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Form 5320.20

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#1 Poprivit


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Posted 17 October 2004 - 03:02 PM

I'm sending a NFA firearm back to the mfg for repair. I'm applying for a 5320.20 because Ruger says they have to have one to work on the gun (I know, it's not a Tommy, but my Tommy never breaks, and I need all you guy's help.)
Questions being ...
Usually how many days do you put down for the transfer? I used two months.
How far in the future from the day you send the application for the 5320.20 do you list on the form for the "from" part of the transfer time? I used ten days.
The 5320.20 info page says that "If a common carrier is used to transport the firearm(s) a copy of ATF #5320.20 shall be furnished to the carrier and shall be in the possession of the carrier for the duration of the transportation."
How did you handle this, say, when you sent a gun to PK for repair?
The paperwork becomes a smidge confusing, eh?

Thanks much. cool.gif
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#2 Bill in VA

Bill in VA

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Posted 17 October 2004 - 03:50 PM

I may be a little confused... Are you sending your gun to Ruger so thay can repair it? Or are you physcially taking the gun to Ruger? If you're going to send it to them, you'd need a Form 5 to temporarily transfer possession to them. (I know...I've also read the BATF's opinion that a Form 5 is not required, only recommended, but since Ruger's company policy is to require one, best go ahead and do it.) Generally, a Form 5320.20 is only used to transport the firearm out-of-state (such as if you were going to drive or fly to another state with the gun in your posession.) Based on your post though, it sounds to me like you need to file a Form 5 and not a Form 5320.20.

If you file a Form 5, make a copy and keep the copy. Enclose the original Form 5 with your gun and send it off to Ruger. When they've finished with the gun they'll file another Form 5, put the original with gun and send both the gun and the original Form 5 back to you.

If you are filing a Form 5320.20 so you can travel with the gun, simply keep the 5320.20 (and perhaps a copy of your Form 4) with you.
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#3 1921A


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Posted 17 October 2004 - 04:38 PM


Bill is correct. Use a form 5 and mark it clearly under the transferee's name and address; "Firearm transferred for repair and return". You can also use a form 3 if you are a class 2 or 3 but I'm assuming that is not the case. Ruger has always insisted on transferring the firearm to them for repairs. They are very good about repairing their class 3 weapons and don't be surprised if it comes back looking like new. I've sent AC556's to them in the past and, on occasion, they reworked them to like new status and only billed for correcting the original problem.

Greg Fox
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