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The Infamous "grip-slide" In Road To Perdition

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#41 Grey Crow

Grey Crow

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Posted 20 August 2005 - 08:28 AM

To me a vertical slide mount (in the grip itself) would be the most secure method, leaving the grip mount static.

Sounds like a plan.
Especially for those with milling machines.

Even with my Kahr 27, I would not trust just anyone to work on it, granted there is a huge distance between 2k and 14k... I would certainly trust my 27 with PK or Damon.
I'm sure that there are others out there who could do the work as well. But, unless I had references I wouldn't touch them.
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#42 TommyGunner


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Posted 20 August 2005 - 09:06 AM


That is perfectly in line with what we have experienced. I can remember the frustration of removing that first West Hurley rear sight untill we added the heat. The Kahr M1 I have was built around 2.5 years ago and had the red loctite in it. At any rate it is not an issue in the majority of the Thompsons...not even the expensive ones but the newest production. Certainly not the norm in Thompsons. A nice press is deffinately the way to go and it is something we have had on the table but since we can still get them off with just a matter of more work we have not made it a high priority. (And as you said persistance is the key). We made our own beefy slide hammer and mount. We take the new ones apart all the time and haven't hurt one yet. Since we are on the topic I may sidetrack to get that press finished. We can just adapt the mounts we have over. Thanks for the great info!


Like Devlin's idea. Still considering something similar. Devise a way where the adaptor would not twist...maybe with ears that come up around the gripmount to lock it up. Could maybe use a flat spring and thumbnotch at the top rear of the grip to unlatch the spring. Not as stable as with a custom gripmount. Would most likely work best with the new Kahr guns with the flat grip mount.


This is very close to one of the design options I am considering (and leaning towards). Fabricate a new gripmount (better) or adaptor. Also a slide body and latch mechanism that goes into the forgrip. The latch would have a boss that swivels a bit for the grip screw to fit into. This way the screw would trip the latch. The piece that mounts the slide to the grip would encircle the long screw and be notched for the latch to fit when in place. There are more details than this but I have run these designs by 2 engineers at my friends factory and they say it will work. Will look very neat and tidy when installed. I have two other simpler designs to consider but seem to like this one for rigidity and looks. The gripmount design is really sleek and strong! Gotta get some Aluminum for prototyping!

I appreciate all who offered assistance (especially those who offered use of thier baby's!). We will mock this up on a new Kahr that I am going to transform anyway for convenience. Anything we build will be heavilly tested on a semi before graduating to full auto.

Take Care,

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#43 Merry Ploughboy

Merry Ploughboy

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Posted 20 August 2005 - 01:24 PM

The front horizontal "shotgun" grip and Picatinny rail on my patent pending "Highway To Hell" M1A1 are a single unit that is mounted much as amafrank describes. I was looking for a design that overcame what I saw as a number of flaws in the "Road To Perdition" concept.
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