorry after many years of reptile collecting, and over 200 species of snakes from the world over, I only work with tortoises at this time. I have owned several Iguanas over the years though. They can be interesting but demanding in not only equipment but space.

We down sized our home so Iguanas are a little demanding.
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#11 Gunner


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Posted 26 January 2004 - 01:27 PM

Suburbs between Dallas & Denton, Texas
Manage utility company
Have been writer/editor, war correspondent, DC lobbyist
Married; wife is attorney
One son (married); no grandkids
Wife, son & I enjoy skiing
I like Bird & Deer hunting, skeet
Own a WH 28, with a WH M1
Shoot my Thompsons in North Texas submachine gun competitions
Biggest kick is foreign travel
Also like reading history (WWII), art museums, movies & live performances

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#12 ODS9091


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Posted 26 January 2004 - 02:06 PM



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#13 john


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Posted 26 January 2004 - 02:26 PM

John Anderson
46 years young (and you can't make me grow up!!)
North of the Twin Cities. Minnesota

Postal Worker (hahaha....no jokes, OK??)
actually Electronics Tech for the USPS

US1928A1 Bridgeport
S&W 76
(Maybe a Sten MkII in the works??)
Couple Garands, couple FALs, couple carbines, couple AKs, couple preban ARs, couple big gun safes full of a bunch of other stuff....
(see, I have two kids who can't ever split anything up fairly, so to make it easier, I just try and procure two of everything!!)

I have a wonderful wife who finances all this stuff, two greak kids (daughter - 15 and son - 13) both great shots and very much into expending copious amounts of ammo!!

I make the trek to Knob creek with a few buddies every spring.....maybe someday I'll make the Thompson shoot!
I teach Furearm Safety a couple times a year and am on the Board of Directors of my gun club. Very active adult leader in my sons Scout troop and active in both kids schools.

We like to travel and have been all over the West and most of the East. too!

Hunting is an excuse for us to get out in the wide open spaces and woods, so we hunt everything we can, but not with as much passion as some. Still, we do OK and have a great time.

I have been on these boards for a few years now (through three format changes, I believe??) and someday would like to meet a you all. Sooooo I guess I'll have to really try to make the Thompson shoot....maybe next year??

john laugh.gif
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#14 Poprivit


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Posted 26 January 2004 - 05:38 PM

Tom Murphy
Gardnerville, NV
Age: 58, wife #3 (think I'd learn by now)
Freelance writer and retired from the air conditioning business.
sold my WH M1 6 mos ago, but am looking.
Ruger AC556, Mac 10 9mm/45

Like some of the others, I own a Harley - V-Rod; race my Vette occasionally and just finished my 3rd book about Harleys
I fell into this site after talking to Frank about some gun articles and plan on staying.
I live so far out in the high desert of Nevada that the coyotes still speak Spanish! I can shoot just about anything out my back door!

Frank, Nick, and all the rest of you - thanks for all the information and pleasure I've derived from this board.
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#15 Ltcboy



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Posted 26 January 2004 - 07:54 PM


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#16 Zamm


    Respected Member & Artist

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  • Location:Long Island, New York
  • Interests:Thompsons, and all their goodies!<br>Obsolete Victorian Photomechanical processes,<br>Etching, Engraving and all Printmaking,<br>Entomology, specializing in Coleoptera,<br>Arachnology, specializing in Theraphosidae.

Posted 26 January 2004 - 10:17 PM

Wow, this is the "12 step thread" I started (good idea Nick,lot's of new members!),

Craig Zammiello here
48 years old, I mean Old!!
Live on Long Island, work in New York City
Am a master printer, obsolete Victorian photomechanical processes a specialty making prints for famous artists
Also an entomologist, beetles and Big Hairy Spiders are my love (yikes, I got to many of these things!)
two girls (22 and 16) with the same birthdays
one beautiful smart art teacher/painter wife
2- jeep cherokees
12- bass guitars
1 -west hurley 1975 27A1 Thompson ( currently undergoing the wizardry of PK)
1 22. Remington 1935 pump action with octagon barrel...what a beauty!
2- 60 caliber Tippman full auto open bolt paintball guns ( The only full auto's I can own in New York)
2- 68 caliber Tippman semi auto paintball rifles with 18 inch barrels and full suppressers (again, the only silencers I can own in NY)
1 in progress full Irezumi bodysuit (those that know what this is, my whole back and one sleeve is done, got about 3-4 more years to go)
That's about it give or take a dozen other things.
Amazing thing is the cross section of our country ( and other countries) and how we all focus on this one peice of craftsmanship/art/utilitarian tool/legend/icon.
Chris put it well, you just get hooked, me from the age of 6 or so.
Great group of folks, glad to be part of it.
Cheers, Zamm

P.S. Chris, hope all is well with Sagan, and the future brings only good news

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#17 John Jr

John Jr

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  • Interests:Plenty

Posted 26 January 2004 - 10:46 PM

I am a Realtor by trade and own my company
I live in Arkansas
Married to Brandi for 4.5 years now and we have a little girl who is 18 months old
Own a British proofed Savage US Model of 1928 A1 that is "Tommy Gun" marked
I am 29, bought the Thompson a couple of years back
Took me 2 years to save up the money
I play guitar, pedal steel guitar, keyboards, etc... in a band
I own a collection of guns, a bunch of which I will be selling soon
I also have a 1919A4 by DLO
Pending a suppressed 10/22 by Norrell
I hunt, fish, play golf (bout a 4 handicap, I only play in the summer)
I like to play WW2 computer games
I am not into much else, just don't have time


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#18 JDG


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  • Location:United States of America
  • Interests:WW II military guns. Old Mopar hot rods and '73 to '79 Ford trucks. Peering through my telescope at the stars and planets. Riding my dirt bike and back packing.

Posted 27 January 2004 - 02:09 AM

My turn to toot my own horn.

Chris and I have a little too much in common!

I've been a state trooper for over six years and only have 19 more to go until retirement!

I am married with one son, an absolute joy that I don't know how I ever lived without.

I enjoy U.S. military rifles, primarily from WWII, and have a very small collection which I love to take to the range when I have the time.

My longest standing hobbies are a '67 Plymouth Barracuda and a '79 Ford truck that require constant attention but I love to tinker with them.

My other passion is my astronomical telescope. I'm no where no the calibre of Chris (his picture is the proof!) but I enjoy guessing as to what is out there.

I almost forgot; I own a WH 28 which PK is currently doing a number on.

I am grateful for all the info provided on this board, thanks to everyone.
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#19 1921A


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Posted 27 January 2004 - 11:54 AM

Greg Fox
Orlando Area
Lovely wife, 2 daughters in college - so much for "disposable income!
Part time boat builder/woodworker
Car collector - currently looking for another 65-70 4 speed GTO conv. to restore.
Knob Creek junkie since early 80's.
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#20 Jay Thompson

Jay Thompson

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Posted 27 January 2004 - 03:14 PM

W/M, 57 years old
Live NW of San Antonio
U.S. Navy veteran with one tour in Vietnam attached to River Assault Flotilla ONE (never have I worked with more dedicated people!)
34 years in the pipeline industry with the last 21 as a pipeline safety consultant
Married 26 years (to my 1st wife), Wife - account exec for mortgage bank located in Houston
3 dogs, No kids (except the dogs --"Dogs are just kids with fur")
Currently "prospecting" for a Colt TSMG
Enjoy military history and creating collectible Corvettes (have 1 as-new '92 convertible I purchased new and currently has 2668 miles).
What am I most grateful for? Being born in the United States of America, which has made everything else possible!

This Board has a great group of people and I am lucky to have found them. Thanks to Frank, Nick and all of the key supporters for providing this resource.
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