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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys! I recently bought my first Original thompson - 1928A1 - in a very good state. I was wondering if some of you could help to try to retrace to when & where the weapon was used & issued. Most importantly, what year it was made? Is there a possibility to trace it back to, if it was used in ww2, to which unit, country etc? I have the Thompson bible from Gracie L Hill but do not seemd to find anything on the serial number (might of looked over it aswell since I got frustrated haha! ) This is the serial number : A060432 Have a great weekend everyone Thanks in advance! Regards
  2. Hello All: I sold my receiver that has a folding stock to a member who wanted just the lower Now I am left with a folding mechanism that will go on any m1 or m1a1 lower Use my AR pistol grip or your thompson wooden pistol grip Be the only one to have a paratrooper M1a1 !! $175 shipped Below is what it looks like on a gun
  3. Greetings All I just bought this Dewat Thompson 1928A1 at a local auction up here in Canada and I couldn't be happier. Indeed it is one of the coolest weapons ever made. The receiver has Savage 186411 stamped on it and has a mismatched trigger mechanism stamped AO 7211. It has the usual proof stamps on the left side including the GEG and RLB as well as the little flaming bomb stamp. There is a "TOMMY GUN" stamp on the top also. It also has a small proof mark on the Right side of the receiver near the barrel (Included a blow up photo below). It looks to be a Crown with a monogram below it?? The sling is stamped NoBuckl and has a Patent date 7-21-14. Also included is a pistol grip style fore grip and an oil can in the stock. Mag looks modern and is unmarked. 1) My big question is could this be part of the Canadian Army Contract? From my limited research it appears that most contract Thompsons didn't have Canadian Proofs. 2) Besides the mismatched serial numbers are there any glaring problems with the originality of this weapon? Which fore grip would it have been issued with? Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards Rob
  4. Hello All: I havent shot enough rounds for scoring purposes but as one who owns both a 1928a1 and a M1a1, I find the 28 with its weight and rate of fire is more controlleable than a m1a1. My Pact Timer is not back from being repaired but I plan to shoot both guns and report back here what the rates of fire are. Even though I havent scored my targets ; the ones that i shot with my 28 are definitely better. I also dont use the peep sight but use the little notch on the top of the sight. I would like to hear from all of you who have shot both the top cockers and side cockers what your take on this is. Thanks
  5. Display 1928a1 for sale at $1395 shipped I have that complete lower and it looks so minty internally. Fellow members, A few years ago I bought a display 28a1 with a lower whose serial is AO68939.. I probably will sell it but I thought how great it would be to reunite the lower it with someone who ones that serialized upper. Maybe TD might know.
  6. https://www.gunbroker.com/Item/858954673 Mid 15s. I called on this and seller says the Upper and Lower halves match, serial 552,XXX i didnt know the early features,ladder sight and finned barrels were on guns that high in number Here is what he said in a e mail It starts with "S" the upper and lower serial numbers match. ThanksLuke Still a great deal IMO at less than 16k with 1k worth of extras
  7. Recently acquired a Savage Mfr 1928a1 serial 551,000 range It seems to shoot faster than what i expected. I dont have a working timer so I cant time it, But it has what I think is a M1a1/M1 buffer system, correct? Would that buffer/spring combo make it run faster than a 28? should I change it to what a 28 should have?
  8. I own a Savage M1 Thompson and the rear portion of the foregrip is marked 'S' for Savage. I also own an AO-Bridgeport 1928A1 that has a vertical foregrip. I wanna purchase a horizontal foregrip for my AO but I want it to be correct. I've seen some foregrips stamped with a 'M'. What would be correct for an AO-Bridgeport 1928A1 ? This is a fantastic board and even though I'm somewhat new to it (this is my first post) I've learned quite a bit. Thank you in advance for any help. Todd in Oregon
  9. Hi Fellas, I know this could apply to the FA side of the switch but being a SA owner only I decided to put it here. I don't know if this will be a duplicate topic but I have not searched all of the archives yet to see if there is info in here about these. the way I got turned on to loaders like this was watching an old video of one of the Ta Ta Shows. There was like a 1/2 second flash of one of these in use. I'll bet I watched that stupid clip over 50 times to make sure I got the full concept on how to make one of these. I did say make because I did make the following. Partially due to not being able to find anyone who produces them and partially due to me liking to make my own things if I can. Though marked to take 15 rounds it will actually hold and load 20 at a time. I'm not sure how much interest there is in these but I know how long mags take to load and anything to make it quicker appeals to me. I can only imagine how many more mags a FA owner could go through on a range day... That being said if there is interest enough in these I might make some to sell on Gun Broker since I lack the Member status to sell them here. Please tell me what you think. Thanks Jon Here's a YouTube link of it in action: Now on to the pics:
  10. Long time member, but first post. This has been quite a long road to acquire a gun that I first shot 23 years ago. Wow - what a process. First, some background. It's a 1928A1 TSMG that was manufactured by Savage during WWII. The gun was owned by my good friend Mike Clayton in Southern Indiana, a former Class 3 Firearms Dealer. I first shot this gun back in 1991 when some friends of mine came up from Texas to visit me in Indiana and we all went to a local range and met Mike. I liked the gun a lot, and subsequently asked Mike to give me first chance to buy it if he ever decided to sell it. In 2003 Mike called me and let me know that he had decided to let it go, and I fired a check off to him to pay for it before he could change his mind - only to subsequently discover that in the early 2000's the Anti-gun AG of NC had started advising the sheriff's to not sign off on Form 4 transfer requests. This meant that I could not legally take possession of it, even though I owned it. I left it with the Mike. 9 years went by until more gun-friendly politicians were elected in NC, said pol's passed new legislation clearly stating that MG ownership by private citizens in NC was legal. In case the local CLEO would not sign off, the new laws also made it clear that trust ownership was legal in NC. During this long waiting period, I almost sold it, but ultimately decided to hold on to it in the hopes of one day finally being able to take possession of it myself. Waited another year for the BATFE to review the new NC legislation and publicly acknowledge the new laws. THEN almost another year until all of the paperwork is drafted, reviewed, and approved. Almost 11 years after purchase I was able to have the gun transferred from Mike to a local Class 3 FFL dealer, and a few months later to me. ATF is working 7 days a week to help clear out their backlog, and it was approved yesterday. Brought it home last night. Sweet! It's a nice package. Matching SN's, FBI case, two 50 rd drums, two 100 rd drums, and 20+ stick mags. It's a shooter - not a safe queen. One question that I have not been able to find in the archives; my local dealer met me at a range a couple of months ago, and I discovered that occasionally it will have some misfires, typically showing a light strike on the primer. Some ammo works fine (100%), other ammo does not - even new ammo. A few thousand rounds were run through the gun that day, with some brands working great and others problematic. All were 230 grn roundnose FMJ. I have given the gun a routine cleaning, but am not sure if there are certain components that I should pay more attention to cleaning and oiling. Any advice? Thanks. Scott
  11. Paramarines mid '43. Came across this and scanned for the board. Savage, Colt?? I don't think the Marines were getting Bridgeports or Savages in 1941-2??? I have read on numerous occasions the Reising was pulled from front-line units after Guadalcanal (late '42) and "replaced with the Thompson SMG." Never read the make or model though. More than likley a Savage or Bridgeport depicted. Would love to have the opportunity to own a USMC Colt 21/28.
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