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Today, I, Uh...ehem...

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Posted 13 May 2004 - 06:49 AM


Be Patient! I agree with Walter here... I have two e-types in my garage because I went back politely and on a regular basis to an individual who kept saying "no", until he finally caved in (6 years later) and sold (cheap!).

It taught me a good lesson, and I have many other things that I got after being rejected on the first approach.

Yes, it could bite you in the ass; but if you are patient, persistant, and confident in your desires, you will be rewarded.

I'd wait about 6 months at a time, then maybe new people will come and go in the departsment as well. Mike had bad luck because of turnover, but you only stand to get better luck!

Go for it!

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Posted 13 May 2004 - 03:19 PM

Most departments have trouble with local ordnances about selling stuff. Maybe try an angle of trading stuff to them, i.e. cop's favorite tupperware, Glocks, AR-15's or Benelli shotguns. That might be more attractive.

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Posted 15 May 2004 - 12:55 AM

I don't blame a PD for not wanting to sell a piece of its history. Even if they got $12-15,000 for it, that money would get piddled away in no time. With a $6,000,000 budget, that's nothing.

We have a 1961 Chevy Biscayne police cruiser fully restored (through donations) that we've had for years. People try to buy it citing the same argument. It is a piece of our PD history. Yeah, we could get a few bucks for it, but we would no longer have a piece of our history. A previous administration traded off an M3 Grease gun we had since 1963. They traded it for a Mini 14 and three Mossberg shotguns (over howls of objections from me). This was when an M3 went for $1200. The Mini and the three shotguns have long since gone from service worth nothing to the PD.

On the flip side, if a PD is not caring enough about their history, I'll buy every transferable machine gun or every restored 1932 Harley Davidson police motorcycle they want to sell.
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