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  1. I am quite sure folks have heard and read out this incident but thought I would highlight the Model 76 and how Beckwith used it in this shootout. I don't own a model 76 but have a Swedish K and like the idea of rubber banding a mag or two on my stock. Might try that. High Volume Shootout: The Harry Beckwith Incident Situation: A gun dealer faces robbers, again. Tonight the odds are seven to one against him. Lesson: When the wolf pack has you, an armed citizen needs high capacity defensive weapons.
  2. Scott, I have a feeling you will have one in the next few years.
  3. Scott, did you ever purchase a MP44? Buckeye is correct, the young folks recognize the MP44, and probably my top requested weapon to show off. 35k would be a fair price but more if you have accessories included. Not sure if they are selling for this, but see MP44 mags listed for 700 plus on GB!!! I have 6 original mags and 2 east german plus numerous reproduction mags.
  4. Did the early guns use any USGI parts? I am just curious, have only seen one valkyrie in person and that was a long time ago.
  5. I recently purchased a colt commando 38 special 2 inch model. I will be sending off for a colt letter but based on the serial number was most likely manufactured late 1942 or early 43. An Army officer put his info on the left side of the gun, his rank, serial number and Field Artillery (F.A.) I decided to send off for his military records as a researcher (not family) and requested records based on that fact. I just received the info today from the VA and got his payroll info. His actual records were burned during the St. Louis Fire in the 70's and destroyed. Same with my Dad's records from the Korea War. My Dad was in the 7th Calvary Reg, sent over in June 1950 but that is for another time to discuss...very sad stories and civilians killed. Now back to my research story... I learned he had enlisted in the Army in 1942 and became an officer in 1945 which I assume OCS and then sent to Ft. Sill Oklahoma F.A AUS. He mustered out in 1946. It gave his civilian address on the form. All this is great info and was very happy but decided to look him up as I had his full name and last address. I found out his Dad was a lawyer and have a picture of him on the net. I then found my guy of interest and he died in 1966...a few years after I was born. I said to myself, wow he died young and wondered if he was in an accident. I dug a bit further and found out he was the President of a metal company and I think was suffering from M.S. and killed himself with his gun. i think the article referenced his son found him but the info was very discrete...assume for the family. The family was catholic and saw his headstone in a picture. I said a lot of prayers for him today including the rosary as i am also from the "Original Church of Christ". I hope he did not use the gun I have in my possession to commit suicide but..... Very sad ending and wish I had a uplifting ending to tell but truly believe I received this weapon so I could say prayers for him and his family. Still have a heavy heart for this guy and his family.
  6. My late father did that with his M2 carbine and taped two banana mags together (one upside down) so he could do quick mag changes when the North Korean and Chinese did mass wave charges. Not sure if that would have been a common practice with a M3A1 during Korea, but never heard of that practice during WW2 regarding the GG.
  7. John, is this what your looking for? https://www.apexgunparts.com/thompson-m1a1-smg-weapon-crate-long-43inch-ww2-fair-asis.html
  8. Okay, took the MP40 out to the range and shot several hundred rounds. Here is my take on K VS MP40. MP40 is very smooth and holds down on target just a tad better for me than my K. Of course this is based on my shooting skills (not great) and 20 years shooting a MP40. However the sights on the K are better and weapon is stout regarding the feel of the K and the 36 round magazines. The MP40 is a great subgun but overall the award goes to the K. It comes down to the magazines and how sturdy the weapon is. If I had to grab one and go into combat, the K is the winner.
  9. All approved to shoot full auto at the indoor range. Should be a blast.
  10. Best explanation I have ever had on this subject. That makes perfect sense. Thank you for sharing.
  11. I would gamble on it if the price was 10k or less but not at the current price level. So guys what were the rules in the 60's regarding importing machine guns and registering them? I have heard folks talk about inter-arms importing and selling machine guns in the day to the civilian market. Could this have also been registered in the early or mid 60's? just asking as I have heard a lot of different stories on this topic regarding importation and Form 4's.
  12. I think that puts you under 4 months my friend.
  13. Just alerted this morning regarding approval of form 4 Efile. Filed October 21st of 2023 and approved today....2-2-24. About 3 1/2 months. Quickest approval time I have had since 2003!
  14. That is right kind of you. You appear to be a nice guy....for you 800 bucks.
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