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The Thompson Is King In "king Kong"!

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Posted 30 March 2006 - 01:32 AM

Lots of Thompson action in this movie, all with 50 round drums too. Killing raptors in single short bursts! Popping big ugly cockroaches that are covering their human victims head to toe without harming the poor guy while he's hopping around! Those Thompson's are amazing! If those unfortunate souls in "Jurassic Park" would have had some of these fine weapons they would have had no problem surviving!

In the first Thompson scene it shows a quick flash of about 10 or 15 Thompsons neatly set in a case under a mattress, I freeze-framed it and noticed most were dummy guns but 3 or 4 looked to be live guns and another looked to have a 1928 Navy actuator in it.

They also had Mausers and 1917 Enfields. The Biplanes that they were using had Lewis guns in the back and what appeared to be dual .30cal. 1919's up front. It took them a few hundred rounds but they did get the big beast to take the plunge off the Empire State Building in the end.
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