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Its Now Legal To Import Drums

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#21 Walter63a


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Posted 16 September 2004 - 08:53 AM

Jr., it sounds like a plan! biggrin.gif I hope you are successful in finding the truth. More importantly, I hope it is good new for us. If not, maybe we'll have to start pressuring some politicians to change an outdated law. rolleyes.gif After all, reimportation of anything lent out, returned at a reasonable cost, would not only be good for the shooting community in the United States; it would also be very good for our economy, what with all the buying and selling it would encourage. I believe it would be a boon to commerce and national security as well. With a better armed populace, the terrorists (pumpkins) might start to think twice! laugh.gif cool.gif Regards, Walter
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#22 tedgun1911



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Posted 21 September 2004 - 04:35 AM

New Yorkistan may suck big time, but I live in The People's Republic of Massachusetts (can you say "Kennedy"?) which has, I believe, some of the most Draconian anti-gun laws in the nation.

Would you believe it, though, we are actually allowed to possess C3 weapons, (with a special permit which is, however, almost impossible to obtain).

Then of course, there's California...

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#23 The Virginian

The Virginian


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Posted 21 September 2004 - 02:25 PM

biggrin.gif Makes me glad I live in Virginia, the Olde Dominion. We can have almost anything.
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