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My M1 Finally Arrived At The Dealer

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#1 v188



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Posted 05 June 2004 - 11:39 AM

Well, several months back I bought my (first) Tommy. It's not fancy like some of you guys 28 Colts, this is a re-weld Savage, but it definitely has drool appeal for me. It took months to Fm 3 to Fm 3, since NFA branch lost the Fm 3. Anyway, he got a certified copy and it arrived yesterday. Hopefully 30-45 days it will come home to me. It's been pending for about 45 days to me.

Sorry, no pictures, yet, but I did earlier post some photos that the SOT took for me before I bought it.

Just in time for D-Day celebrations.

So, now, is there some place I can check the receiver SN and determine the birthday of my Savage? Also, my SOT said it had proof marks indicating Lend/Lease, but the refinish job, kind of made them hard to read.

I know it's not a pegigreed stallion like the Colts, but I'm still a happy papa.

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#2 colt21a


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Posted 05 June 2004 - 11:51 AM

OH MY GOD!!! a non colt...........banned from the netherworld..............wink!!come on big guy.........you have a thompson,thats says it all right there.who cares what flavor...........color,model,semi or full...........this dude started with a patent pending,black plastic squirter model. around 1958..........

so be proud what you have,and never post again starting with well its only a model this and not a colt..........

you have a thompson..even guys that have m.g.c.replicas are proud.....because they have something.......heck how can you watch the longest day.s.p.r. or sahara,and bataan,or combat w/o one..............and i won't even get into the gangster crime depression desporado's{i luv um all}

anyhow thanks for posting...........thats what it is all about...........you have found "the magic"

take care,ron
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#3 hawksnest


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Posted 05 June 2004 - 02:45 PM

v188: Post your Tommy's number and we will give you a S.W.A.G. on when it was made or better yet, buy Frank's excellent book "American Thunder" and learn even more about your Tommy.
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