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M1a1 Mags / Cases / Brass

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#1 ppk


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Posted 03 September 2003 - 04:21 PM

Again, greetings from South America.
Would appreciate your expert advise on the fllwg issues regarding accesories I will be purchasing soon

1) www.cabelas.com (product nbr: ID221264) Rifle Case 41"x9". Any of you perhaps own this one for the M1A1 ? it also has pockets to store some mags. Unsure tough wheter the 20/30 rds mags will fit in there....
Else I might consider buying the nice padded "carry all" case in www.tommygunshop.com (despite the cost).
But if anyone believes the cabela's ID221264 is fine, will fit gun M1A1 good and its pockets hold the mags correctly I might then go for this Cabela one.

2) Mags. Noticed in www.tommygunshop.com th 30 rds mag.. description says
30 Round Stick Magazine: All 30 Rd. magazines are surplus magazines modified to work in Thompson Semi-Auto Long Guns
-->> Will these mags WORK for my full auto M1A1 too ?? What would you say ??
Bear in mind that once I get the items here in South America I am stuck with them.. they all must work/fit nicely.

3) Trust winchester .45 ACP brass works fine and will last several reloadings -even after lots of full fire- I will be purchasing some 500 from Cabelas.

4) I still have a hard time getting the sling.... I have found some options, but by not being in USA, I run into problems with payment/shipping. Would any of you perhaps recommend any e.g. "cabelas" / retailer, etc or "civilian" sling that will fit my M1A1 nicely ?? A sling that I can just buy in one of these retail store like www.cabelas.com and that will "resemble" a bit to the original military sling ??
I have no problem buying online from the retail stores sinc they can also mail the items to an adddress in Miami which firther remails the stuff to me in my country ??

Appreciated folks.

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#2 PK.


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Posted 03 September 2003 - 06:08 PM

Can't answer it all but:

#2- Semi mags will not work in your FA M1A1, look for SMG mags

#3- Win brass is very good

#4- is there a place local to you that sells web 1" strapping? You could make your won sling quite easily and save a lot of hassles.

Good luck!

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#3 The1930sRust


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Posted 03 September 2003 - 06:17 PM

Have you tried looking on eBay for a sling?

ebay sling

another sling
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#4 Phil Askew

Phil Askew

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Posted 03 September 2003 - 07:30 PM

ppk, Did you get my e-mail. If not contact me at philfordparts@yahoo.com. Shipping to Miami is not a problem. Bidpay is a good option for folks outside USA, thanks, Phil.
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