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We Need A Great Offense - Now!

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#1 Mario Scarpino

Mario Scarpino


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Posted 13 September 2004 - 06:42 PM


We need to keep fighting the fight and get the 1986 "no new machineguns" law repealed!! Its the next logical step. If the Thompson is on the C and R list, it has significant value to America (for various reasons). If it is seen as an outdated, old relic with only "historical" value, why then can we not purchase one of these "highly collectible" firearms? Well for me its the limited supply and high demand! We need to make the case that a C and R gun is on the list for a reason. Why should the government restrict us from owning an "outdated", antique firearm???
We should be able to work this to our advantage. We would be right back complying with NFA of 1934! What's the bid deal? If we go on the offensive and give finkstein, chucky, teddy and john boy this to worry about, any new laws to outlaw AW will be secondary and hopefully be a non issue. But we need to take the next step and that's protecting a hobby (Thompson Collecting!!) enjoyed by thousands of gun collectors throughout America.

Remember, there is a new caucus in the House that is supposed to be protecting our Second Amendment freedom. In their mission statement I think it specifically mentions "collect".

Let's Roll!!!!

Mario Scarpino

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