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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, I was out at the range today turning money into noise with the Bren. It is a 1940 JI gun. I've the gas regulator set on the smallest dot. From time to time it would double in semi. Could this be caused by under-gassing the gun? In short, how do you know you have the gas setting correct. I don't have any ejection problems with the smallest dot setting. Just some run-on in semi. Thoughts? Thanks, Grasshopper
  2. Hi All, Just checking to see if I understand this conversion. (Ok. Eye-rolls. I don't know much about the Bren) 1.) Find a South African Bren 308 barrel 2.) Verify the headspace in 308 is reasonable in your gun with your 303 bolt 3.) Install 308 extractor into 303 bolt 4.) Find ZB39 magazine (right next to hen's teeth in isle 3 behind the South African Bren barrel). Don't load too many rounds. About 20 rounds. I assume dial down the gas system to low. Is this really ok? I'd hate to hurt an old Bren. I have much more 308 lying about than 303 these days. Thanks to all that can help. Enjoy, Grasshopper
  3. Greetings Recently bought this 1942 Inglis Bren MKIm Dewat and I have a few questions for the community. It has a MKII Stock, Barrel and Magazine presently, but I would like to know how the Canadian Army version of the Inglis would have been outfitted when put into service. Everything has the "JI" stamp on it. Receiver is 1T.5033 and has the Canadian "C" Broad arrow and the DPC crossed flags proof mark. Also has a cartouche of what looks like a broad arrow/'C" and 43 in it (see below). Lastly, a big '42 stamp. Barrel is 6T.2343 and is stamped 43 with a poorly done double DPC crossed flags proof mark as well as an "L" and "JI". What could be a smaller "C" broad arrow stamp also appears. Bi-pod is what I understand to be a Canadian MK3 non-adjustable unit stamped "JI". Both legs move together. From the limited info I can find on the Canadian Bren's these were standard on the MKIm for the Canadian Army. Thoughts? Were these issued with a sling originally? What style / type was issued in this case? Finally will that sling work on the current configuration with the MKII stock? Overall, this Bren is in great shape but I would consider swapping the Buttstock for a MKI unit (If I ever find one of course). The barrel is welded in so it is permanent. This thing is cool as hell and I enjoy looking at it (in front of my TV) haha. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards Rob
  4. Hi All, I'm at it again. My google-fu has failed me for the most part. I'd like to entertain the ZB39/SA 308 barrel Bren conversion. I can find the barrel (ouch), mags (still hurt), and the simple thing, the extractor. A little shop in Illinois has them on their site but I'd not know a 303 from a 8mm/308 extractor unless they were lying side-by-side. I'll give them a call today to verify. Are there any other known sources right now? It looks like I got to Bren guns party a bit late to be getting parts. I'd rather not buy a L4 kit for the extractor. Thanks, Grasshopper
  5. Hi All, I've been having a blast with the Bren. So much so that I think it is time to look into loading a few myself for the gun. Has anyone developed a good load that is easy on the gun/brass? I figure there are some experts here and a better place to start than just reading the reloading manuals. Funny thing. Most manuals don't have specific load data for the Bren ! I do know some folks have had some luck loading 303 light for the Lewis Gun. I'm not adverse to working the gas port/regulator on a barrel to run specialized ammo. For the time being, it looks like barrels are reasonably priced. Thanks in advance, Grasshopper
  6. Hi All, I'm new to the Bren Gun. I'm running an old 1940 Inglis on Privi 150SP and 180 FMJ. It runs nicely on gas setting "1" (smallest dot). I'm getting about 2 out of 3 case mouths dented inward. I'd like to reload the brass 1 or 2 times. Is there any way to reduce the number of dented case mouths? Another topic: Does anyone shoot the steel case Wolf with the bi-metal case. I think this is just steel case with a copper wash. Thoughts? BTW, the gun is fun to shoot. Only rim-locked one magazine. I really like how small it gets when you remove the barrel. It fits right into a rather short case. Thanks, Grasshopper
  7. Hi All, I've the need to feed a Bren Gun. I'll likely only use commercial loaded ammo and save the brass. I'd like to reload the brass one or two times? The prime candidates are the Prvi Partizan or Sellier & Bellot. Is either brass suitable for reloading? Also, does the Bren have a preference of bullet nose shape? Softpoint or FMJ spire point? This is my first rodeo for the Bren. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Grasshopper
  8. Hi, New kid question. Looking to add an 7.92mm Bren to the collection. Can the 7.92 Bren be converted to 303 via mag/bolt/barrel change? Otherwise, anyone out there that can plug the breach and rebore a 303 to 8mm that has done this before? I ask as 8mm barrels are rather made from unubtainum. 308 barrels? TIA, Grasshopper ps. Answered some my own question with google fu. It seems Black River Militia covered much of this back in 2006 on another board about converting 303 barrels to 7.92. Thanks.
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