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28 Assembly Question...

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#1 michael


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Posted 11 July 2004 - 12:26 PM

I was reassembling the thompson last night and after I had it back together I pulled back the bolt to make sure everything was working smoothly. It cocked normally. Then when I went to release the bolt, I was going to hold tension so it wouldn't slam forward. When I did, the bolt went further back then normal and got stuck in that position. The actuator even came away from the top of the receiver and a little space was visible. I gave it a little tap forward and it released back into the normal cocked position. Everything still seems to function normal.

Is this extra travel normal or is something amiss?

one other thing... the gun only likes certain stick magazines. It seems that some magazines won't fit in the groove where the magazine catch is located. When looking at the back "ridge" of the magazine, where the piece is formed by the two edges rolling together, the gun only takes the magazines that are well "crimped". I can almost tell by looking at the mag if it will fit in the gun. It also appaers that at some point some one hit the magazine guide rails mad.gif . This most likely caused the problem, but why would someone have done that.

Thanks so much, this board is a great resource...

28 thompson

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#2 M1Brian



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Posted 11 July 2004 - 01:30 PM


More then likely someone hit that area in order to disassemble a gun where the tolerances between the upper and lower were to tight. Some thompsons fall apart others can be tight and need three men and a boy to take apart the first few times. Some need the assistance of a good thompson smith to cure. After fighting for a couple of hours to break down a new gun that should take 20 seconds at the most to do sometimes leads to the hammer drawer on the tool box. I believe the manual even says some may be tight and need assistance the first few times.

Just a thought
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#3 Kevin


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Posted 11 July 2004 - 02:31 PM

There are two notches in the bolt for the sear to catch on. Sounds like you had it in the forward notch and then pulled it to the aft notch. A little space between the actuator and the receiver is ok. You might take the gun apart to check that the bolt, receiver, actuator, and Blish lock do not appear to have any unusual wear on them.

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