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The Demographics Of Our Group...

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#61 M1tommygun


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  • Interests:Military history especially WW2. Firearms. Some aviation and muscle cars.

Posted 02 February 2004 - 11:41 AM

Scott Gray

Canton, NC (Western NC in the beautiful mountains)

37 yrs. old

Married 13 years with two boys ages 8 and 4 (soon to be 9and 5) and a "daughter", our year old miniture schnauzer Heidi. (She is a kraut dog, hence the kraut name)

I have an AAS in Mfg. Engineering and I hope to go back soon to make it a BS. I work for the Germans in a "fancy" machine shop machining injection mold bases. I worked for the japs for four years, and I cannot stand the buggers. The Germans are much more agreeable to work for.

I have been a history buff most of my life with a main emphesis on WW2. My fist firearm was a Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1. I used to have a decent assortment of military rifles, but I needed money for school. No regrets though. Now, I am down to four shooters: My Kahr M1 thompson (having received my tax stamp back three Saturdays ago, and my short barrel last Friday, is going to the smith this afternoon), an early S&W 4506, a Henry .22 lever rifle, and a Pietta 1860 Army cap and ball revolver. The last two my wife surprised me with.

I had a '73 original split bumper Type LT Camaro. It was a fun and fast car when I had it.

Thanks to Frank and Nick for this great forum. I have learned so much from everybody here. I finally got a copy of American Thunder two weeks ago, but I found one problem with it; it did not have Frank's autograph in it. It is an excellent source of info though.

Again, Thanks.

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#62 SgtMartin



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Posted 02 February 2004 - 12:00 PM

well, ive lived in uk all my life, except for a year in ontario canada.

i live just outside london in surrey

19 years of age

Just out of college, on a gap year to travel/work but am going to university in brighton or bornemouth to study communication and digital media or digital media development, im unsure yet.
I love to make amature movies (much like sir mike) but mine are usually of the horror or spoof variety, i also play guitar and snowboard plus love to play ww2 computer games such as call of duty and medal of honor series.

I have a great interest in history, especially the american involvement in world war 2. i collect militaria and have recently joined the 29th Division (116th Regiment, C company) re-enactment group.
At the moment i have only my beautiful deac M1A1, but am planning to get an mgc m1 carbine and maybe a deac enfield 04.

enough about me, i loove these forums, they are a fountain of knowledge and wisdom and im grateful to be here. cool.gif cheers!

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#63 Liberator



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Posted 02 February 2004 - 01:51 PM


34 years old.

Live in N. VA and work for defense contractor doing computer security for the intelligence community (could tell ya more but I'd have to kill ya.)

Married, 5 cats, no kids, tons of computers.

Have my C&R

Grew up outside of Chicago where my dad has a huge U.S. martial arms collection (muskets, swords, helmets, etc) that ends in the 1880s. I've started around 1882 with my Trapdoor Springfield and have pretty much everything through WWII except the FA stuff Love to shoot the real thing and teach people about it. Ohio Ordnance SA M1918 BAR coming in a couple of months. Love to start buying in the real deal, build the collection, and maybe get a Class III one day and specialize in U.S. military stuff. Wife might not actually leave me if I do! She's a keeper! Hmm...home equity loan....

Oh yeah, big Call of Duty fan. Look up my server and come play if you're into WWII first person shooters. Search for {FOUO} in the server name.

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#64 cavediver


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  • Interests:All types of full auto weapons, Cannons and hunting.

Posted 02 February 2004 - 09:46 PM

I am Charles Burrage, live in Madison, MS.
I am a Branch Manager for a medical company.
I do enjoy Cavediving, Blacksmithing, Golfing and Full Auto.
My first Thompson was a Combat plastic Tommy Burst and I was hooked forever.
I wonder how miles I crawled on my belly as Sgt. Saunders.
I bought a 1927A1 in 1976 and still have it. I also own a WH 1928A1
that I bought in 1978. I made the mistake of selling a Colt M16A1, AK47 Nam pickup registered in 1968, an Americal 180, 2 Macs and a BAR in 1986 for a huge profit LOL. If I had only known. I have been into Field Artillery and sold the cannon. I want to find a really nice 1928 Navy. My wife of 27 years is very supportive and we travel often. I really enjoy this message board.
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#65 aut-ord-co


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Posted 04 February 2004 - 11:02 PM

Bill Menosky
Age: 57
Boston College grad, Mathematics
US Air Force, Pilot KC-135, 2 SEA tours
Married, 2 children, 1 dog
Work as a management consultant
NRA member
Original TCA Board of Directors, current TCA Secretary
...Thompsons - Colt Navy Overstamp - from R. Cox (1979)
...Other firearms - Pistols, rifles, shotguns
...'65 Corvette roadster
...Ice cream scoops

Hello to all. Have been lurking here for a while...finally posting. I've met several members from this board at the past two TCA Annual Shows and hope to meet more at this year's events. Thanks to Frank and Nick for providing and maintaining this forum.
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#66 M3scout


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Posted 05 February 2004 - 08:39 AM

Hi everyone,

Bill Zukauskas (M3scout)

47 years old

Senior Industrial Hygienist for an environmental consulting firm, mostly doing Department of Defense and Homeland security work (can anyone say anthrax cleanup?)

Married to a complete gun nut, wife is ex-military, ex-police now with State Attoneys office

We got married in 1986 at the Soldier of Fortune convention in front of the H&K machinegun both, in camo, and walked out under an arch of 26 crossed heavy MG's (very romantic)

No kids - 4 horses, 3 cats, a 450 lb pot belly pig

Have a C&R, was a Class III in late 70's, dropped it in 1987

Have way to many guns to list

Cool stuff - M1A1 Thompson, PPs 43, Sten, 30 Browning, 50 Browning, etc.

60mm mortar, 57 mm anti-tank cannon, 1942 jeep and 1941 M3A1 Scout Car

I do WW II reenacting, Rev war, and Civil war when I can.

Go to the Creek at least once a year.
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#67 AZDoug


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Posted 05 February 2004 - 12:48 PM

Name is Doug (gosh, who woulda known) smile.gif

47, Tempe, AZ, not married, BSChE, MT State, 1980

Wanted my first TSMG when I was 14 and living in MT. I was too youg. Then when I was in college, i couldn't afford one.. Then, out of college and working in CA, I could afford one, but CA wouldn't let me have one.

Finally escaped to AZ in 1994, and bought a '28 WH for $2K within 30 days of me moving here. Unfortunarly, the local CLEO wouldn't signoff untill I lived here for six months, so it took me 9 months to take possession of the gun.

Then added NAC-15 and a early Savage 1928A1 to my collection some years later (TSMG's are like Cheetos, you can't have just one). I remeber passing up several original first production matching number L drums when I first moved here, because I though $250-$300 was too much money for a drum.

Other hobbies: 1992 HD FXDC and 1961 Corvette mid to high 12 second street rod. (Body is stock, but drivetrain is modern, disc brakes, narrowed 12 bolt posi, w/3.36 ratio, 5-speed tranny (3.3 first gear, 2.2 second gear, great for line launches), warmed up 350/327, now it just needs tuned port FI).

Build really good suppressors for a living.


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#68 Sgt


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  • Location:Eastern TN
  • Interests:Militaria, Chess, Tools, Sherlock Holmes, Printmaking, UFOs, Ghosts, Electronics, Comic Books, Long walks in the rain, with my Savage 1928a1. (just kidding on the last one; it doesn't have to be raining) -- Ralph

Posted 05 February 2004 - 04:30 PM

Hi, all! I'm Sgt. Ralph. At least I used to be a Sgt. many years ago. I was a squad leader, assigned to an air defense unit in Germany, in early 70's. Now I'm Prof. Ralph and have been teaching art at a small Eastern university for the past 14 years. I have no kids, no wife, no pets, and my last remaining relative is my sister. I'm really quite normal, at least that's what my mannequins tell me. My interest of military weapons is probably inspired from my Dad, who retired from the Army. I've got a Savage 1928a-1 on the way.
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#69 Sgt. Fox

Sgt. Fox


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  • Interests:Firearms and Disneyland. But not Firearms in Disneyland. That would be bad.<br><br>Oh, and I'm a lawyer, but you can still like me. Just don't tell your friends.

Posted 05 February 2004 - 09:15 PM

Wow Doug, you live minutes away from me! Any chance I can burn some rounds through those sweet thompsons at Ben Avery? wink.gif

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#70 Tex



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Posted 05 February 2004 - 11:35 PM

Well what the heck....

David .....aka Tex, nickname given by old friend from Chicago.

East Texas - near Tyler.
Age 42
Happily married for 16 yrs, two great kids - both boys thank goodness.
Contractor - Residential, Commercial, Industrial since 1979.
History buff.
Too many weapons to list but favorites include all US martial arms as well as fine european arms such as FN products - mainly FALs, P35s, and Auto 5s.
Been in love with Thompsons and guns in general since I was a kid.

Finally have my first in transfer - an AO Bridgeport M1.

Thanks for the board.

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#71 AZDoug


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Posted 06 February 2004 - 12:52 AM

Ben Avery is a hours drive for me.

I go to Rio Salado, or just out in the desert, if I feel the need to actually shoot one of my guns rather than curate them...... My TSMG ammo expenditure is probably 50-100 rounds per year.

You can fondle them sometime if you wish. biggrin.gif

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#72 deerslayer


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Posted 06 February 2004 - 08:50 AM

Dan Block
Live in Iowa with my wife, two kids, two dogs.

I made my own shooting range and can be found there at least once a week when there is no snow on the ground shooting rifle, pistol, and my two thompsons, 1927 A1 and A3 (I have to confess, I am really liking the A3) Working toward the goal of a gun for every year of age (close).

Started making stocks for the thompsons when I was unsatisfied with the slab sided stuff on my 27. Been helped by many fine people in this along the way.

Work as an environmental educator for the county conservation board system in Iowa. Yesterday I was teaching 6th graders to build a fire in the snow (with only 1 match). Though none could do it by themselves at first, about half the kids succeeded after instruction. I teach hunter safety classes to every 7th grader in our local schools.

My father and uncles were all WW2 veterans. They had an incredible influence on this young boy growing up.

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#73 Roland, Headless Thompson Gunner

Roland, Headless Thompson Gunner

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Posted 07 February 2004 - 08:37 PM

This was out of date....

Bill Eldridge, 49,

Crrently Frederick, MD, formerly Fuquay-Varina, NC, Madison WI, Kennewick WA, Pittsburgh PA. BA Washington State University

Married, 2 daughters, 1 Samoyed, 1, Thoruoughbred, 1 Welsh/Thorougbred, usual collection of cats, guinea pigs, and dead birds and hamsters.

Software Engineer working on ATM Cash Machine software for last 15 years (next time it eats your card, think of me) Worked in 10 different countries over the years from Turkey to Thailand.

15 minutes of fame; was caught in Manila during the 89 Coup and had my hotel room shot up. Talked to CNN over the phone. Learned to sleep through automatic weapons fire.

Been in love with Thompsons since Chip Saunders turned me on to them. Took the internet for me to find out you could actually own one.

Shooter: WH 1928
Display models:
Richardson 28A1
Phil Ord M1A1, M1
MGC 21A1
Hudson M1A1
2 M1 Garands
1928 Springfield M1903
M1 Carbine
1944 Colt M1911A1
1938 Mauser Luger
1944 Walther P-38
S&W Victory .38.

My father was a Corsair pilot for the Royal Navy. His ship, HMS Victorious, was hit by a Kamikaze during the Okinawa campaign and was forced back to Sydney for repairs, where he met my mother. If it wasnt for that little nip I wouldnt be here today. Maybe explains my love of sushi.

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#74 Roger in AZ

Roger in AZ


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Posted 08 February 2004 - 02:22 AM

Phoenix Arizona
Single with no kids.
Education Associate of Applied Science in Electronics, DeVry
Currently employed as a Service Technician for a Video On Demand company.
One Queensland Heeler that keeps me on my toes.
One corn snake appropriately named Thompson.
Current machinegun inventory consists of
Colt 28 Navy over stamp Thompson
Auto-Ordnance Bridgeport Conn. 1928 AC Thompson
Ramo 1919A4
Sendra M16
Vector UZI
Two Powder Springs M10 .45's
SWD M11 9mm that I won in a raffle
CAC 9 suppressor.

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