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  1. I have a repopulate like that and do not care for it- seems way too floppy and un-protective in general. Maybe I should put it on GB et al for $40 and let it go. Mark
  2. I sent mine to PK to see about a Quick change barrel to convert it to 9mm/ 7.62- Sadly PK turned me down as the WH receiver receiver just did not have enough face to retread it properly- That was a 4 yr wait down the drain. Probably a good think as not able to get the 7.62 by the spam can cheap anymore, so sticking with .45 which I can reload for everything.
  3. I have a Diamond K’s WH but have to admit I thank goodness I have never seen a buffer like that!! I recall discussions about the 2 piece bolt carriers/slides whatever the nomenclature is I can not recall off hand. I bet I have a couple of those in the box though. This 2 piece buffer is nothing ever seen by me. I thought the buffer material was the most important thing until I saw this. Mark
  4. Report back on what your Colt goes for in November. I have a 4 digit minty I never fired and not sure anyone else has either, just zero wear on it. I will put mine up after yours. Most definitely sell that drum separately for reasons given above. Curious, why you choose Murphy or the other auction houses? Mark
  5. I already have 2 replica police cases and one viola case from Gordon at SAR in Phoenix years ago As I only have 2 Thompsons I might see about refitting one for an AR15/10 just for giggles.
  6. I am gonna have to check and see if there is one in my 21, never shot it so have not been in it- I think my PK’s WH28 has one but I will check it and my limited parts stash.
  7. What a great find-CONGRATS I would have to FIND a gunshow first.
  8. Nice drum. When did they stop doing the nickel rotors? I only have one real one, Merle nickeled both my non original C drums. Maybe some darn day I ought to load one up and shoot it…….
  9. Clear Plate holders=genius Thank you I learned something today
  10. While its been 5-6 years since I fired mine in Merle’s conversion it ran very well with CCI. But Grasshopper your scarring me a bit with this extractor replacement issue- Where we gonna get replacements? I popped off my Ceiner AK47 .22 conversion after the first magazine 20 years ago. THat is one I would really like to replace/ Anyone have one they can loan me to make another one?? Mark
  11. Hopefully, anyone seriously looking at a Thompson will eventually learned who PK is and what he does and the value that represents. Otherwise they will make a serious mistake. To me, there is Colt, WWII guns PK 1928’s and then the rest starting at 16K. As I prefer to have a drum as an option it’s PK’s Which is really not even remotely a WH, the only thing WH is the address on the side of the receiver. They are slick as a Colt 1921 IMHO, Can not say the same for WWII guns though they run better than out of the box WH’s
  12. Whoa, Giant Panda- You said- you are aware that the 21 buffer discs are inside the two piece pilot system, right? Not like 28 where they are external. I only know to put them back where i found them, at the extreme rear of the pilot against the receiver. My PK’d WH has them at the rear but so does my unfired 21....I think, as I do not take it apart. Got a picture of where else the disc can be placed. Mark
  13. Happen too agree with in re the Uber rich backing this happy horse hocking- Teally do not understand why they do that- H1 visas is the only thing I know about. They can buy back mine for retail which is the law....... but never gonna happen at least in my last 20 years.
  14. Well I figured out the #2 grease business and why of it all. Watched that video and that really helped me recall what I had forgotten. Also had initially “thought” (need to stop that business) the rotor was greased while still in the drum!!! Nope. Gonna gather up all of mine, Korean and originals and do it in one session.
  15. I used the search function and landed here. I have an adapter but of course can not lay hands upon it, still looking. So I was wondering if anyone else has run across a simple adapter TSMG on one end and something main stream on the other. Trying to find the adapter BEFORE I order the .45 can. Currently, via the magic of PK my PK’d WH 1928 has a ring sight 21A style. Worst comes to worst I will take it in and let the C3 measure it/TPI etc and see what he advises.
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