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Need Advice

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#1 bigred


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Posted 03 September 2003 - 05:56 PM

Hey guys,
I will be ready to buy a 1927 Thompson to turn into a SBR for reenacting in mid October and would like to have as much info as possible... my e-mail is jaron_hudgins@yahoo.com.

mainly what I'd like to know is information on the following:

where is the best place to buy one from?

What manufacturer should I go with in the $800 range?

What would it cost to have it "fixed" by PK or others for both shooting and reenacting purposes?

Where would be the best place to buy a horizontal grip?

Those are a few of the things that I am wondering about. Of course some of that I won't actually do until I have the license to be able to buy the short barrel, but I'd like to have the info already when the time comes.
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Posted 03 September 2003 - 06:06 PM

Hello. There is much that you can have done. All depends on how far you want to take it, and how much your willing to spend. If your speaking of the M1 Semi-Auto then the cost will be lower. PK does a whiz bang job! You can see his work on my custom SA by looking up Project "X" on the "Old" Thompson SMG Message Board. I would go with a Kahr Gun. Good luck!
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#3 fred


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Posted 03 September 2003 - 06:12 PM

Don't want to burst your bubble, but if you ain't gonna get BATF approval to make a SBR by October. Form 1 approval will take at least two months if not more. That's AFTER you buy the 1927, get the CLEO signature, mail it in and wait for the BATF.

This aside, making an SBR would be a neat thing to do. For about $250 in taxes, etc., you take a $750 Thompson and make it look like a $10,000 one!
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#4 PK.


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Posted 03 September 2003 - 06:28 PM

First, you will not be able to get the ATF paperwork done for an SBR by mid October; better figure 4-5 months for the process to run its course. Second, (using my shop as an example) depending on the work load and what you want to do better figure 1-12 weeks for the conversion. If you are talking Oct 04 you are OK.

Unless you are looking for a used one you only have one choice of manufacturer: A/O Kahr

Most of the parts houses have foregrips, you will either have to open it up for the grip mount on a new gun or replace the grip mount with an older style. The foregrip that comes on the 27M1 will not work well with your SMG barrel as the contours are different.

Watch your e mail for more information tomorrow.

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#5 bigred


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Posted 04 September 2003 - 12:13 AM

thanks for the info guys.. yes keep it coming

I apologize about the confusion on the timing, I did not make that very clear.

I intend to actually buy the 1927 thompson from wherever.... in mid October.....

Then in mid November I intend to send the papers and check to the BATF for the SBR license.

I assume that it will take around 7-9 months for that transaction to go through.

This will put me somewhere around mid June or later...... then I'll have to get the 10" barrel

So by July or August, I'll have all the pieces to send to a gunsmith...

I assume that will take roughly maybe a few months, so I should have a finished project by next fall.

Does this sound like a good enough assessment?

So the most important question I currently have is..... Where, What vendor, etc is the best place to get the actual rifle from?

If I have means to wholesale, were should I look into differently than if I am looking at retail?

That is currently the most pertinent question at hand.
Thanks again.
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#6 TAB



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Posted 04 September 2003 - 01:24 PM

I got my 27 through PK, and he is currently moving the compensator back, an approximation, but a useful alternative to an SBR. He also has corrected some faults with the rifle and magazines. Kahr rifles are not always entirely up to snuff NIB. He's very good, as you will know if you looked up Lionhart's reference.
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