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  1. I run book minimum loads in mine, runs fine. I do not run that particular powder, given the prices these days, I will stick to what I have on hand.
  2. I run my M1A1 with loads that just run the gun, i.e. book minimum. For making noise in the backyard, I see no need to run anything hotter, I have rifles for serious work.
  3. Mine will leave next week when the mail runs. Fred & I look forward to August.
  4. No, I have not. I am hoping someone picked up for safe keeping or someone from Tusco has it. It was a gift from my wife the first Christmas I had my Thompson.
  5. If anyone found this on the range I would appreciate it back. The guy I was with says he did not remember to grab it, found out today when I unloaded the truck. Hopefully some grabbed it or turned into Tusco. I will pay postage back or I will be at Tracie's in August.
  6. Yes, Tusco rifle club is a very, very nice facility, we don't have anything like it in IN I know of. Fred & I enjoyed ourselves, first time to the TCA event. Thank you all, wonderful and very safe event.
  7. I am going to make to this one this year, looking forward to it. Now to load ammo!
  8. I am about done running the "American" powders and will run VV. Cleaner & better powder for the same or less $ these days. I have several old Speer manuals, including no. 8. Keep in mind when that was published in the early 70s, pressure testing was not near as advanced as today. There was not piezo electric transducers, a lot of the data was done by inspection, i.e., we have to beat the cases out with a rod and mallet, we've hit max. If you find a copy of the A Square manual, it has pressures listed. It is a very informative manual if you like data. It is out of print, if you track one down, it will be $150-200.
  9. I haven't run 2400 in a number of years and then only in 30 Carbine, 357 & 44 Mag rounds. 2400 is dirty at the higher pressures & flashy, assuming it would be real dirty like the old Unique at lower pressures. You might find someone who can use it to trade you lb for lb.
  10. Not sure how your stuff is papered. I have everything papered to a corp, including my FFL/SOT. The corp will stay in perpetuity to those named as long as they pay the fee to state of IN every two years & keep the license current if wanted. This avoids having to execute transfers upon my death & also allows the corp to be sold with all its assets in one deal if wanted. Having been involved in several estates of FFL & non-licensees alike, my suggestion is to find someone with a license to dispose of your unwanted title I & title 2 firearms for a fair fee and pay her as they sell. If she wishes to keep NFA firearms, a brief write up with the Form 5 process & anything your state requires may be sufficient. Non-NFA firearms are bearer instruments in most states and she can take possession if not otherwise prohibit by law. I would visit your estate plan with qualified legal advice in your state in any event. My wife is well versed in the firearms regulations having been with me right after I got my license & what is here. I have an old 4 drawer file cabinet with my bound books, NFA forms, Corp paperwork, etc. she can follow. A file folder with your estate plan, NFA forms, safe combination, inventory sheet, etc., in a safe spot would likely be helpful. Go through it with her now, I made sure my wife knew some time ago she is not to hand over a SMG to someone over the counter, title I items have to fill out the form, be I'D, called in, pass NICS, etc. She can do with the firearms & license as she pleases, however, she knows what to do in any event.
  11. Chrono them. PVin=PVout Keep in mind with book data, you have a specific lot of components at a specific time in a pressure barrel, i.e. cut tight to minimum specs. It does not account for lot to lot variation, different bullet bearing surface areas, primer brisance, etc. I run book minimum in my Thompson, runs fine. I run mid range loads in my Uzi and it runs too. ETA: I have an extra chrono here if you want one.
  12. I agree with this completely. I have only had my license 15 years and I am in the northern part of the state, same thing, same guys here. It is not worth it to play fast & loose. Pay the fee & get the license.
  13. The last one I had come in was 5 months. In state individual to me (FFL/SOT).
  14. That's it. Dave is semi retired, only working a couple days a week. There is a good crew in the shop, any of them should be able to help you. I know they catalog pull through tooling for 308, 30-06, & 30 Carbine, not sure about pistol rounds.
  15. You might get ahold of Dave Manson and see if he has pull through reamers for 45 ACP. Tell them what you want to do, open up a pistol spec chamber for SMG. Manson is normally fairly good about knowing the dimensions you will need if you tell them what you are trying to accomplish. You likely can open up the chamber of the existing barrel w/o pulling it.
  16. I run an M1A1 as a southpaw. Right hand manipulates the charging handle, left hand stays on the grip. Tip of trigger finger pulls back on the front of the mag release.
  17. I agree with Rudy. Look up secondary explosive effect. More common in bottle necks than pistol rounds. There was a trend in the 70s to see how low you could go. More than one gun destroyed and guys hurt. My experience having reloaded for almost 20 years. Typically a squid primer no powder will lodge a projectile in the throat or forcing cone in a revolver. A brass rod will make quick work of extraction. Where I have seen bullets lodged part way down the bore is either light powder charges or contaminated powder. If I have a stoppage and I do not cycle, I check for an obstruction with a rod. Cheap insurance.
  18. Neat. Fred & I were sitting across from you at dinner. Your wife had said you had a stamp come back when you disappeared. Now it makes sense.
  19. Fred & I had a great time. Thanks to the Hill's for hosting, absolutely a world class event. Thanks to Phil Askew for hosting the Saturday night get together.
  20. Ammo is loaded, truck is packed, subguns lubed up, leaving at 7 AM sharp for OH from IN.
  21. We can't have kids, however, I have a 180. Great gun for a kid, it us like a sewing machine. The 180 would be the last subgun I sell.
  22. Happy fourth! Death to all Bud Lite everywhere.
  23. I have a 180. I would be curious if the winder will stay on the drum running upside or if it would vibrate loose? There is are two retaining springs that hold it, would not take much for it to fall out.
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