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Pinhead Alert! Plan To Moslemize Us!

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#1 Walter63a


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Posted 01 August 2005 - 08:58 AM

Holy Crap Batman, grab your Thompsons!!! mad.gif

It seems that our U.S. State Department and American educators are
planning to Moslemize and Arabize America. ohmy.gif This plan is coming to a public school near you. Your children will be desensitized by taking Arab/ Muslim names, celebrating Moslem Holy Days, eating Arab/Muslim food, etc. throughout the school year. That is just the beginning. The curriculum must, and will, be altered to include the the "recently discovered fact' that Columbus "used" an Arab navigator to reach America. laugh.gif That doesn't matter, because the U.S. State Department has also "discovered" that Arabs/Muslims already made it to North America before Columbus and intermarried with Algonquin Indians (Native Americans), some even becoming Chiefs (Kings). So, you see, the Arabs/Muslims have a "legitimate" claim to America!!!!!! This is 100% real, no joke!!!! cool.gif

Check here: http://frontpagemag....le.asp?ID=15593

Best, Walter
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#2 fred


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Posted 01 August 2005 - 10:15 PM

Phil, you summed up Montgomery County, MD for those who had only read about it in The Turner Diaries! A true liberal cesspool. I grew up in the Wheaton area of Silver Spring and I am glad I got out.

It is too bad that we force feed diversity to children who, almost by definition, have no predjudices themselves.
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