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  1. This is not one of the ones I posted about it in the other thread. Those have not been listed yet.
  2. Deerslayer that sounds perfect if you want to contribute that to the effort, how much would you want?
  3. I have not yet listed the books/spare parts bag, I will post the links here once done.
  4. I find myself in the odd position of building a dummy but instead of needing the receiver to be a dummy I need the barrel and bolt to be non-functional. The reason is that the build will be on a live 1921 Colt receiver. The gun in question is a Form 10 gun and has been stripped. The Department that owns would like to put it on display as it has a quite interesting history behind it. But to avoid any risk that may arise if the gun is stolen it has to be non-functional, which means a plugged barrel and a dummy bolt but one that actuates. I also wouldn't mind getting ahold of a dummy L drum, if there is such a thing. More likely I will be a WH drum for the display. Any thoughts on sources? I figure I will use a standard 1928 lower and wood set to complete the dummy.
  5. Yes I mean epoxy fill the mag. I think pjr2412 has correctly called me on the zip codes, I only covered manhattan.
  6. Railroader, ok on the parts set and dummy receiver as long as not to NYC. On the magazine it's not as clear and I recommend filling it with epoxy to be sure. New York State law does not restrict possession of replica guns and a dummy gun will not be considered a firearm under the Penal Law. The case law on weapons requires a gun be operable for it to be considered regulated. The magazine is covered under a new section of law for which there is not yet any guidance so I recommend epoxying to avoid any possible trouble. NYC does have laws around replica guns which will prohibit a dummy. Zip codes 10001 to 10499 will all be NYC addresses.
  7. I will list one of them by the end of the weekend. There are two of them and one is in noticeably better condition than the other. That will be the first one I will list. I will also post a photo of the second one here so you guys can get a chance to figure out which one you want to take a shot at.
  8. Thanks for the input. I would have liked to have sold it here but I am committed to the department that gave them to me to try to maximize what they can get out of it. I will link to the auction. In the bundle also came a Mills canvas case, and when I looked inside the pocket I found a Mills spare parts case! Which will also be listed. The provenance on these is impeccable, they have been in the hands of the same department since their purchase from Auto Ordnance 80+ years ago. Again apologies as I'd much prefer our resident RKIs to get these but I'm only an agent here.
  9. Ron thanks for quick response here's a couple more photos http://a63.tinypic.com/2u9o9w4.jpg http://a66.tinypic.com/2a4s8lc.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/2z6f87k.jpg
  10. I acquired a pair of these today. They are undoubtedly original because I also have had sight of the 1921s they came with. I am not too familiar with the Thomson paperwork and I have lost my copy of Dalbert's excellent guide. Can anyone identify this for me and give me an approximate value? Condition on them is fair to good, with some wear but generally intact. http://a66.tinypic.com/2rdwzmg.jpg
  11. I have had very good luck with Blazer Brass .45 in a Thompson and a Grease Gun. Funny thing is I have had mixed luck in an MP5SD with the 9mm version.
  12. Why did the 1927 go so cheap. I would have bought 10 at that price.
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