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  1. Submarine Thompson{that's what put it in the atlantic} and now all perfect.I had #894 21a done back around 35 years ago. the only Thompson i ever had restored. pitted barrel. and yes probably a 70% gun. more finish loss and some pits; came out perfect. and no place near that garbage pit they show here.WHEN I SOLD IT I PUT IT ON TABLE WITH OTHER 21'AS AND AC;S ALL HAD BEEN WELL OVER 95 TO 99% TEN GUNS, THE BUYER PICKED #894 and i said what it was he said that's good this is the one i want.
  2. When you add in tax ship and fees. you better get a deal on the item. I have not bothered on many items lately... sometimes even ammo if a ship charge and tax and fee for using c.c. card on line. screw that.. you buy something for $500 bucks. and gets to the door for $612 yeah such a deal, when at $500 cost it was marginal to begin with. many have sworn off gun shows. I still bother to save or lets say not pay a tax and ship and ins. cost. but some have boosted prices at shows.so don't bother with it either. Just keep the cash...and move on. WE ALL WILL HIT A STAGE.We don't care what other people have or what we have. you just enjoy.Many at the show of shows in Kentucky had to show boat. along with the prices. I like to tell them. MAN THAT'S A lot OF STUFF HOPE YOU HAVE 20 YEARS LEFT TO SELL IT.
  3. anyone who pays 31% or above what they paid is nuts.{ how do you expect any profit} if future sale pay them to buy 2 guns lets say a $100g $31 g more upcharge. and say even in five years. expect over $150g back to make $20 g profit..WOW what a deal////////////////
  4. I might assume somebody was checking it out in 1974 told the bank no paper on it so they transferred it to the dept.not many in 1934 did keep up with reg. and when 1968 happened. some did not care. a lot was going on between 1968 /1974.So the bank saw a way to do a good deed and transfer to local dept.> since they could not sell it to any dealer at that time.I am sure all that mess that was done to it was at the dept. the bank never would never do that. And by the looks of cratering under the parked overlay it had rust and pits also.since i have at least looked at over a 1,000 Thompsons.IN MANY CONDITIONS.. THAT IS A POSSIBLE CLUE why the finish work.like i said a nice shooter to enjoy for the p.d. or training tool. have a good time.
  5. YES VALUE IS FOR TRANSFERABLE ONLY.and what true Thompson guy would want it.{when i was selling} guys wanted above 80% always and craved for 95% plus all original no touch up or replaced wood or parts or barrels. and if you had 98 to 99% you could ask whatever you really wanted for them. i considered the 75% gun with wear or not great barrels shooters...and had 2 like that to shoot. so if its okay to sell from a dept. i would say $15 g. to maybe $20 g to some wack job who wants a real Colt IF HE ONLY OWNS A WESTY...i REMEMBER selling the collection off in 2000, And guys whining $10 g at the shows. we can't afford that. and now they pay $50 g. 24 years later. WHO'S THE WACKO? And its only worth that when you cash the check. i offered to buy Curtis collection of what he had left, and he jumped over $100g to my offer.it would have taken me to 2010. to make out. the secret is sell while you are alive. so you still can enjoy something....anyways thanks to the poster. who dug another one out.
  6. A parts out parked Colt 21ac. a plain old shooter now. it is not original in any form today. like a guy takes a Luger rig with 2 matching mags. and holster and tool. tosses out the holster and tools,sells the 2 matching numbered mags. and finish it in black caracole. no value but to shoot it.ALL OR ANY ORIGINALITY is gone forever. and not coming back.you have a Thompson to fondle shoot and enjoy. Well the dept has. and if its form 10 at that place it will stay. Joliet p.d. and Stateville. THE PRISON HAD A FEW ORIGINALS AND SOME DONE OVERS. when checked a number of form 10's and they will remain there. also Will County Sheriff gun #3151 a 21a needed help.and #1875 out of Markham,il. a long ago reblue. but al least a transferable.THANKS FOR POSTING PICS OF PROOF OF LIFE. VALUE $15,000 THE SUM OF ITS PARTS. GOING BACK TO BLUE.....35 and 40 years ago. we did not take slews of pictures unless you ran around with a camera.we bought sold and traded. today they can take all the pics they want to preserve the find.
  7. No new registry, no new amnesty, they have been talking about that since 1938, and we had many blimps against us since that time. so you enjoy what you can enjoy now.not going to go over case law and a 100 cases since that time. if you been around doing it for over 50 years people will get my point. many on other forums talk about this, and they have been dealing buying whatever they do for 5 10 15 maybe 20 years.Still not long enough to know it all or at least most all of it. its like a 100 years if you want to master it all. i MET J. Curtis IN Dec.1971,53 YEARS AGO.He picked me up at sky harbor airport in phx. when i returned from over seas duty,still in my Marine Corp greens. And at that time he said he was dealing like 20 years.and did not know 25% of all the bizz and guns.how many in 1971 was there dealing? not that many in class 3 world. so a few new guys want to get into class 3 and post samples. enjoy the issues with it. when i retired i had well over 50 samples.all original guns, imports. no build b.s. or parts guns. but for one MP-40 the rest pre samples MP=40's, and a number of reg. original MP-40'S Had over 8 of those. But starting with thoseSALES SAMPLES. in 97/98 was much easier,in 2024 have fun. I don't discourage anybody to give it a try nowadays.{HOW ELSE WILL THEY LEARN}
  9. When i retired i gambled what to keep and what to sell. i held it at $25 g i could afford to lose. So at that it still remains. when if anything happens and the gnashing of teeth and whining of i lost this> they took millions or maybe only hundreds of thousands. It won't be me. some put a lot of guns in a certain basket of guns.a GUN BASKET!! Know a few in town who are sitting on well over 2 million maybe 3 million more in the gun stuff. And i asked will you be wiped out if its all gone. They say well heck yeah about 70% of my wealth. we all have a ceiling of what we can afford to lose. and i feel for a long time, some maybe never gave that a thought with rising price and values. since they bought on the down low. and that has increased over time.So now its time to enjoy it. And not worry...And if you do you better start selling now. and have that comfort mark of what you can afford to lose...without a sweat.
  10. i liked the above story and no Great Dane was harmed in the telling of it. Why don't buyers take a trip to pick up, and if over $5 g or more might be wise bet.with stuff now at $25 to $75 g and you go there and might find something else to buy. or some important info.yeah $2500 buck kit. a hard hit to seller if no ins kickback.as the buyer is made whole/But with everybody bragging on the net they all make a $$$grand$$ a day and more .I guess a few days pay. no matter what on one deal or another we all learn a hard lesson....IMAGINE 3 EXC COND STENS WITH FREE MAGS.
  11. Out of a number of MP-40s i went thru. Only had one like that.iT NEVER BOTHERED ME,Only chewed up bakelite or rust in the barrel with pits.or a "wobbler" stock. but for a pre86 refinisher> shooter. and another reblued pre86 >that was really nice. i had some great ones. this was my last..
  12. We all have done well if you are in it long enough.And we all some day just go away also. so it's best to enjoy what you have while you have it....
  13. I remember my old saying: "In The Future Only The Rich Will Own Thompsons." maybe the new will be:"It is the future, We will be lucky to own anything"
  14. Funny thing i kept a 1928 military all correct and mint cond.{ yeah you would think i would have kepta Colt}It was a pre 86 sample. with case, mags, drums, extra wood.as my last, and got a call from a well known guy.{mega bucks} and he asked Ron what do you want for it. i said not for sale. all the best is sold off, i am keeping this i can fondle and at least shoot it if needed he pushed i want it i throw back okay 15 g its yours. Since i figure nobody will pay that,and he says check will be in mail the next day. i could not back out. {some might say what's the big deal}that was over 15 years ago. people had bought low grade Colts for right around that. not pre86 1928 samples.did the same with a M1 SAMPLE. i LEARNED TO NOT OPEN UP MY BIG MOUTH AGAIN. WHEN I SAY. not for sale. and they throw crazy at me.almost did that with Colt #894 back in the day.the M1-->
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