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  1. Found this gun for sale locally but inspection revealed these cracks. If priced appropriately is the gun salvageable as a safe shooter? I attached some pictures. Thanks.
  2. Same info and experience as Mongo. Mine runs well, have not had any trouble. But every mede gun must be evaluated as an individual.... Like so many other NFA depends on who built it.
  3. No longer then other various machine gun guru's have had some of my other guns. My emails are always returned promptly and the service and work has been excellent. Now that these guns are worth so much, I think it is par for the course. Just like certain car restoration experts, painting restoration experts, etc are sought after and have much backlogged work, I think good niche or speacilty gun smiths are the same way... I don't mean to be vague, but I think PK should quote his own times and it sounds like you all have already worked something out. In the end your gun will work and you will be happy long term.
  4. I have a thompson that was causing a similar mark on the shell casings as well. I went through the same process... new recoil spring, switching bolt, etc. Finnally got on PK's waiting list. Now the gun is currenlty with PK. His explanation was ------ "The biggest problem I see is the receiver has been crushed, as witnessed by the tight bolt and subsequent measurements. It is not severe and quite correctable. This alone could have accounted for the misfires as friction slows the bolt to a point of inadequate momentum required to chamber & fire the cartridge. If this is combined with a bad chamber (yet to be determined), it is a guarantee of malfunction." Of course this was my gun, but as I said it was making the same mark on the brass. Luckily my turn has finally come and my gun is in his current batch of 28's. :woot: Also just got my M1 back, PK's new barrel looks great! Also fixed few other issues. Michael
  5. the thompson barrel on the extreme right hand side looks overly tapered and I can't see any front sight... but the shadow on his leg looks like the gun has a sight Weird or maybe it is just me...
  6. QUOTE I wouldn't think of shooting a commercial jacketed bullet in my Thompson. PhilOhio - If you would please expand your comments in regards to the statement above. Is this because of cost as to go with the course of this thread or are you getting at something else. Thanks...
  7. I have volunteered on the LST 325 march of 2001 until 2005. It is a fantastic organization with a truely unique part of history. The LST 325 is the only former US Navy ship, preserved as a museum that is fully operational and cruises reguraly under her own power. The 1051 of these ships delivered tanks and heavy equipment dierectly to the beaches in all theaters of WWII. They continued to serve through Korea and Vietnem Picture of 325 WWII http://www.lstmemorial.org/history/17d.jpg Picture of 325 on 2005 East Coast tour http://www.lstmemorial.org/prog05a/dj0527a.jpg For anyone interested in "living" history this is it. I have had the oppertunity to stand the same watch as my father did 50 years ago while he was on an LST in Korea. I have made portions of two sailing trips with the ship. It is a awesome volunteer experience and put in enough hours and you might be eligible for the sailing crew(no navy experience required). Thanks for the interest and thanks Cotton for bringing up the LST.
  8. QUOTE My AO 1928 AC overstamp is in the 1339xx range. Just to chime in my AO 1928AC is serial number 133999. How close are we? Thanks
  9. the corporate route is the way to go when you have the least bit of hesitation form the CLEO. Before I got smart, I waited 9 months for the my CLEO just to tell me NO! After that went corporate and everything has been smooth efficent sailing ever since; no CLEO signature, no fingerprints and no pictures http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/cool.gif . Plus I can have other authorized users in the corp if I so choose. For me this is important in hurricaine season when you have wife, kid, dog and guns to evacuate it doesn't matter who or what is in which car. Just go corporate...
  10. For me the LLC went fairly smooth. I did have an attorney draw up the papers and submit them to the state. A few weeks later I received a nice certificate from the state. I include a copy of this with my transfers. Some states have an online form for LLC's. Mine has some specifics for estate purposes so I did not pursue this route. I have had a realtive pass away with NFA and it was problematic. This way the LLC never dies and the guns do not have to be transfered. People have also had sucess with Trusts. Once a year I get a form from the state and check "no change" and send a check for $35 to keep the LLC up to date. This is very important because if the CORP or LLC are not current guns are contraband and can be taken. Just to be safe I have my tax person prepare a return with all zero's for the LLC. I may be over doing it, but I don't take any chances.
  11. yes they can. I submitted form 4's with a nice cover letter,etc. Nine months later with no signatures I formed an LLC and went with corporate transfer. 3 years and a bunch of form 4's later I should have done it after waiting 1 week! The worst was they never said no, just kept giving me the run around. I never did get a "no" response or my package returned to me.
  12. Not a WH. I posted some photos a few days ago. Savage M1
  13. I was able to get the gun apart. It appeared the pivot plate was out ever so slightly. I pushed it in and was able to turn the selector to full auto. At that point the gun came apart. It appears the rocker is loose and got caught up somehow on the bolt. I think I'll see about PK changing the parts in the lower! Thanks everyone, Michael
  14. The gun has the M1 bolt installed. There is no round in the chamber. It fired and stopped with the bolt closed. So to clarify: The bolt is rigidly stuck in the closed position. The selector is FROZEN in the semi position. So I can not get the lower off. I have never taken the lower apart and in a previous shoot the gun ran fine. It sounds like I need to dismantle the lower while its sill on the gun and hope that something falls free.
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