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  1. Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/gun-buy-back-hartford-conn-historic-early-assault-rifle-found-article-1.1216973
  2. Hello all, I have been looking for 20 rnd. WWII era Browning Automatic Rifle Mags (Seymour, etc.). Do any of you good gentlemen know where I might locate and acquire some which are in decent shape? Thanks in advance!
  3. That is an Obamanation!!! :angry: So, how soon do you guys think it will be before Obama and the Democraps try to slip a little stealth legislation into a bail-out bill, reinstating the national Assault Weapon and Large Capacity Magazine Ban, banning gunshows, encouraging lawsuits against every remaining gun manufacturer, driving them out of business, and even doing away with all NFA weapons??? :banghead:
  4. Why should a constitutional right require a license? :banghead: Doesn't seem like much of a "Right" if you've got to ask permission of some bureaucrat to exercise it! :angry:
  5. http://img56.imageshack.us/img56/7859/colddead1ly4.jpg Source: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/permits...unty-department Why should a constitutional right require a license? Doesn't seem like much of a "Right" if you've got to ask permission of some bureaucrat to exercise it!
  6. http://img56.imageshack.us/img56/7859/colddead1ly4.jpg Source: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/permits...unty-department
  7. Eleven Year Old Girl Field Strips And Reassembles The AR-15 Rifle In Less Than One Minute! Video:http://break.com/index/quality-time-with-the-kids.html Daddy taught his daughter well!! Are you spending quality time with your children???:hail:
  8. Yes, indeed, but I fear this is the platform of both Obama and McCain, so we must do our part in the political process and always be ready! I trust none of the slimeballs!!! http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/316/charltonhestonsgunroomzt9.jpg
  9. "For the Brady Campaign, Violence Policy Center, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, U.N. gun-ban extremist Rebecca Peters and her globalist billionaire sugar-daddy George Soros, for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his horde of big-city politicians—in fact, for all those individuals and organizations who would harm or destroy our Second Amendment rights—Barack Obama’s mantra of “change” means their agenda will be harnessed to the total power of an aggressive, activist and radical federal government. “Change” means gun owners will be under siege like never before. Especially for NRA members who fought through the never-ending threats of the Clinton-Gore administration, the understanding of “change” must be the driving force for us to get other gun owners to the polls. This election is critically important. We cannot afford to have any friend of the Second Amendment sit it out, regardless of the reason. We all know gun owners who are disillusioned with politics. Those influenced by talk of four years of “progressives” in power coalescing a united conservative movement must be reminded that this November, we are not just electing a president, we are electing an entire government..." [More At Source] Source:http://www.nraila.org/Issues/Articles/Read...8&issue=047 http://img167.imageshack.us/img167/2650/zobamachangere5.jpg I hope all of my gun-toting friends at Machingunbooks.com are paying close attention to this year's election!!! :soap:
  10. I hope these liberals are right!!! Link: http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idU...=22&sp=true
  11. I am pleased; this will buy us time and room to maneuver, in the legal battles to come at the federal, state and municipal levels all over the nation. :hail: Anti-gun nuts eat your hearts out!!! :woot:
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