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Doug Richardson Items

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#1 Doug Richardson

Doug Richardson

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Posted 26 March 2006 - 11:35 AM

Some people were requesting we accept web payments.

We do accept PayPal.

PayPal payments should be sent to: BahiaLaguna@mail.com

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#2 TSMGguy


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Posted 26 March 2006 - 12:09 PM

There's no doubt that Doug's items are strictly first class. It's also true that in some cases the wait for them has been measured in years. With all due respect for recent health problems, will this situation change? It's the single reason that I haven't placed an order for one one of Doug's excellent receivers.
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#3 Roland, Headless Thompson Gunner

Roland, Headless Thompson Gunner

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Posted 26 March 2006 - 04:41 PM


Note the following paragraph from Doug's personal page on his website, dated March 22, 2006:

The good news is that in the last few months, I have been able to be in the shop, restart my machines after long dormancy and have started making my products again. The bad news is that I have gotten so far behind that it is going to take time to catch up. I can’t give dates when this or that will get done. I am doing the best I can. I have been telling people that if they want a receiver, send $100 deposit and be patient. Now that Madalon has made a web site (WWW.ThompsonSMG.com) for me, I will try to post information from time to time.

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#4 Doug Richardson

Doug Richardson

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Posted 27 March 2006 - 12:49 AM


I understand that people are not sure what I will be able to do and when. The vast majority of orders are filled and shipped quickly. Other people wait and wait because I am out of stock on many items and way behind in getting them made.

The fact of the matter is that I am in the shop almost every day now making parts. But I can not get a piece of steel and make one part needed to complete an order.

The only way I can catch up is to work very efficiently. I get hundreds of pounds of steel at a time. Then I spend the time it takes to make the necessary fixtures required to switch production over to my automatic machines instead of going back to the manual way I used to make things. I am redesigning many of my products to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of the automatic machines. I am writing the new programs that make the parts in the least amount of time. I am acquiring the best tooling to make my time the most productive.

A case in point involves my "Universal Barrel Wrench" which has always been in short supply because it was taking too much manual work, particularly in making the strap that is part of the barrel jaw. I made stamping dies to form the strap in 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes. That took time and cost a bunch of money but it will pay off in the long run. I now have enough straps to last ten years. There are now piles of almost finished parts that have been made by the automatic machines that are waiting for deburring and black oxiding.

Today (Sunday) I put in my usual 16 hours making Thompson stuff. This time it was three more special fixtures needed for tomorrow's production on the automatic machines of the "Gripmount Retainer Clevis" and the following production of the "Gripmount Retainer Bracket" and "Compensator Wrenches".

From my point of view, I am rapidly catching up. From the point of view of someone waiting for one of those parts, it may seem that I'm sitting around doing nothing and I understand that.

I was out of production for a long time but that has now changed. While I still have a lot of problems with my right eye, my left eye is working well enough to get by. I still face more eye operations but I am functioning again. No one has been more frustrated than I have over this.

All the paper items in my catalog are in stock as well as most of my tools, barrels, compensators and grips. This current effort should get all my tools in stock. Then I am going to make the missing bolt handles, pilots, buffers, etc.

After I get all the small stuff made I will clear the slate, stop answering the phone and start receiver production with a vengeance. However, there is still only one of me and I can only do so much. I have no help at all because no one will do what I do at the prices I charge. I refuse to compromise my quality. I will take whatever time is necessary to do the job right. People just need to have faith and be patient. It is happening.

I will try to post updates on my new website that Madalon has been struggling to learn how to create. I'm at www.Thompson SMG.com. I do appreciate how frustrating not knowing is so I'll try to do better on that.

Doug Richardson

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