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  1. This brass Thompson cleaning rod has been in a collection for over 35 years has anyone ever see another. It is stamped ( Colts Patent Fire Arms MFG CO. )
  2. 3 - 30 Round Seymour Mags & 1- 20 Round AOC Bridgeport Mag + Repro Mag Pouch all mags are in very good condition. One Seymour mag has a dull finish. I'm told good 30 round mags are getting hard to find. Price $100 + $12 Priority Shipping
  3. West Hurley L Drum - Marked " For Export Only " After the 1994 Clinton Assault Ban West Hurley stamped some L drums less than 150 I have been told by a drum historian. If you collect drums this would be a neat on to add to your collection. Condition is new only used for display. Price $250 + $12 priority shipping
  4. The pictures are of my father . He carried a Thompson in WW II . But told me he liked the Grease Gun as it was lighter.
  5. I live very close to two very special places . The Washington Crossing National Cemetery and the Garden of Reflection 9 / 11 Memorial . We have our freedom because of sacrifice's men and women stood up to keep this country great. We should never forget it. My Dad would be sad if he knew the direction, we are headed in. If you are ever in the area you should visit both places, they are about 3 miles apart.
  6. Sold to dam6 Check a few posts below for donation information Contact Dalbert board administrator. PM me your shipping address Thanks Chhuck K
  7. I have held on to these for years. Time to pass them on lots of interesting reading that most of you new collectors have not seen. Make a $50 donation to the board. I pay the shipping.
  8. Yes I asked the right Ron. I remember when I passed on # 98 what a fool I was. And yes I was one of the few people who got to see what was behind the wall. Chuck K
  9. 25 years ago, I was looking to purchase a Colt from a PA dealer he had many for sale. He offered me # 8012 and claimed it was a Saint Valentine Massacre gun. I was going through some old paperwork and found the ad. Never thought much about it but he claimed he bought it at auction from Chicago P.D. I have viewed SVM guns at many TCA events and never thought about asking Lt. Kline about it . I do not have one of Gordon Herigstad's books can someone who has a book look it up. Ron you must know something about it .
  10. I have been lucky to own 4 Thompsons one was a Colt. I shot all of them a lot. I stopped counting after 15,000 rounds. All rounds were hand loaded by me. I never bought a box of factory ammo. Most of my shooting was dome outside using cast 230 grain round nose. I would shoot clad bullets inside lot less smoke. All barrels looked the same when I sold the Thompsons as they were when I purchased the. I used the same load for over 20 years. Load was 5.5 Winchester 231 with a slight taper crimp in die station 4. Let the barrel on shoot gun as is. Just my 2 cents. C K
  11. My dad carried both a Thompson and Grease Gun. He liked the Grease Gun better it was lighter and easy to handle. After his purple heart he was issued a truck for the rest of his service. He said he always had a Grease Gun with him in the cab. He was proud American and a great father. He would never believe what the country turned into. Enjoy the pictures.
  12. Full box of Remington Arms - 50 Cartridges Ball Caliber .45 M1911 looks to be dated 1945. See detailed pictures. $35.00 donation to the board. Great for your WWII display. Sold to Rabbit57
  13. 9MM extended magazine. I got this in a package deal years ago. Not sure if it is for a pistol or sub gun. It fits into my 9MM Emissary with a little slop. $25 donation to the board I pay the shipping.
  14. Remington / Peters / Dupont 1939 - 4 page brochure Engine Block Ballistic Test. .45 Automatic Cartridges using the Thompson Sub-Machine Gun. Condition has a few flea bites and staining. I have never seen another one. $20 donation to the board. I pay the shipping. Sold
  15. Thompson parts grab bag. $50 donation to the board I pay the shipping Sold
  16. Steve, Received your message and address. I will send it in the few days. Chuck
  17. In 1973 the city of Alanta GA offered 18 Thompsons for sale. I was lucky to have owned one of the Colts. Years later I was lucky to find a copy the August issue of the magazine " Guns ". On page 55 there is an advertisement ran by the city of Atlanta for the guns that were being offered for sealed bid. I sold the Thompson years ago. While going through some old paperwork I found the magazine. I know some board members own some of these guns. If you have one of the APD guns and would like the magazine I would be happy to pass it to you. PM me with your mailing information and I will get it to you.
  18. I figured I would offer this as it would fit in to a German collection. 1st this is a bring back trophy that has not seen light since it was brought home. I'm selling it for the family I have no skin in the game. Lots of detailed pictures please enlarge and take a close look. I have a few hundred posts on the Thompson board and involved with the TCA for over 20 years. Condition is good the blade is marked M7/13 it looks like is lightly sharpened at some point. The Hitler Youth diamond is in very good condition. The scabbard is in good condition it has some paint loss but overall it is better than most I have seen for sale. The leather is soft and pliable. The snap is perfect. Price $400 + $15 Shipping
  19. Some pictures of my father . He was very proud American and a great father . He was a purple heart vet. He never talked to much about his life in the service. He carried a Thompson and a Grease Gun . He liked the grease gun better as it was lighter. He passed shortly after I got my 1st Thompson he shot it a few times I just cannot find the pictures.
  20. Not Thompson related . But has to do with nickel plated cases in reloading . I shoot a lot of 357 magnum out of a Ruger Blackhawk at high velocity's at steel at 150 meters . The nickel cases have far more case mouth splitting than the brass cases. But I have shot a lot of it through my Thompsons without issue. Just my observation .
  21. Thank You everyone who made a donation. Seven packages have been shipped . I still need one address . Check your PM as I have added tracking to your package. I have two copies left. Thanks Chuck K All copies have been spoken for.
  22. I have about 10 copies of a 16 page history lesson on The Development Of The Thompson Submachine Gun by Theodore H. Eickhoff. This is a great history lesson by the person who developed the new style rifle. Most of the old time Thompson collectors have seen this but I'm sure most of you new guys have not. I would hand these out when I would do Thompson displays . See a few sample pictures. If you want one make a small donation to the board and I will send you a copy no charge. Chuck K Keep finding items I have not see in many years.
  23. In 2001 a group of 4 TCA members Lee wolfe , Bill Menosky , Pat Wheeler & I proposed Forks of the Delaware Historical Firearms Society to do a Thompson display at there July gun show. The D.H.S. dis not like black guns and thought little of full auto firearms. An agreement was made and we did the display. People loved the the display as it was never seen before. At some point a very seasoned man with a cane spent a lot of time looking very close at the display. If you have ever done one of these displays you know the story's my dad had a couple Thompsons hid in the attic or basement and so on. But this man had a lot of interesting questions and knew a lot of history of the Thompson Gun. He pulled Bill and I on the side and told his story " WOW see letter. A few days after the show the pictures arrived so the story was the real deal. Gilbert & Steven have had no contact since school. With a little help with Tracie we put these two old friends together at TCA show in Ohio. After the show Steve , Gilbert and I had a few drinks and smoked a few cigars . Steven gave us a good history lesson of his dad and Auto - Ordnance in the early years . See you may open 100's of Thompson door leads and one or two work out. We put these two old friends together what a great Thompson adventure . See picture of Steve and Gilbert with Steve holding my Colt.
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