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L Drum Cool Factor

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#1 M1Brian



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Posted 17 October 2003 - 12:40 PM

Ok as you can see from my log in name I'm not to familiar with the L drum yet. Although only a semi after getting my WH M1 it surpassed my other favorites and I found it to be the only gun I was taking to the range besides my glock. Having this much fun with the stripped down model I couldn't imagine the fun one would have with the deluxe model. Well I had to find out so I'm sitting on a 1927A1 Deluxe WH with L drum. At the state ranges here there is a limit of six cartridges to a magazine during live fire and if fixing or adjusting your weapon it's single load only. They don't care if you use hi cap mags you just can't fill them up there. I have several stick mags I have been using but that L drum would sure look good at the range. As it is now the state range officer has to fire my M1 every time I'm at the range if it's slow and he gets a chance. Is it practical or even possible to only load six rounds in the drum and is the winding procedure the same. I do have a other range available but it is a lot further distance.

Thanks for any input from you drum dumpers as I can't wait to dump mine.

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#2 brian


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Posted 17 October 2003 - 05:01 PM

i think you'll be able to get a 5rd charge in it. also i have an X drum i'd trade you since you can't use the full 50 biggrin.gif
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#3 Chip


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Posted 17 October 2003 - 05:05 PM


I've done it before when I only had a partial box of shells to fire. I don't think it's recomended, but I just proportion the 9 winding clicks per 50 rounds when it's full. It works out to about 5.5 rounds per click. I always wind it just enough to get the first round in position before I start counting. I have never tried it with just 6 round though.

Good luck
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#4 Norm


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Posted 17 October 2003 - 06:02 PM

Buy a 10 round drum, and you can put the valuble L drum in the safe and not have to worry about damage to it (from miss-winding or normal wear.)

A 10 round drum would also take the heartache out of the drop factor (dropping and denting your loaded drum at the range!) ohmy.gif

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#5 JimFromFL


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Posted 17 October 2003 - 06:10 PM

I agree with buying the 10 round drum. The 50s are too expensive to play around. Also the number of clicks are not proportionate to the number of rounds.
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#6 The1930sRust


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Posted 17 October 2003 - 07:11 PM

Find a different range...
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#7 Grey Crow

Grey Crow

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Posted 17 October 2003 - 07:44 PM

I agree with Rust, find a private range and buy a years membership. In PA we can shoot as many as the mag holds at the state range or local sportsman's club. Also look up friends that have the luxury of owning rural land.

At the club though they frown on shooting silhouettes of humans.

About the only time anyone cares about mag. capacity is during hunting season. Semi rifles are illegal for hunting here. The PA Game Commission will fine you even if you have a pistol carry permit and a loaded handgun if you are stopped for a check during hunting season.

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