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Another Few 'lyrics'

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Posted 16 September 2003 - 12:05 PM

'Keyes and another man were last seen standing shoulder to shoulder firing Tommy guns at the oncoming Germans'

His body was never recovered and likely still lies under the sands of the western desert. Not a heroic/romantic figure in the least, though his batman spoke well of him and the way he handled his men.

from the Foreign Gate

These are the presences
who sit beyond the gate, their heads as high as towers in a dream
their silent faces unbitten by the frost, by rain unbeaten
Their eyes like mirrors reinterpreting the moon's distracted gaze
the strong hands folded.
Look into those eyes and learn the speech of pain
Regard those hands whose touch was clearer sight
The stone lips curve, whose words were mountainous
O my head I veil and turn my face to the wall
And pass from the place of wisdom's quiet children.
Their presence is a scroll of peace
unrolled before the shattered face of the dead soldier and the straying lover
I pass the shining gate into the unknown light of a low sun
Knowing that death is conquered, for the great have come home
Whom all the clamour of history will never deafen or decrease their glory

S Keyes 1942

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