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Post-ban Stuff

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Posted 02 July 2004 - 06:55 PM

A guy over at AWBanSunset.com called Kahr recently, and found a few juicy post-ban tidbits:

"Just got off the phone with Kahr... I have been eyeing that beautiful 1927 SBR.... They seemed to think that they will be making 50 round drums... This company is under no heat, and they understand that their buyers are puting good money out for their products. Wouldn't surprise me if suddenly we got our nice removable stock versions back (interpretation of law plz) on the long barreled versions... Also, wouldn't put it over them to make a non stock version... HELL, even if they don't necessarily make them, doesn't mean Kahr wouldn't mind specially making them for you, as the professionals down there seem to be very friendly folk."

"On a side note, as I was bullshitting with the people at Kahr, he was telling me that police departments are STILL ordering Thompson barrels and such.... which means there are police agencies out there still holding onto these guns as viable weapons! That freaking rocks! Anyone aiming a 9MM at a cop would quickly lose their will if they saw that Cutts compensator breathing fire."

Thought AlaskaService's comments would be of interest over here too. I'll accept blame for getting the Thompson ball rolling on that thread...

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