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Finally My Wh Is Working

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#1 zenithius


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Posted 19 November 2005 - 01:39 PM

I finally got back to the range with my new WH M1. The weapon was as new when purchased. I expected to have problems but was very disappointed on my first range visit. The bolt would not pick up a bullet. It wouldn't fire at all. Saddened I left to recover from my disappointment.
Today was much different. I worked the mags with the magazine anvil I purchased from a guy on the board. They looked good and functioned well.
I purchased a case of the MSF 45 ACP (white box) that was recommended here. It didn't work at all. The gun just jammed and jammed.
I switched to the one box of Wally World white box I had in the range bag and voila, paradise!
I guess I'm off to Wally World to buy some more Tommy fodder.

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#2 Brickyard


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Posted 19 November 2005 - 07:12 PM

Congrats on the feeding frenzie. They'll also sleep well after a long day of playing.

If the problems persist (not to be negitive - but I'll bet they will) please send the gun to PK on these boards. The gun you will receive back will NEVER fail to fire again. OK, maybe once. He's done two of mine and I'll bet I've had 5,000 rounds through the both combined and could count on one hand the number of feeding or firing problems.

Enjoy the new toy !!
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#3 must


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Posted 20 November 2005 - 02:51 AM

I also have a WHM1 that I bought NIB & it had a whole list of problems (serial number is in the 6XX range). I sent the gun to PK a couble of years ago & it came back a very different gun. It work every time, all the time! Man is it "FUN" to shoot now!


P.S. I like to shoot Seller & Belliot .45 ammo in my gun. Seems to work all the time & is not real expensive. cool.gif

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