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  1. I sold my West Hurley 1928 on April 2, 2023. Still waiting for approval! I talked to them (BATFE) last week, they told they are still waiting on the FBI background check. They received the paperwork on April 5, 2023. Even the agent I talked to said, "Wow, that has been a while." In the mean-time, I bought a suppressor and it was in my hands 6 months to the day I sent it in.
  2. Would be worth flying to Reno to inspect it and see paperwork at that price. Does it look funny behind the ejector or just worn bad. Reweld?
  3. Yep, looks like going prices for all the items. The case may be a little low.
  4. And now I have two employee badges. Only wish I could find names to go with them. 801 is the new one. One has red text and one has black. Could be a production worker and a company office? Who knows.
  5. Colt Chopper and I, along with some straggler called TD will be there Thursday morning, bright and early. Maybe a Friday fan club meeting at noon outside the SAR building?
  6. Wonder if Morphy's will have any or all of the Thompson's at the SAR show next weekend?
  7. My Suppressor paperwork came back to the dealer on Friday. 7 months not bad.
  8. Greg, I am still interested in a 1907 case. If you need one of my rifles, let me know and you can stop by and get one if you're in the hood.
  9. Ok, I've had these for years and never had them in the sunlight. Hanging in the safe. What do you think they are worth now? Left case Right case
  10. I can have one maybe two of the 1928 kits at TATA next weekend. I will have a 80% 1928 receiver as well. It's the last of the old Russian kits I've had. PM if interested.
  11. And don't forget to wear a hat to help keep the falling frogs out of your hair, well, those of us who have hair. 🤣
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