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  1. Greg, I am still interested in a 1907 case. If you need one of my rifles, let me know and you can stop by and get one if you're in the hood.
  2. Ok, I've had these for years and never had them in the sunlight. Hanging in the safe. What do you think they are worth now? Left case Right case
  3. I can have one maybe two of the 1928 kits at TATA next weekend. I will have a 80% 1928 receiver as well. It's the last of the old Russian kits I've had. PM if interested.
  4. And don't forget to wear a hat to help keep the falling frogs out of your hair, well, those of us who have hair. 🤣
  5. So sad. Mike was a great source of information in the Thompson world. Mike and Julie were some of the first people I met at the Thompson meet in Newark my first time. They have been great friends and it is always good to see them every year. He will be deeply missed, and he has left a great void in this world. Rest easy Mikey.
  6. Clean and replace the recoil spring. Check the feed lips on your mags.
  7. Merle was always a good friend. I was just thinking last week, that I haven't heard from him for a while. He was great with a Thompson drum. Rest easy Merle. You will be missed.
  8. Colt Chopper and I attended an auction that had a section of rope used to hang Charlie. It sold to someone who said Charlie was a family member. IIRC, it sold for $16,500. Needless to say, Jack didn't buy it to go with the Thompson.
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