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  1. That Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes 1919 Schenck vs U.S. quote is stubbornly misquoted when arguments are made by those to limit the First Amendment. The quote is: "The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic." The intent of the man shouting is neglected without the "falsely" context. There is also no reference to the theater capacity. The point of Holmes abstract was that speech was subject to the clear and present danger test. U.S. District Court Judge Kathleen Cardone of the Western District of Texas ruled in December 2023 that Section 922 of Title 18 violated illegal alien Antonion Sing-Ledezma's Second Amendment right to possess a firearm. This week U.S. DIstrict Court Judge Sharon Coleman of the Northern District of Illinois ruled illegal alien Heriberto Carbajal-Flores has Second Amendment rights. The motivations of these justices is not expressed but it would appear the goal is to remove the illegality portion of migrants crossing at any point along the Southern border by indistinguishing illegal aliens from American citizens and thereby affording them the same Bill of Rights.
  2. Certainly influenced those future NFA owners that saw the flick in 1971 at the theater. They call us "Boomers."
  3. Yes. The Detroit Riots were in 1967, but this photo is credited with an early 1970's time period. There was still a lot of unrest in the Detroit streets years later.
  4. Mike, Even though the 2007 "I Am Legend" had a German Shepherd featured in the story the 1971 movie rules. "Omega Man" is supposed to be set in the year 1977. Neville watching the 1970 "Woodstock" in the empty theater proved to be excellent advertising for "Woodstock," also a Warner Brothers film, and increased that film's box office. That scene also inspired "Mystery Science Theater 3000."
  5. Indeed it could. Interestingly G.H. has #4683 listed as a 1921 AC shipped to two different purchasers on 4/14/29 and 7/23/29. This was several months before the Goll letter date of November 30, 1929. The original unmarked Cutts Comp appeared in 1926 and then the Diamond Logo marked Cutts appeared in 1928. Whether AOC processing orders requesting a Cutts to be retrofitted (to a Colt TSMG in stock or one that was returned) after the Type II Cutts was available in 1928 ever installed the Type I unmarked Cutts is unknown.
  6. The George Goll November 30, 1929 letter under General Expenses: This is in reference to Fenn Manufacturing Company which has been discussed on the board. Seems they had a "special device" for attaching the Cutts to the barrel. The question was whether this was accomplished with the barrel on or off the receiver.
  7. NO: F37 Final Price $31,980 Up from the April, 2023 Morphy Auction full auto Tippmann 1919 # AL137 Final Price $27,060 https://auctions.morphyauctions.com/LotDetail.aspx?inventoryid=589238
  8. A minor point considering the deceptive auction description, but the sling is installed incorrectly as well. This is another example of a SOT not impressed with the post Maguire era ownership claiming legal ownership of the name "AUTO ORDNANCE" and "THOMPSON."
  9. Mike, ED 209 illustrated what occurs when there is a programing glitch with armed robots.
  10. Seattle P.D. officers pictured during 1934 West Coast Waterfront Strike known as Battle of Smith Cove. Two of the five Colt TSMGs ordered by Seattle P.D are held by the officers. #1753 is owned by a board member.
  11. Hollywood couldn't resist the Long security force being armed with TSMG. 1949 "All The Kings Men." These stills are from the final assassination scene.
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