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  1. The 1959 film "Our Man In Havana" was filmed on location in Havana a couple months after Castro took power in Cuba. The scene is filmed at the Havana Biltmore Yacht and Country Club. Perhaps one of the 60 Colt 1921A TSMGs purchased from Auto Ordnance Corporation in 1921. The nervous Havana police officer reacts to Jo Morrow galloping up to the gallery.
  2. Anyone seen this circa 1922 AOC Colt TSMG advertisement? The images inside the cartridge are novel.
  3. The opening of the 1969 Italian Job shows the first of the Supercars, Lamborghini Miura, rendezvous with a bulldozer. The only glimpse of weapon is a Carcano M38 Cavalry Carbine. No wonder the foreign advertising posters featured Caine with a TSMG
  4. Not sure if this novel attempt at a Cutts Compensator has been feature on the board before. Sold for $60 at auction back in September, 2019.
  5. anjong-ni post in the 2022 thread below shows this Cutts in the A.A.S. link provided. It is still active. "Flash hider Thompson 1928 Cutts 125,00 euros.
  6. The above period illustration doesn't make clear how the brass clips are maneuvered through the swivels. Below is an excellent video illustrating how to install the Kerr NOBUCKL sling with the free floating ring on a 1917. In the comment section there is confusion about the Kerr NOBUCKL slings without the free floating ring as to how it would attach on the 1903 and 1917. Regardless of the various lengths of the short and long pieces found on the marked Kerr NOBUCKL slings, they are interchangeable between the rifles.
  7. 1919 Kerr Web Sling Advertisement. "Made in Special Sizes." This would account for the discrepancy in lengths of these slings. "Brass Fittings with Black Nickel Finish." When did Kerr discontinue these web NOBUCKL marked slings?
  8. Thanks for the pics and the measurements. And yet genuine authentic NOBUCKL marked cotton web slings (not repro What Price Glory or other repro outfits) are reported by owners in the following lengths (not including the unmarked WWII M3 TSMG Slings). Which NOBUCKL slings were issued or intended for which Model year rifle is not the concern here: Short Piece: 15" Long Piece: 46" 1/2 Short Piece: 16" 1/2 Long Piece: 51" 1/2 Short Piece: 15 1/2 Long Piece: 49" 1/4 Short Piece: 12" 7/8 Long Piece: 44" 5/8 Short Piece: 13" 1/3 Long Piece: 52 1/4 Short Piece: 13" 7/8 Long Piece: 49" 1/2 Even allowing for stretching and non standard measurement guidelines, there obviously were three different NOBUCKL cotton web sling lengths. The differences in the NOBUCKL markings also suggest the slings may be generally the same but certainly not identical. As the leather NOBUCKL has the dashes between the patent dates and the lower position of the dates on the latches, the periods between the dates may suggest these markings were of a latter NOBUCKL manufacture rather than being produced simultaneously when these web slings first appeared. As the NOBUCKL patent was initially for a saddle stirrup, pinning down the actual date may be difficult.
  9. That same photo is what SARCO uses to sell their repro "Springfield Rifle Leather Kerr Slings."
  10. 1920 Navy Department document comparing the web slings to the leather slings and concluding the web slings were not superior to the leather slings. Are the leather slings in question the NOBUCKL type pictured below?
  11. Indeed. Never seen anyone claim the slings were marked with type of rifle nomenclature as the only markings on the ones marked had NOBUCKL and the patent info. These cotton web slings came in different lengths as well. Some with the floating ring. Some without. Early ones had all brass including the spring clip parts, while the later spring clips were made of steel. Just wondering when the NOBUCKL patent date stampings and their location were changed from the usual markings as seen in the below photos. There doesn't seem to be any info on when the markings were changed or if both type markings were occurring simultaneously on these web slings
  12. Seems these 1903/1917 marked NOBUCKL Kerr slings are not as frequently encountered as the other type. Not sure if these were the latest Kerr slings manufactured before the unmarked WWII TSMG slings. Patent Dates are larger, stamped higher on the spring latch piece and have periods rather than dashes . 3 DIFFERENT EXAMPLES OF THE SLINGS.
  13. Did you know that the phrase "if it looks like a duck..." was originally about a mechanical pooing duck? "In 1738 a French automaton maker fooled the world into thinking he'd replicated life, and accidentally created a flippant philosophical conundrum we are still using." According to the 1925 "Thompson Submachine Gun Manufacturing Chart- Chemical Composition of Component Parts", as approved by General Thompson*, the only chrome nickel part is the firing pin. The Colt TSMG bright/white trip, sear, rocker, sear lever, are made of steel using the following proportions, but zero nickel. .45 -.55 carbon, .15 - .25 silicone, .45 - .75 manganese, .040 sulphur, .036 phosphorus As far as the bolt, the specs are incontrovertible. The bolt is made from .25 -.35 carbon, .10 - .20 silicone, .50 - .80 manganese, .05 MAX sulphur, .05 MAX phosphorous and 3.25- 3.75 nickel. "The bulk of nickel steels contains 2 and 3.5% nickel. The federal specifications for 3.5% nickel carbon steel call for 3.25 to 3.75% nickel, and 0.25 to 0.30% carbon. Steels with more than 3.5% nickel are too expensive for ordinary structural use." * As printed on page 102 in Tracie Hill's TUTB
  14. Not according to board member reconbob's experience with the TSMG . From his 4/26/2017 post regarding "bright" Colt Thompson Lyman sight ladders. The December 31, 1921 original AOC drawings for the treatment and finish of the Lyman Sight ladder stipulate: "Face of Leaf Brighten To Emphasize Graduations." A bright steel finish is not necessarily indicative of the presence of nickel steel.
  15. Roger that. Whether the "bright," "white," "unfinished" Colt parts are made from nickel steel has been debated in the below 2017 thread. The argument was made if the Colt Lyman Sight ladder was made from nickel steel and seems it wasn't.
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