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Longport Nj Pd 1921a Follow-up Story

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Posted 20 July 2004 - 12:40 PM

Longport police’s 1921 submachine gun attracting plenty of interest

LONGPORT - Police Chief Scott Porter was swamped fielding calls last week from people inquiring about the 1921 Thompson submachine gun that the department plans on selling.

The borough announced last week it would sell the antique weapon that has been sitting unused in the department's armory. Since then, Porter has received more than three dozen calls from all over the country, he said.

"We've had quite a few calls," Porter said, noting that people from as far as the Bahamas have telephoned him. "Just inquiries. A few asking the condition of the weapon, serial numbers, stuff like that."

In 1930, the borough acquired the 1921 Thompson submachine gun when an owner of the famed gun-making company came to the area, met Police Chief Richard DePamphilis and decided to send him a gun as a gesture of good will, according to Richard DePamphilis Jr., 77, who followed him as chief.

Only about 15,000 guns of this model were made, and the borough is hoping to sell it for upwards of $35,000.

The Police Department is still figuring out how it will go about selling the gun, which requires a special license to own and operate.

"It's not going back on the road," Porter said, explaining that he anticipated selling the gun to a collector or museum.

The Police Department is also planning to sell three Springfield M1 rifles that are stored in the armory, Porter said. Each has an estimated value of $1,000.

The borough hopes to use the revenue to buy new side arms and other equipment for the department.


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#2 Sig


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Posted 20 July 2004 - 03:19 PM

WOW they think very well of that gun "upwards of $35,000."
I spoke to Chief Porter he suggested to contact a particular Captain whose name I do not have handy this second. Actually nothing special to make me want to make another call.
I know the Chief would only comment to me that the serial # was 4 digit and the condition was "ok", so did not sound anything special.
Inspections would be at "their" convenience, ya right I am going to fly and sit on my ass and wait until it is convenient for them to look at something that I might spend $20k+++. Can I run and do that now and just wait in nearby Atlantic City until they are ready?
If they want to sell for best price they need to accomodate the CUSTOMER and maybe share some pics.
Now if one can find a 3 digit serial # gun with matching 3 digit L drum around $35,000, I just wonder what he thinks is sooooooooooo much special with their's. If there is something he certainly was not very forthcoming about it.
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#3 JimFromFL


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Posted 20 July 2004 - 07:20 PM

QUOTE (Sig @ Jul 20 2004, 03:19 PM)
... I just wonder what he thinks is sooooooooooo much special with their's....

Just the fact that they own it and not you. tongue.gif

Sounds like typical police who know they have something many people want so they resort to extortion. ph34r.gif Pay me a ton of money or no one gets it. wink.gif

Ok, so that is a bit harsh to say.
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