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Sbr Semi Tsmg W/full Auto Lower....

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Posted 26 September 2003 - 07:00 PM

Hello all;

Long time since I've been here. Hope all's well with everyone here.

Submitted letter to ATF few months ago describing semi-auto SBR TSMG using full auto lower. Internal design allowed retention of selector switch (full auto/safe markings), while at same time allowing only semi-auto fire.

*** It is not my design, but that of a well known TSMG expert, whose semi TSMG design appears to be absolutely flawless ***

ATF repy? They want to see sample. Procrastinating on decision to use one of my M1A1 kits to make said sample. If/when I make said sample submit same to ATF, I will post here.

In meantime, feel free to view my SBR Kahr work. See if you can tell which is Kahr SBR and which is my Savage TSMG (links below). My Kahr SBR work includes:

>GI mag catch
>GI bbl
>GI grip mount
>All sharp edges of Kahr upper (and there's a lot of 'em) blended smooth
>Front sight pinned
>Rear sight riveted (rivet heads slightly larger than true TSMG rivet heads)
>Full black oxide (extractor, pilot, bolt shank, all screw heads polished)
>Receiver fully tightened to frame (absolutely no movement whatsoever)

I can also shorten the Kahr charging handle to TSMG length (this is recommended only if you have strength of full grown gorilla).

SBR conversion price with your GI mag catch, GI barrel, and GI grip mount is $555. This price includes FedEx shipping direct to the Kahr owner and $1500 insurance.

Current Kahr SBR conversion backlog is 3-4 months. Please email or call to discuss your needs.

Sam Alvarez
T&S Manufacturing
FFL 07/SOT Class II
Southington, CT
860-628-8174...9a-6p EST...M-F

Kahr SBR vs. Savage TSMG pic:
user posted image

Kahr SBR rear sight rivets pic:
user posted image

Kahr SBR front sight pin pic:
user posted image
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Posted 26 September 2003 - 07:08 PM

HEAVYMG! GREAT to see you back on the boards! Wow, it's been a looooong time! I hope that all has been well, and you need to post here more often! Still waiting to see the complete Pics here, but I'm sure it looks fantastic!
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Posted 26 September 2003 - 07:17 PM


Good to hear from you again! Dang! I cannot get the images to load up. Way too wide for my screen, and they get about ten percent and hang. Any way you can lower the size to about 600 pixels wide? Wanna see! Or is it just me?
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Posted 26 September 2003 - 07:37 PM

Lionheart, Rust;

Thanks for the hearty welcome. Gave me big smile on my puss. Not used to smiling and it kinda hurts!!

Too befuddled to change pix size right now. Would you mind cut/paste links into your address bar(s)? That will take you to my ISP folder, where pics are sized for us mortals.

To my chagrin, didn't take any close up pics of the radius treatments to the Kahr uppers. Too bad for me. The radius treatment is a visual feast to the eyes. As you probably know, the entire upper profile of the Kahr uppers is quite sharp. So are the lower, rear sections, that immediately abut the receiver release pin. Ditto for the lower, front sections that immediately abut the front upper frame area.

Using a "very fine, #90" Scotch Brite (no imitations) wheel, I remove all of those sharp edges. The result is 1,000% better than what Kahr sends the customer.

Have reenactment group after me to make 16 blank firing Kahr SBR's. Will have to steal the time from my 1919A4 work. Have German reenactment group after me to make SBR blank firing MP40's. Procrastinating (again) on using one of my MP40 kits to make semi prototype for ATF submittal.

Been totally immersed in doing 1919A4 work. Mostly 80% semi-auto right sideplates. Also building complete guns. About 30 so far for several New England dealers. Done some full auto post samples too. Working on gear reduction crank assy for the semi A4's. Prototype model clamps to existing buffer tube w/no mods to gun. It gets 16 rounds per minute, per crank. Found the semi sear/trigger relationships must be completely perfect to accept such high rate of fire. Now working on entire backplate assy w/internal hand crank. Prototype has brass handle and replaces orig backplate/handle assy w/no mods to gun.

This work, plus Kahr conversions, keeping me very busy. Haven't run vacuum on carpet at home in 4 mos. Washed 4 mos worth of dishes last week. Hands totally "pruned". Only thing I've seen since June is my driver's seat, bedroom, kitchen, road to and from shop, and shop. Hoping for 2 wks vacation in Aspen, CO in next 3-4 months. Gotta teach Britney (as in Spears) the slopes. I hope....

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