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Value Of 1928 A1 Nac Thompson See Ad

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#21 Arthur Fliegenheimer

Arthur Fliegenheimer

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Posted 07 March 2006 - 12:53 PM

J. Curtis Earl decided that he would create unwarranted mystery and intrigue with Colt and Savage/AO TSMG's that had a "NAC" suffix or prefix. Why? Because he had half a dozen or so of these so marked weapons and he saw an opportunity.

Since these receivers were so marked post 1950, they really do not qualify as a "variant" or "unusual." Collectors are always floating trial balloons regarding perceived anomalies associated with their collectible field. Earl gave it his all, but the TSMG collector/buyer didn't bite. Some wish to resurrect this notion, for the only logical reason, to add value to so marked TSMG's.

The "NAC" marked TSMG receivers that were indeed assembled from whatever parts were at hand in the 1950's-60's, do legitimately get dinged in value. However, the "NAC" marked suffix imported TSMG's would not necessarily be valued any differently than non marked units. But how this stamping would ever evolve into a premium aspect can only be appreciated by those who prefer riddles to jokes.

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#22 AC556



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Posted 07 March 2006 - 10:26 PM

I'm going out on a limb

I think it's an original Thompson that was imported.
I spoke to a friend at BATF today and the gun in question was imported into
the US in 1959 and registered and sold in 1967 by NAC.

I have found the following info that supports the originality of this 28.
I have Franks book American Thunder and have done some research.

The L style appeared on AO guns about the 80,000 serial number. but there was no defining line for the L sight.Page 76

The smooth style barrels appeared about serial 85,000 however the finned style barrels continued to appear though the entire AO serial number range. Page 76

The compensator is the 4th style with the logo on the left side. Page 77

WB and Flaming Bomb were stamped on most AO guns Page 78

I know it's not a 100% 1928 and is priced a bit high, however I am trying to trade into it. I think this would fill my wants and Icould still enjoy shooting it.

Thanks for all your wisdom.

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#23 colt21a


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Posted 08 March 2006 - 09:36 AM

trade into it.you know how that work's you have whatever you have into the trade.and thats the real amount you have into the gun.not the perceived real buck amount of the deal.........everybody on trade's wants retail plus for the good's.and wants to give you wholesale.. the fairness is wholesale /wholesale both. then if everybody is happy a fair trade.....it get's hairy when you want something and the other guy know's it and lowball's ya!! however i know tom in phx.nice guy.and good to deal with....i got a free dr.pepper at his table at s.a.r. show in dec.... heck if that is nota true measure of a man,then what is??john wayne gave away free ceegar's at the "alamo" wink!

good luck with the deal... take care,ron
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