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Thompson Prices Getting Soft?

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#1 Paul in PA

Paul in PA

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Posted 16 June 2005 - 07:52 PM

blink.gif Evening All,

In the past few months we have seen West Hurley (1928s & M-1s) and USGI (M-1s) asking prices come close to $20K. In the last two weeks we have seen two tranferable M-1s, from respected dealers, go up for sale at $14K and $14.5K. These seem to be very fair.

Are we near the top of the Class 3 frenzy?

Just an observation of the current possible trend.

I would not sell my USGI Thompson unless I absolutly had to too feed and house my family. But if the rise in Class 3 is over and salaries / disposable income increases there are one or two SMGs I would love to purchase. I had to sell my Beretta 38/42, S&W 76, MP-40, M-2 Carbine, and MG-42 to buy a great house for my wife and children. Do I regret it no, we are all happy in our home. Would I repurchase or buy other Class 3 items.... Yes, but not at current prices with the current risks of losing big $$$s.

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#2 Ron A

Ron A

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Posted 16 June 2005 - 08:33 PM

Everytime it appears that the top is reached - it stalls and then climbs. There are only so many full auto guns on the market and that will not increase.

I remember getting a 21ac for 2 AR15's then when the price climbed, and as some said peaked, and was going down - selling the gun, a C drum and 2 L colt drums for $3,500 and everyone said I had cut a fat hog.

The C drum is worth more than now.

The asking price means nothing - its what it sells for - don't wait for a lower price - if you can't afford it now - just wait it will get higher next year... I think you will see Colt thompson's climb far more than the current price - the WH and GI guns which are more shooters will hold their price.

In Canada a thompson M1 sells for $650.00 if you are allowed to own one... The Colts are a different story.

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#3 Roland, Headless Thompson Gunner

Roland, Headless Thompson Gunner

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Posted 16 June 2005 - 09:06 PM

Morgan Stanley issued a warning today that the market for Thompsons has topped out. If you have one, sell it while you can.

Email me.

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#4 21 smoker

21 smoker

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Posted 17 June 2005 - 08:00 AM

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
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#5 colt21a


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Posted 17 June 2005 - 11:34 AM

buy what you can afford comfortably...have the house,cash,gold,silver,some diamond's,and a few paid off car's first... then look at class three..

do i care what they go for now...NOT REALLY!!

i sold them all...in the event whatever may happen in future...i can sleep well.eat well.. and not worry about the present economy in gun market.... any fluctuation will not bother me in the least.

however in the event the bottom drop's out..a few other's may not feel that way..

and yes you have the guy's who paid low buck's,and some who paid market. however they are big boy's and can afford the loss.

class three is not for crying.it's all a fun game.shooting and collecting. and if along the way you stumble.that's one of life's little realitie's biting back..remember we are less then 2% of the entire market. the rest can give a hoot what happen's to class three.

it doe's not effect the over all economy whatever.

you can add up all the class three gun's at retail...{who's the buyer at that price for them all?}and they might make the price of one of the shah's bigger boat's.wink! and maybe a extra jet liner..

let's not kid ourselve's into thinking we have the best investment ever.. it's a fun purchase..and if along the way you get the money back great!!

however always the gamble in the future you can lose also..

and remember if you die with it.you lost anyhow..ha -ha

since i'm not sure how that communication to the here after work's.and how the family can tell you they sold it for whale buck's at devine auction!! and little timmy can now go to college to be a gunsmith....and repair and redo thompson's....

anyway's buy it all up...they are not making them anymore,no more to be had is always heard..no more to be registered ever again.the best deal is today, the best price is this very second..

ooop's...just saw some mac-10's come down and a few saw/249 sample's..and a hurley.... let me check that crystal ball again..

do what you feel right..don't base it on this opinion and any other'

since you will be the one's cutting the check.

just make sure the rest of the house is in order...

oh anybody want to buy a nice boat!! 75 foot with a working motor. {doe's not work well in desert} was told to get it, good investment,can't go wrong,no more 75 foot being made with this type of rare motor, wink!!

stay healthy and safe, take care,ron
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#6 Merry Ploughboy

Merry Ploughboy

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Posted 17 June 2005 - 06:39 PM

In Canada, the price of all brands of machine guns is slowly dropping. There are only so many registered machinegun eligible individuals and they had to be at least 21 years old in 1978. As they die off the market dies with them.

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