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Thompson 1927a1 Deluxe Pre-ban.

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Posted 26 July 2003 - 11:42 AM

I would like to buy a West Hurley (Numrich Arms, NOT Kahr) .45 caliber 1927A1 deluxe, semi-auto. I do not want the Kahr, as I have heard that it was a piece of crap. Also, I would like to buy a pre-ban L-type drum at a reasonable cost. Can anyone tell me where I might find one, and who I could contact? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks smile.gif
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Posted 26 July 2003 - 12:46 PM

In my humble opinion, the Quality of the Kahr '27 is better than a WH. I say that because I've owned many WH 27 Guns. Too rough around the edges, areas that were never polished, sides of the Receiver Nose, and on the Rear, left in the Raw, areas of the Frame also left Raw, Ect, Ect. The Kahr Receivers are much better machined than what AO/WH EVER produced. Also, the WH guns have the same problems as the Kahr. As Kahr never changed the design any. Also, the Bluing is far much nicer on a kahr Gun than a WH '27. Just my .02.........................
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#3 Motorcar


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Posted 26 July 2003 - 02:23 PM

I have had a NEW 1927A1 for two months now and with only 800 rounds through it, it is a huge amount of fun for the price. The finish from tip to rear was beautiful and the few jamming problems I have had were due to 30 round mags bought at gun shows that didn't fit right. Once adjustments were made to the mags it runs through ammo like butter. I have not done the GI mag catch change for the simple reason that if the mags fit snug by minor adjustment then all other tolerances are the same. The other thing is they do provide plenty of walnut wood for the hobbiest to finish the gun as he wants too. All of this to say I like mine!
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#4 Grey Crow

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Posted 26 July 2003 - 02:38 PM

I'm very happy as well with my Kahr 27A1, I've made a few changes and more on the way. It shoots like a champ with both GI mags. and drums.
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Posted 26 July 2003 - 04:04 PM

I have owned both and think the Kahr is better finished. The problems that I have had were with the mags. One the "fix" was made to the mag release the problems were solved for the most part.
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Posted 27 July 2003 - 01:34 PM

I've owned three of the West Hurley's that were made during the mid-90's and all three had numerous more-or-less minor problems that had to be fixed before the guns would run. I also wasn't impressed with the quality of the blueing.

On the other hand, I've read numerous horror stories here about problems people have had with new Kahr's.

You might try to locate a used gun that has already been made to run if you can find an honest owner willing to discuss the issues with you. Any used gun that's listed as having never been shot is probably one that hasn't been shot because it won't shoot and will undoubtedly need work. On the other hand, I suppose you could buy a Kahr and just plan on sending it to PK if it has problems. Sending it back to Kahr for repair seems very hit or miss based on several posts that have been made here.

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