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  1. its a Coast Guard compensator Smith enterprises makes them.
  2. That's not me, some guy at the Navy's Crane facility my CG brake doesn't work that well.
  3. Someone posted over on UZI Talk... #52 · 12h ago Well I have a update !! I tried to transfer a known Pre86 MP5 dealer sample, that was purchased here on the forum for 55k and it was denied , and end the discussion about pre86 pd guns becoming transferable , this was the gun we could add to a form 4 and such . So buyers please be aware .
  4. I have one of these "Coast Guard" muzzle brakes, but it sure doesn't make my M14 this controllable on full-auto. Anyone have a similar experience with these brakes. They are made by Smith Enterprises. Most other videos only show the brake on semi-auto M14-M1As.
  5. I bought an AR-15 DIAS, the forms said M16 and gave a barrel length and OAL. When I saw this I immediately thought it was a converted gun that someone was trying to pass off as a far more valuable DIAS. However, the manufacturer on the form made DIAS's in that 3-digit s/n range. So I did a correction letter, along with photos of the DIAS, and received a copy of the same letter back with a stamp at the bottom stating that required adjustments were made. However, on my eforms inventory, the description was not changed
  6. A dealer friend transferred a former post-sample that recently became a "transferable". It went through on a form 4, but a few days later ATF rejected it and it went back to its former restricted status on his eforms inventory. Note it was/is a POST '86 DS
  7. Yes, they are in Henderson, call them first. (702) 565-0746
  8. Like John said look on the far right. Additionally to have the color codes show up you have to choose FORM 3, if you choose FORM 4 all rows will be white.
  9. Look at your eforms online inventory in the last column on the right "restrictions" it will have a notation there if a dealer sample Also the highlighted color of the entry line will be white, preMays orange, postMay red, HOWVER I was told that this was not absolute. Out of 7 PreMays 5 of mine are no longer marked restricted, and 1 POST May!
  10. SOLD Colt Thompson Serial Numbers By the late Gordon Herigstad 1st printing Book No. 121 Signed to me by the author, Gordon Herigstad in May 2002 A huge book that weights nearly 12 pounds, includes 3 pages of updates $275.00 PM if interested Can accept payment via Venmo, Zelle or USPS MO
  11. Update I modified the channel on the pin so it protrudes out the back a little further, the gun ran fine today. No more light primer hits.
  12. In the first picture, it looks like a TSMG hard case in the back of the vehicle near the rear window.
  13. I wrote that article in 2018, still working fine, there is not much gassing, nothing like suppressed 5.56, no battering to speak of.
  14. Article on suppressing the Reising M50 http://archive.smallarmsreview.com/display.article.cfm?idarticles=4066
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