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  1. Mike, Nice! The sci-fi classic was released in 1954 but filmed in 1953 the same year as the Sgt. Sweetin pic. But this pic deserves it own caption contest. s
  2. Sgt. Marlin Sweetin custodian of the Springfield, Missouri Police arsenal November 29 1953. "Doesn't seem fair the department has two of these. Wonder if they would miss one of them?"
  3. All the items as divided into categories are shown on the National Parks Alcatraz Museum website. Did you do the 2 1/2 hour tour that includes round trip ferry to the island, prison grounds, inside prison, and the chopper ride from Alcatraz over the prison, Golden Gate and Bay Bridge. https://www.nps.gov/museum/exhibits/alca/imgGal.html
  4. information is taken from the FBI’s Arthur R. “Doc” Barker file, 76-4175, which is available to the public online via FOIPA Colt Navy#5678 on display at Alcatraz Island Museum
  5. USS Guam, later named USS Wake in 1941, the only U.S. Navy vessel to have been captured by the enemy intact. The pics above taken in Shanghai, China, 8 Dec 1941. The vessel was equipped with 7 Colt 1928 TSMGs and M1897 Winchester riot guns. According to G.H., these Colt TSMGs were ordered by the USN as 1921A MODELS but in February, 1928 were sent back to AOC to be converted to 28 Navy ACs. They were then shipped out to the USS Guam July/August 1929. How this vessel was caught by surprise by the Japanese is related here: "The only ship to surrender to the Japanese was fooled with ‘Trojan Turkeys’ Team Mighty March 03, 2022 https://www.wearethemighty.com/mighty-history/ship-fooled-with-trojan-turkeys/
  6. Here are some pics of Colt TSMG MODEL 1921 #91 that sold at auction in 2019 for ........$90K. Don't have photo of a 1921A barrel fitted for a Cutts Type I Compensator with the Cutts removed which show how the threads were added to a barrel that already has a ring sight pin slot as seen below. Fins: 29 Ring sight Colt 1921A Barrel showing pin slot. Colt 1928 Navy Cutts Type II fitting. No visible threads.
  7. The director tried to conceal the M2 mount, but not successfully.
  8. Hawaii Five O's 1972 "While You're at It, Bring in the Moon" had a storyline about how a Government 1911 .45 ( with an effective range of "50 yards") could have been used to kill a businessman from 200 yards. The answer: Ed Flanders paid $200,000 to a West German firearm designer to make a remote controlled silenced rifle in .45 caliber. The mysterious weapon is revealed in the final moments of the episode.
  9. Hans/Eric was featured in a Hawaii Five-0 episode "The Second Shot" as a "journalist" who is part of a plot to be a deliberate target of an assassin in order to get the sympathy of the Greek diplomat who would then trust him enough to allow Eric to be alone with him and then assassinate him. He gets off the plane at Honolulu airport knowing his life is dependent on the skill of the sniper, whose scope has a filter that picks up the black dot on the suit jacket, to just miss his heart which would convince Steve McGarrett it was a legit attempt on his life.
  10. "Bill Vanderpool is a retired Special Agent with the FBI, former SWAT sniper and member of the Bureau’s Firearms Training Unit. He joined the FBI in 1973. In 1979 he was transferred to the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia as a member of the Firearms Training Unit."
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