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  1. I have had my M2 since 1988, never broke anything, although I wouldn't say I shot it excessively or abused it. But have done a few mag dumps There is a dealer in CA who sells carbine parts, who has been accused on a few sites of selling counterfeit parts including round bolts that reportedly break the right hand lug after a few hundred rounds. COULD be a source of the bolts that fail. ? Interesting post (not me) http://www.uscarbinecal30.com/forum/another-riverbank-armory-george-liakos-victim_topic6368.html
  2. Interesting read, George Dodson aka SUPRESS-ON (sp?) was the guy who was busted for making "pre 81" AR-15 drop in autosears after 1981.
  3. Broadhead Armory story I bought one of those Broadhead M2 kits years ago in the 1980s for $400.00. It transferred to my local C3 dealer, but when they tried to transfer it to me it was rejected. ATF would not tell me why. An ATF agent met me at the dealers to look at the kit, she took pictures of the parts, but could not tell me why they wouldn't transfer. I contacted the seller RODNEY CODY from Ohio and he would not refund my money he just said "too bad." $400.00 was a lot in those days. Still wanting an M2, I found a Winchester for $550.00, I still have it. ANYWAY 10+ years later I see a Broadhead M2 kit for sale online. I contacted the owner and he told me the story why they were originally not transferring them. As it turns out the Broadhead Armory registered them simply as an "auto-connector" not stating exactly what firearm they were for, so people could engrave the serial number listed on the form on just about anything; UZI bolts, AR auto-sears etc. and the ATF became aware of this. After learning the ATF was finally transferring the Broadhead kits, I immediately contacted my dealer (hoping 10 years later they were still in business and had the parts) they said yes the parts were still in their safe. Happy ending I sold the kit for $4000.00 (again years ago) So F*** you Rodney. The kit I had the tripping lever was the registered part with a serial number engraved on it. I'm pretty sure it was BXO 38.
  4. IMHO an original GI carbine would be the best host. The most reliable 30-round magazines I have found are the ones, made in Taiwan or Korea, not sure where. They have a shiny black finish and are marked UU on the spine. I have found these to be FAR more reliable than originals, and a LOT cheaper. Beware of MANY other poorly made aftermarket 30 round mags. Another area that causes problems with carbines are worn extractors and ejectors and their springs.
  5. https://obituaries.triblive.com/us/obituaries/triblive-tribune-review/name/michael-free-obituary?id=38196272
  6. The prices you balk at today you will be glad to pay next year...
  7. WTB a "EW" marked type 4 (often referred to as a rotary or flip) safety. NOS or EXC condition PM me if you have one for sale.
  8. John Keosayian was also the guy who had the US Property marked M16A2s. I have documented the serial numbers of the US marked ones over the years and so far I have the count at 41. A lot of dealers in eastern PA, where John K lived, got a lot of COLT guns and parts from him. A few posts here have suggested 25k for an M16A2 ....that's what AR-15 conversions are going for. Factory M16A1s are 30-35k. I agree with 40k start for an A2
  9. Saddened to hear that Mike passed, great guy. Mike also let me dump a drum out of the SVD Thompson 2347. Article about the SVD Thompsons and Mike's display. http://archive.smallarmsreview.com/display.article.cfm?idarticles=2403
  10. I don't know that any specific sling was made for the limited production of the UD42, the ones that I have seen,, used M1 carbine slings. As did M3 grease guns.
  11. There are old SAR articles on those guns... Auto Ordnance T2; http://archive.smallarmsreview.com/display.article.cfm?idarticles=2189 BSA Thompson: I can't find this one, but it is in the book American Thunder FG 42: http://archive.smallarmsreview.com/display.article.cfm?idarticles=2731
  12. Type 68 article http://archive.smallarmsreview.com/display.article.cfm?idarticles=1150
  13. Is the mag catch US GI? If it isn't replace it with one, WH mag catches can be a problem.
  14. Those are Russian, they came back in the crates with the (Lend Lease) Thompsons that were imported back from Russia a few years ago.
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