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Ot: Registry File Failure...oh Sh*t!

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#1 The1930sRust


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Posted 03 May 2004 - 06:04 PM

Ok. Here's some good advice for all of you. It is only bacuse I routinely make a Norton Ghost backup of my entire hard drive that I am authoring this post. Took a trip out of town over the weekend, shutting computer down in the interim, and returned to a corrupted Windows registry file. Although my Emergency Recovery Disk failed to alleviate the problem, I highly recommend you all make one. Search for ERD or emergency recovery disk in your Windows help file for more information. Also, make backups of your entire hard drive to a second hard drive (I do this regulalry, and it saved my arse this time). Further, if you cannot copy a drive to a drive, keep all your important files in one place, like My Documents, and copy it to CDR regularly. It makes restores much easier.

Just a friendly reminder.

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#2 JimFromFL


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Posted 03 May 2004 - 06:56 PM

My experience is that the ERD is useless. I have yet to see a time when it actually worked and have prevented having to do a reinstall of the Operating System.

What I do is to create a directory named Archive. Under this directory I create ALL my directories (Word, Guns, Thompson, Camera, Video, Pictures, House....). Anytime I have a file (no matter what) it gets saved in some directory under the Archive directory. Every month I try to do an Export of my "Favorites" from the browser and save this too under the Archive directory.

Now, this allows me to keep all my important stuff in a single location. Once a month I do a backup of just this one directory (Archive) and all the sub-directories which saves me the trouble of having to find where all my important files are located. cool.gif

Then every two years or so, it is a good idea to reinstall the Operating System anyway.
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#3 DDAYJune6


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Posted 03 May 2004 - 08:18 PM

I renistall xp at least once a month - i have all my important files on another hard drive and when i install xp it already is detected and my files are there
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#4 TAB



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Posted 04 May 2004 - 08:44 AM

chkdsk /r

After the latest windows update last week or two ago, the bloody machine died on a stop error after it was bounced. Ran chkdsk from the server disc, since some phd permanently borrowed my 2000 professional, and it saved my fat from the fire ... after running 5 hours.

Then I nicked the boss's seagate external since he was out of town as usual and backed the whole thing up, registry and all. THese are pretty slick units, no hassle to hook up. While I had everything critical in sourcesafe or elsewhere, the idea of rebuilding the whole thing from scratch and putting all my software tools back on was making me weep.
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