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  1. Hey Todd, you and I will have to disagree on this topic. Without provenance to add value (this was Patton’s personal gun etc) SMG’s like this one always do better when reconditioned. Now, that being said, if the metal is good, I’d leave PPSH, MP38u40, Beretta, Thompson alone if they were not arsenal refinished. Any STEN, M3 etc only do better when conditioned.
  2. I disagree, send that thing in and have it overhauled 100%!
  3. Appreciate the offer! I like both ideas. Hold the phone till I get this first piece made and receive more feedback. That being said, the trigger bar is a high wear item.
  4. Gentlemen, as you know, both Andrey Machines and BWE are gone, and therefore so is our source for key replacement parts for this gun. Since I own two of the 76's, I started thinking of qualified manufacturers who would be willing to do small batch runs of key wear components. I am lucky in that there is an aerospace precision machine shop located near me that is privately owned. I visited them today, taking with me the M76 recoil spring guide and receiver end cap, to see if I could convince them to help. The short answer is yes. After examining the part (OEM) I learned that it is a three part component, the guide tube, an end of tube insert with a machined nipple (used to provide strength to the tube) and the washer end plate that seats against the receiver end cap and then crimped into place. The obvious crimps near the end of the tube are used to hold the inserted nipple part in place (I had thought it was to seat the recoil spring). So they agreed to manufacture a solid billet replacement for me (yes I left them the OEM parts). The part will never break or bend. Here is my question to you; Does anyone have an interest in obtaining a billet replacement recoil spring guide? If so, let me know. I want to determine if I should have them make just one, five or ten or..... Second question, the owner told me they can make anything, so are there other parts to the M76 that we should consider; barrel, sear, bolt perhaps? Let me know what you think. All he requires is a single OEM part in good condition, then he reverse engineers. Production: Well, clearly this is not his primary business, so my job will be slotted in as available tools are open. He will also run tests to determine the OEM material hardness etc. No timeline yet, no price as of yet. For me however, I'll pay whatever for the recoil guide as there is no other source and If my goes bad (the tube is already showing signs of use) then I'm SOL. As always, thanks for responding. Scott
  5. I'm done buying for the foreseeable future.... too much stuff in my inventory.
  6. Or more depending on the condition and SN matching etc.....
  7. Transport box: Reproduction (bottom) to the original (top). Under the small lid is a firing pin, small recoil assembly spring, extractor and sear. This box is documented by BergFlak and was used primarily in Luftwaffe communications vans, bolted upright (barrel facing down) in the van. That is my bnz41.
  8. Got the sling in and it matches exactly the pic above. Good snag on my part.
  9. Exactly how i just repaired four of my Suomi (modified for S&W M76) magazines last night. Wire wheel got all the rust, and then I just used Brownells Blue in a bottle and that's good enough for me!
  10. More info for me! I'll pull mine later and check! thanks.
  11. Pouch is as new, bolt is complete w/stamps, recoil assembly is unmarked, grips are very nice w/screw and spacer, forearm grip is very nice.
  12. Sure, I have two extra assemblies... I'll dig them out and send pics.
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