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Need Help With Runaway 1928

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#1 drbones2nd


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Posted 21 August 2004 - 02:05 PM

I just recieved a pre-sample 1928 Savage Thompson. It has the original finish with matching upper and lower recievers. At the range the gun will run 3 round burst on semi and on full auto will continue several rounds after the trigger is released. In my collection I have another 1928 Thompson identical to this one so I took both to the range to try and see what part or parts are worn that is causing the problem. Both guns have brand new recoil springs installed.

Heres the dilema. In both guns I am using the same ammunition and my first thompson runs just fine with it but not in the second gun. I took off the lower from the 2nd thomspon and put it on the first and it ran great. Then I switched uppers around and the same result, it ran perfect. Upon inspection of the parts they appear to be in good shape with nice edges on the sear and bolt face. The only difference I can tell between the two guns is that the tolerances between the upper and lower recievers are different. Meaning, my first thompson the upper and lowers mate together nice and snug but with the one I just got in, there is a bit more play and it slides on and off fairly easily.

My question is, if worn parts were the cause of the runaways it should have been reproduceable when I switched upper and lowers with the other gun. So this leaves me to believe that the looser tolerances between the upper and lowers must have some bearing on the function of the sear engagin the bolt notches.

I apologize for any confusion but is this a problem with older Thompsons? If so, can it be repaired and who would you reccomend. Just purchasing another lower would probably solve the problem but since the upper and lower serial numbers match I would think there should be another solution.

Any input would be helpful.
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#2 Ron Mills

Ron Mills

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Posted 21 August 2004 - 02:59 PM

Interesting problem! Sounds like one for PK. He is the master of this kind of thing. I dealt with an M1A1 that had the same problem, but the sear was worn.
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#3 John Jr

John Jr

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Posted 21 August 2004 - 06:32 PM

Replace the disconnector

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