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A Spring A Wire And A Prayer>now $15,000.00

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#1 colt21a


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Posted 20 September 2004 - 01:00 AM

i guess the madness continues....saw another amnesty mp-40 this weekend for $12,000.00,and a colt commando asking price:$16,500.00

i guess at this rate.we all can sell the house,second or third car or suv.buy more gun's and live in a tent with a good safe.wink!!

one local said i have a 1917 watercooled for $23,000.00,funny thing i talked with a few other class three's..they remember when you could not give m-16's away for $1,500.00.and people said water koooled....heck! "air"cooled is the way to go!!

so back to the local bank to tell them i need a quick million...to buy up about 30 machinegun's...

now that is really sad!!

yep the ole dollar does not stretch far today in the m.g.market....maybe by time the s.a.r.show roll's around..it might be 1 mill. plus two..wink!!

p.s i still have a old 1976 invoice laying around for mac-10 mac-11's,$237.00 shipped with can..the good old days only thirty years ago..ummmm!!

take care,ron
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#2 OldFalGuy


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Posted 20 September 2004 - 01:20 AM


I got my first NFA, M10 in '77 was $300 w/o can but the seller bet me double or nothing I couln't get a CLEO signoff in Austin Texas........

M10 was free so to speak. Those were the days. laugh.gif
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#3 Ron A

Ron A

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Posted 20 September 2004 - 02:49 AM

I purchased my MAC 10 from a dealer In Missoula Mt. who purchased several from an government auction for $35.00 each - I paid him $100. new in a cardboard box - then had to come up with the $200. transfer fee.

Prior to Cox and his book, who even wanted a Thompson. Dewats which were new and appeared to be unfired sold at Golden State firearms in Pasadena for $49.95. these were new guns. I was making $1.25 pr hour ( 1955) - good carpenter wages and purchased a new savage.

I don't make $1.25 pr hour and Thompsons don't sell for $49.95
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#4 Merry Ploughboy

Merry Ploughboy

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Posted 20 September 2004 - 06:47 AM

Ron A,

I wanted a Thompson before Roger penned a single sentence of his classic.

I tried to buy an M1A1 Thompson dewat mail order (for $97.50) in 1962. My dad stopped me. He thought it was illegal.
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