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The Demographics Of Our Group...

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#21 Bill in VA

Bill in VA

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  • Location:Southwest Virginia

Posted 27 January 2004 - 03:29 PM

Bill Grose
Age 39
Still on my first wife (and hope to keep it that way.)
Two dogs, no kids.
Southwest VA
Currently an instructor at a small college in SWVA teaching US (mostly) and world history, but with past experience (approx 16 years) in heavy commercial construction as a carpenter and field engineer, and part-time professional guide.
C&R FFL with too many guns to list, but a collection of only three tax stampes (WH M1, M11/Nine, SDS can)...working on a fourth (SBS.)
Hobbies include history, reading, woodworking, hunting, fishing, motorcycling, camping, and about anything else that I can do outdoors, as well as collecting firearms and related militaria.
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#22 Waffen Und Bier

Waffen Und Bier

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  • Interests:Like the name says "Guns and beer" (and really hot chicks who like guns and beer).

Posted 27 January 2004 - 05:49 PM

Steve (public figure)
41 yoa
20 + year LEO (don't know what I want to do when I grow up) tongue.gif
Friend of Greg's and occasional Knob Creeker
Colt 1921AC and an Savage AOC M1A1, various other MG's and stuff
Interests: Military history and collecting the stuff from it, great beer, hot chicks, classic cars, classic motorcycles, classic aircraft, classic movies, classic(al) music, flying, making stuff, grilling, pre 1963 USA, great comedy, great art, guns, Florida, Americana, things European (especially British) , nature and its wonders (and my wife accuses me of having only one interest) rolleyes.gif
Wife who hates my hobbies, 2 sons who like them (not old enough for the beer yet)
3 cats (one devon, one sphynx, one Japanese bobtail)
2 rats

Thanks for the boards Nick and thanks to those guys who have served.
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#23 NDLawyer


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  • Location:Kansas
  • Interests:Thompsons, firearms in general, hunting, reading (almost anything, fiction or nonfiction), golf, computers, history.

Posted 27 January 2004 - 06:42 PM

Dave, 33 years old.

aka NDLawyer.

1996 graduate of Notre Dame Law School after obtaining a history/poly sci degree at a small libert arts colldge here in Kansas.

Over five years as an assistant public defender where I represent indigent persons accused of crimes.

I have always had a strong interest in history and firearms. Grew up hunting and shooting although not much time for it now.

One wife, no kids, two psychotic Chihuahua mixes rescued from a local animal rescue group.

1 1976 WH 1927A1 that I came across as I was searching for an AR-15. The price was too good to pass up. Still don't have the AR-15 and probably won't until we buy a house.

In addition to my Thompson habbit, my other expensive hobbies are:


Home theater equipment



Music (more collecting now than playing, even gave my drum set to my youngest brother so he wouldn't have to save up to buy one like I did)


Cigars (though I seldom have time to just relax and smoke one)

Good Irish Whiskey or, in a pinch, Scotch.

Love to travel, just not in the budget.

No hope of owning a real Thompson as long as I stay in Kansas.

While I do not always agree with our political leadership I have nothing but the utmost respect for any person who has served our county.

Thanks to Nick for the board, and Chris for the work as an administrator.
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#24 Bruce L

Bruce L

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Posted 27 January 2004 - 07:18 PM

Bruce Lieberman

A 41 year old Thompson-toting, pickup truck driving, Alabama Jewish redneck (Uncle Joe would be proud) state prosecutor with a very understanding wife and four kids.

How's them for demographics?

Where else can such a diverse group gather to share an appreciation for such a marvelous invention?

GOD bless America!

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#25 Earle


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  • Location:Jacksonville, FL
  • Interests:Firearms from BB guns to Class 3
    Lionel Trains
    Harleys and Corvettes
    US Navy - Retired

Posted 27 January 2004 - 08:00 PM

Earle Yerger

Norfolk, VA moving to Jacksonville, FL by way of one more trip to IRAQ (in progress).

50 years old (but its never too late to have a happy childhood)
US Navy Captain, in the 27th year of active duty
Currently serving as the CO of USS BATAAN (LHD 5)


Wife Terri, no kids no pets.
Firearms of all sorts - skeet, trap & sporting clays through NFA
WH 1928 (with a PK 21 kit) and WH M1
1979 Porsche 930
Lionel Electric Trains (for when the weather sucks)
First trip to Knob Creek was last October, plan on going back in April!

Nick, Frank, Chris - thanks for the boards - very educational and entertaining.

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#26 Nick Iannamico

Nick Iannamico

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Posted 27 January 2004 - 08:00 PM

I grew up poor and my dad beat me when I was little... shit I didn't have shoes until I was 15.. Just Kidding!

I'm 32 years old, in this current life I am a PC Technician... which basically means my LAN is bigger then yours! tongue.gif - no wife, no kids, no pets.. No problems smile.gif

Hobbies would include, time permitting, Golfing, Skiing, Skydiving, Camping, Paintball, Star Gazing, MOHAA, shooting my future gun collection and Trying To Figure Out Who Killed JFK. I used to ride My FZR600 on the back roads of Chester County, Pa. with about 10 other guys on the weekends.. Had to sell'er though sad.gif

I am boring and like it that way, I have two older sisters, but I am Franks favorite!! biggrin.gif
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#27 Texas Man

Texas Man

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Posted 27 January 2004 - 08:56 PM

Texas Man here, Live in Windcrest, Texas. Suberb of San Antonio, Texas. Collector of everthing from muzzle loaders to class three arms. Self-Employed in Heavy Equitment earth moving and paving bussiness for 35 years. Married twice, 62 years old, one daughter 32.
Raised in ranch country and alone the Mexian Border. Wife and I both have consealed carry permits. Both carry Kimber 45s. Enjoy shooting the old cowboy guns, reload my own on Dillon 650. Over the years, I have traded guns with common people, peace officers, Texas Rangers and Mexican gun runners.
I played some rough games growing up and into the not so distance past. I carry scares on my body from three knifings and three gun fights where they got lucky and drew my blood. I have sent more then a few
to hell and they definitly had it coming and I have no regrets what so ever about it.
My enjoyments are; Sharing the shooting sports with fellow shooters, collecting gun and early Texas history books, having friends I can trust and they can count on me. Doing what I can to help others.
My weak spots are: Buying more guns, Women, spelling, not forgiving those that have done me or my friends wrong and having no mercy for worthless bastards.

Good Things Today; Having a forum board like this, SASS, and several others where gun people can enjoy sharing their sport with others.
Not So Good Today; Bush wanting to give alliens rights as same as U. S. Citizens, Hell the cost of Medical and Schooling and Welfare is killing us. Worst Dislike of all Bill Clinton.
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#28 NDLawyer


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  • Interests:Thompsons, firearms in general, hunting, reading (almost anything, fiction or nonfiction), golf, computers, history.

Posted 27 January 2004 - 09:23 PM


I just couldn't resist, are you serious about the JFK thing? One of my law school professors was special counsel for the house select committee on assasinations which investigated the murders of JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have his book on the subject burried around here somewhere.

This probably isn't the proper forum for this message so you or Chris can delete it as you see fit. PM or e-mail me if you want his name and the title of the book.

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#29 michael


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  • Interests:World War II Landing Ship Tank (LST's)

Posted 27 January 2004 - 10:30 PM


29, 3rd year of residency in Prosthodontics (dentist sp. in prosthetics)

1928 savage, M1 thompson in transfer, various other guns

other hobby: Volunteer Crew of the LST 325, WWII amphibious landing ship tank being restored in Alabama. This summer we hope to travel to Boston and DC under our own power. - www.lstmemorial.org - Only 327 ft long compared to Captain Yerger's 844 foot USS Bataan - see above.

married 18 months, no kids

Great board, I am learning so much
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#30 John Jr

John Jr

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Posted 28 January 2004 - 12:17 AM

Michael, somone my own age! Thank god, I was getting worried.


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#31 Murray


    New Zealand Respected Member

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  • Interests:1921 and 1928 Thompsons, Luger pistols.

Posted 28 January 2004 - 01:53 AM

Name: Murray Willis
Born. August 1943
Married, 2nd Wife,
2 Daughters and four grandchildren.
Live on a small off shore island in the South Pacific ocean
name Great Barrier Island (not to be confused with the Great Barrier reef in Austrailia) about 100 miles north east of Auckland New Zealand.Size: a bout 60 miles long by 25 miles wide, very mountainous, covered in rain forest, geothermal hot pool, very long unoccupied white sand beaches, best surf in the pacific and no people . Population 900. Bit like Tahiti but low budget.

My Interests are:
Thompsons, of course, have eight, 3 colt Irish Swords, 3 1928A1, and two M1A1. and eleven drums, 10 L and 1 C.
Luger collector numbering around 50 Lugers ranging from 1900 to 1944. Plus other hand guns and a few rifles mainly to stop the wild pigs from digging up the garden.
Rural fire fighter.
Amateur Radio operator.
Hydroponic gardening for food.

Work as Electronics and Electrical engineer specialising in renewable energy (we have no electricty on our island) and solar powered telecommunications.
Communications officer for Civil defence and Rural fire force.
Also Chaiman of a Government Board.

Edited by Murray, 28 January 2004 - 01:57 AM.

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#32 Sgt. Fox

Sgt. Fox


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  • Location:Phoenix, AZ
  • Interests:Firearms and Disneyland. But not Firearms in Disneyland. That would be bad.<br><br>Oh, and I'm a lawyer, but you can still like me. Just don't tell your friends.

Posted 28 January 2004 - 11:06 AM

Name: Steve Little
Age: 25
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Profession: County Prosecutor
Interests: Theme Parks (Especially Disney ones!), Firearms (Especially Thompsons!)
Currently Own: Kahr M1, Kahr 1927A Delux (Can't afford the real deal... yet.)
Marital Status: Just got hitched at Disney World this month. You can see photos here: http://www.reflectionsoflife.com
Kids: No, but one pain-in-the-@$$ Pembroke Welsh Corgi
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#33 junglewalk


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  • Location:by Ft.Knox,Ky.
  • Interests:Photo, is of the newly finished 'Gold Vault" 1937, the day the gold arrived on trains, to be moved into the Vault building...Note the Thompsons & shotguns.

Posted 28 January 2004 - 01:32 PM

Congrads Sgt. Fox !....soon your new wife will see the benefits of getting at least one NFA gun....... tongue.gif

Bob HURLEY, almost 55 yrs old, live 2,000 meters from the Gold Vault....
Married 31 yrs, to a converted lady who has realized the benefit of NFA guns....
2-big kids,who tell me where to go.... ohmy.gif
Retired from the Army, in tanks forever...
Retired from the City of Radcliff, by Ft.Knox,Ky.
Collector of the 98k Germ/Inf rifle of WWII....
MP-40 & MP-43// 1927A1 ,
M-1928 W/HURLEY,(Hey,that's my name!),in part 2 of out of state transfer
HO scale trian layout of the Deutsches Reichsbahn, of WWII...
Play Kraut in WWII re-enactments (2ndSSDiv)
Avid shooter of the above,at least 3-4 days in every week at Knob Creek Range..... blink.gif
Since 1989,have set-up & run the "Jungle Walk" for Kenny S. at KCR,for every MG Shoot. ..(come & try your skill)
Thank you guys with your concern about the loss of my son-in-law in Iraq

This is a great site, and is on the level of the long standing '98k Mauser Forum'..(I say this with a stuffy, nasal air,hum,hum.) biggrin.gif user posted image
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#34 21 smoker

21 smoker

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  • Interests:collecting nfa, old cars, huntin` n fishin`, reloading ammo


Posted 28 January 2004 - 08:25 PM

Hey Bob!...GREAT PICTURE!!!!...Way cool,...gotta love all that iron!...Thanks for sharing...when you were in the far east,.. does that make you an East Hurley?....sorry, couldn`t resist.KEEPEM`SMOKIN`,out.
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#35 LPK


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Posted 28 January 2004 - 08:59 PM

I’m L.P. Kunnen, I was using the messages for research and today I couldn’t get in without registering so I did. This is my first post; it seemed a good place to start. Near fifty years on this planet, growing older, but not up, mostly Irish, married 17 years, in SE Indiana, newfs (2), truck, lawn, barn, keg tap, all the usual afflictions of a man my age. I’m a CAD operator, used to be a Draftsman but get with the technology or be left behind. A high number in the draft led to higher education and then I went to work in a machine tool factory, hmm, life has no guarantee but I digress.

I have a few small caliber rifles and I don’t mind saying I am one crappy shot! It gives me rationale to practice. A number of years ago a gentleman I worked with, hearing of my interest in Thompsons invited me fire his, I did and you all know what happened, right thru the cheek, line and sinker! I suspected I was at risk to this addiction most of my life. He then gave me the magazine I’d used saying, “Here, the first piece of your collection, someday it may be worth more than the gun.” Thank you!

So now, I’ve one of my own, or close enough for me and the drum fits. I found this site AFTER buying my Kahr T1; model 1927 A-1 Deluxe though (through Davidson’s, they do have a guarantee.) cool.gif I might have hesitated had I found the board before the sale. (Ah, maybe not). This is a great site and I’m learning a lot.


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#36 full auto 45

full auto 45

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  • Interests:Thompson's, Any Machinegun, Harley's and scuba diving. In that order.

Posted 28 January 2004 - 08:59 PM

hey wait a minute!! Isn't that Nick in the middle flipping everybody off!!??
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#37 brian


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Posted 28 January 2004 - 10:14 PM

i'm nobody, nobodies prefect....does that make me prefect....

brian 29yrs old
live in lebanon pa
married 9yrs in april
no kids nor do we want any
wwII guns are what i'm about
so far the collection is young, one of springers new wwII 1911a1 repo's(complete with usgi grips).
i just recieved my browning .30 1919 this afternoon(some assembly required!!)
and of course the 27, which is presently in the care of PK

other interests include racing quads(z400) cross country

muzzle loading long guns, which i've been shooting for many yrs, this whole brass cased center fire thing is still kinda new

and my long time love
toyota landcruisers, the fleet includes trucks from 3/4 of the last 4 decades. 1969,70,75x2,77 and an 1987.

money is made(and then quickly spent; see above list) via my skills as a millwright/welder.

Edited by brian, 28 January 2004 - 10:15 PM.

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#38 TommyFan


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Posted 28 January 2004 - 10:31 PM

Married, 1 son and a wife who loves to shoot!!
Nashville, Tennessee
transplanted New Yorker
Prior service (USA)
Akita dog, 3 rowdy cats
I play bass guitar, sing, and regular guitar, and just to annoy anyone who's listening, the piano!
Nuveau Thompson owner, waiting for Pk to work his magic
I own other longarms to shoot in the meantime
VERY glad to be able to share views with a stimulating crowd of a lot of nice guys!!! I hope to meet at least some of you at somepoint!!!
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    Regular Member

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  • Location:Automation Alley, Michigan

Posted 29 January 2004 - 01:11 AM

Chris Chase, 38,
Wife (Holly)
Old English Sheep Dog (Elizabeth)
8 cats (AKA The Untouchables)
Ex- Air Force.
I was an electrician most of my life but I gave that up and returned to school and I am currently finishing off undergrad University of Michigan and I hop to continue there in post grad working towards a PhD In 20th century European history. I have a C&R StG-44(wedding present from the wife) 1928A1, two M-36 Jackson tank destroyers (both unrestored and for sale). 12 years WWII re-enacting 10 of thoes doing German but now I do Allied (US AB) I speak enough German to order a beer, get my face slaped and call in support fire. I also have an extensive non NFA WWII weapons collection but I am still looking for the right Liberty Model.
Being from Michigan favorite quote is from Gen. Custer "I then proceded to personaly lead the the charge down the hill, with a pistol in both hands and a sabre in the other." recounting the action that got him his Brevet General stars
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#40 Murray


    New Zealand Respected Member

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  • Interests:1921 and 1928 Thompsons, Luger pistols.

Posted 29 January 2004 - 01:26 AM

Boy! there are some cool dudes on this sight,
I have been very fortunate to meet some at the SAR shows 2002 & 2003 and hope to meet more at Fairfax, but ! what an amazing bunch of Thomson heavy metal men! blink.gif
Kindest wishes from down under. rolleyes.gif
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