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  1. Hey i remember JOHN JR.AND a few others long gone to the internet.Heck its been like 20 years or longer around here.many good times and a few real sad ones.RON K.
  2. Yes since my last Dragunov deal went down and the MP-38's went no place.{ all i wanted was 25 to 50 fast ha ha}Only those that have done this stuff know all about it. very frustrating sometimes to say the least. but the places and things and stories priceless. RON K.
  3. In contact with 2 people now.And stuff is new and mint cond. Will see if they located the C drums. And the person who a member talked about here in England is passed i did deal with his widow year ago. his items had been new unissued.I will see what i can get out of this batch.RON K.
  4. mag first as jive says and the rebarrel. seems that looks messed up at first glance when something looks not right when you look at it.{Yeah i have seen a few of all Thompson models} check it all out.these stens did shoot a few rounds from a mag before they fouled up. guess even fifty years in ground, did not hurt too bad.
  5. Known about some of it for ten years myself, And was trying to do the c drum deal they had. No way of getting any of it to safe port. And stuff out of Soviet land was only going to swissland for me .It was my problem to get it to U.S.A. even Dragunovs.And some real wild one only guns. I know a lot of the players who thought they could i gave them info they said can't help you.{too dangerous or some other excuse.} My VIET NAM Buy in was the best. Even some of the uk guys have dropped off the map in the past 10 years. and the stuff in Greece and Malta and Sudan and Libya good luck. I just did not start buying a Thompson in 1973. Sadly none of it was like before. And very few left who care or bother. But it was always a fun time. RON K.
  6. Free AMERIKA Don't you know. but Outlaws they can do whatever they want....
  7. They always bring the big time big player gun guys around. They never buy anything, Just talk and look and say nice items. most never buy anyhow even at all the great prices.Last SAR show late sat i actually gave some stuff to guys. and a few years before that left early gave my extra table to a nice Asian lady. And said fill it up. And the guys across from me who i knew for years gave them a tub of goodies. and said go at it. they said hey you have stuff in here. I told them you can deal with it and have it. and enjoy the tub. After 50 years of it ya look around and say did it who cares. Move it on.AND YES nice launchers but only 37mm, THE 40'S under the vest someplace.Another at the cannon. And she was nice to talk to. very Pleasant Its not all about the guns at these shows you have to give some attention to the lookers. And they do respond.
  8. Had aircooled 30's and 50's and of course M-60's 34's and 42's.AND THE GOOD OLE WILD BUNCH MODEL. HOWEVER CORRECT THEY TOOK UP 2 ENTIRE ROOMS TO LAY OUT WITH TRIPODS AND SUCH, AND AMMO BOXES.AND THE FIFTY was a 3 man crew gun to take out and shoot and the dreaded clean it back at home.Would go to my buddies warehouse for one entire day to clean them all. it was not a yearly deal anymore. like every 3 years. until who cares sell them.I DON'T EVEN HAVE REPLICAS OF ANY OF THAT STUFF LAYING AROUND ANYMORE. the large one now a SCAR 17S and a FAL Para. sling it and good to go. SOME WILL keep that tonnage till the last days. and let family haul it out. and sell it.and when some say family will keep it. Yeah until they find out i can get that much? the last few sales i did this year and last year well over a 100 guns. They wanted to clean out. make offer.I DID AND MOVED THEM WITHIN A WEEK OR SO. I don't even want to deal with that anymore too much work,packing, shipping, contacts. BEST with one gal and a lighter gun to enjoy.
  9. Bad shape? there was a used{gangster bootlegger gun}Out of Louisiana 1921ac at Knob Creek back around 1995 no finish anyplace all original with decent wood. was offered at $3 g. had to run over after i told Denny i would buy it. he panicked first hour of gun show since he sold it to me. and as i went back to table to get more cash to pay him and take it off the table and lock it up. i got back to table in 20 mins, and it was off table in hardcase under it. i said what's going on.OH i changed my mind you wanted it too quick. I was a lil ticked and walked away but later that day i bought #5050 after Kent Lomont looked at it and was thinking about it. paid the guy the $5g and done. whomever today has #5050 knows its special like 99% plus special.598 in pics did not look bad.you should have seen one of my Kansas city guns back when, or some of my debartolen coal guns, {or whatever that place was.}
  10. i GUESS MY LINE that i posted here decades ago "In the Future only the rich will own Thompsons.' and coined" Thompson Greed" has become reality ha ha future gens can enjoy! RON K.
  11. Auto ord co bullet logo should be on top. and semi automatic and full automatic on lower.A nice looking compared to some Colts i have seen held and shot. For a Shooter and lap Colt.AND SINCE CASE IS REPRO. and probably mags are all ww2 and who knows what drum. $25 g.deal cash, or $30g if you need it bad.if i was 20 years younger i would plunk down 25 and walk and shoot it display it and fondle it watching SAHARA. HA HA IT IS A" WHO CARES" PURCHASE.I have a few good close friends who would buy it in a minute for that. Why? because they told me they ain't spending any 50 60 70 G on any Colt Thompson anymore. unless 70 g is pocket change for you now. I had guys 20 years ago who did not want to pay $10 g 12 when i was selling 25 darn Colts at one time. it took a little over 6 months to move them all out.And offered Earl $250 g to buy his stash of Colts and he said $350 g will do it.We went out for chinese i ended up paying that night.And went home.WITH MY TAPED INTERVIEW. I can say this.i would not want to be doing Thompsons today. for every buyer who was great i had freaking 3 crybabies. And some up into the last 3 years told me at SAR show I should have bought that Colt from you. And like Ray Liotta said in the good fellas g.t.f.outta here....LoL. RON K.
  12. He was a master restorer in Pa. and worked for Landies under contract for a long time in his own shop in Pa not in Ohio, A real nice guy.He did #894 for me which came from Reed Knight decades ago a gangster used gun in Florida. and later on Jordan was contacted from N.R.A. TO do a duplicate 21a for display, he used #894 as a model gun for it. I am sure somebody from the display has seen it or pictured it over the years.He did many MP-40'S AND MP-38'S AND THOMPSONS,BARS AND OTHER FINE GERMAN GUNS and many a belt feed.He did my "Wild Bunch" watercool. I know many others which i won't mention here.And he also did mags and drums also, Superior Workmanship. Just as i know Doug Turnbull personally and his work besides having sold a number of Doug's guns, Another nicer guy YOU WON'T FIND IN THE INDUSTRY. more involved with the master Technique & History of the gun than the $$$ Earl had a guy also who he used who i never did meet.since i probably ran across over a 100 or so redone Thompsons. I retired in 2010.But still keep up with all the info.Like yourself you wrote a book to help the masses out there. I am a keeper of over 50 years of travels and people. and firearm deals....I know all the real well knowns .WHEN I THREW TOGETHER THAT BADLY WRITTEN JOBBLED TOGETHER THOMPSON QUEST for Tracies news letter. >Like this expose here<. and the SCARAMUZZO Thompsons.and the Chicago p.d. guns. it was not refined. It was all fun.I wish i had writing skill. And to put info down on paper Like in some book like yourself. Well it's freaking 1am I am out of chocolate milk and white castle burgers i am wearing sunglasses and Chicago is 2400 mile away. A few Colts! i like that line. You mean 1911's, Thompsons or M-16's.and many a nice AK. dozens of variants. Let's say Hundreds to keep the records correct.Have a good 2023. RON K.
  13. Looks like a Craig Jordan with a barrel job. and he never touched the stock. see how nice the grip screws are and of course flip up the lyman sites and check the four rivets. every Colt was blued under and the site added and riveted after.{was told to me by a line worker at colt who retired in 1945,} who worked on the 21 Colts. if anybody has proof otherwise that they blued them with sites on produce it please.RON K
  14. $25 to $30 g might work to buy the whole set. It does say Colt not Hurley on it and has paperwork. If you want to spend that much to shoot and watch the Untouchables with that in your lap. And a pretty hard case to look at. But 60 G.......... KEEP SHOPPING. or make him the offer. its probably a consign gun anyhow. {that's all i hear today} it's not ours, we are selling it for Batman,, RON K.
  15. That was around the time i was trying to buy a double feed mag MP-40/2 only Padilla and Mike Free had them and another floating around Ohio that i knew was done up from a czech arms shipment.I miss them all.Sent pics in at the time to whomever was doing MP-40 BOOKS.who knows whatever they printed or did not. I never checked back.I think one Guy used the pic of the chromed MP-38 i sold off to Irv Kahn In Ohio back in the real early 80's.I HAVE TO SAY always loved the MP40'S AND the MP-38'S, from the first one seen by me in 1965. THANKS FOR THE POST. RON K.
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